Still Alive and Kickin’

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here I am on vacation! I’ve been up since SIX (5am my normal time!), drove my momma to work, talked myself into a 4 day free pass at a gym here and hit up shoulders, 25 minutes of high inensity cardio and then hit the pool to swim laps…. Let’s be honest, I havent swam for “real” since swimming lessons ended what, 15 YEARS ago? I was probably more beached whale than swim god, but honestly, it was 30 minutes of cardio I did where I wasnt drenched in sweat and wanting to die. I’m committing myself to four solid days of lap swimming after my regular workout/cardio to try and improve before I head back to the city!

This is going to be a short post, but I just wanted to share a few photos from my RACE. While race day didnt start out the way I planned…. Saturday night I went to bed doped up on allergy pills and advil and woke up feeling like death. I wasnt able to speak a full sentence without getting out of breath becuase of my asthma. NOT good when you  havent had a breathing flare up in years and didnt bring an inhaler home…. eek! So race day started with a quickie trip to the ER for an inhaler and then off to the start line. It was cool and a bit overcast but prefect running weather!

I was HOPING to finish in 40 minutes, unfortunitly the course was ALOT more hilly than I’m used to and my halth wasnt in top shape, but my final chip time was 49:30 putting me in 103 place out of over 300 runners. Not fantastic, but pretty darn good for a self proclaimed non runner!

My sister in law and I before the race


Crossing the finish line! that felt FANTASTIC!!!

I'm sweaty and gross and I dont care! it's OVER! .... where's the beer tent???

And that’s that! I’m off to google campgrounds for my weekend trip this weekend and to relax on the couch on thsi rainy gross day! Ahhhh cable tv! What a luxery! 🙂

  1. lisaou11 says:

    haha! I never had swim lessons so I’m sure I’d look worse than you! at least it was fun and different!

    and nice job on your race! I think thats a great time for 5 miles!

    and you look very figure posey in that last pic haha. its coming natural to you now!

  2. marlo says:

    You look awesome Becs!! Glad you seem to be enjoying your vacation home. And 103 is a great placing! Good for you missy!

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