Workin’ On My Fit-Ness

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Once I’m back from vacation my new workout plan comes into effect. Until then I’m trying out a few different things to see what I like/what works/etc. This week is looking like

  • Monday: Shoulders/abs, 20 minutes stepmill intervals
  • Tuesday: Back/Bis, 35 minutes incline walking
  • Wednesday: Legs… nothing too crazy because of my race, 40 minutes s/s
  • Thursday: Chest/Tris, 35 minutes something or other
  • Friday: Shoulders/Back/Abs, 20 minutes intervals
  • Satuday: OFF (will go to a leg day once I’m back from vacation)
  • Sunday: 5 mile race

Now that I workout at night (instead of the butt crack of dawn) I’m REALLY enjoying longer workouts where I dont feel so rushed and hurried to get my workout and cardio done and get to work at a decent hour and I’m liking the change. I think I’ll stick with evening workouts until I have to go back to double cardio (if I do towards the end… which I’m kind of expecting to).

Friday early evening I fly out to head back east to visit with my family for a week, while I’m super excited for a break in routine, a new gym for a week, bbq and crock pot cooked foods, it also brings ALOT of stress to me going home during prep. Three weeks out from my last show I flew home for a long weekend to surprise my mom for her birthday. My family has always known me to be “healthy” but never experianced my contest prep lifestyle and to say it was mentally tough would be an understatement. It was very hard, but I managed. So to avoid any headaches/tempations I’ve been making lists of things to bring home that make my life easier. It’s not very complicated but:

  • Digital food scale. I cant believe I waited so long to go digital!
  • People scale. I’ll need to checkin with my coach and having the ability to weigh in will hopefully keep me on track
  • Magic bullet. BEST.INVENTION.EVER. I have a feeling I will be living off my newfound love of slushies on hot days
  • Ezekial bread. Yeah. Obsessive I know, but I LOVE the fresh stuff so I always bring a load home
  • Greek Yogurt. Hasn’t hit stores back home yet so I freeze containers and toss them in my soft cooler in my suitcase. So worth it.
  • Gym stuff. Clothes, sneaks, straps. Mom bought me new sneakers in the states at the reebok outlet, but I’ll take mine as a backup too.
  • My supps. Creatine, BCAA’s, Glutamine and some protein powder
  • My meal plans prints with a macros list of my usual foods so I can sub if need be

I think that’s it. Nothing crazy, but sometimes simple is the best.

Is there anything you always take with you on vacation for health/fitness while you’re away?

  1. lisaou11 says:

    I honestly don’t take anything with me on vacations anymore–a couple of protein bars or larabars or clif bars or something…and workout clothes!

    I totally think ezekial is worth taking–yum!

  2. Toni says:

    what do you mean by fresh ezekial bread? I’ve only been able to find it in the freezer section! i live off of greek yogurt!

    • ihearteggs says:

      There is a chain bakery here that makes organic sprouted grain bread, which is just another name for ezikial. It’s much softer and more bakery bread like than the frozen stuff…. and a bit cheaper for me too since I can buy it at Costco!

      • Toni says:

        wow that is awesome! i’m planning on joining costco next month…I think it will be a great thing for my budget 🙂

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