Behind… Oh So Behind…

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

After arriving back in the city from vacation I was well, overwhelmed. I did not even have a CLUE as to where to start on updating….

… Umm… So I just DIDN’T

Now it’s how many weeks later? Eek! Regardless, I did enjoy blogging so I am making the effort to start up again, and just leave out a few weeks of my life. 🙂

Basically after vacation I hit a wall. Big time. I plateau’d. I gained and lost the same .2lbs over. and over. and over again. I never went below a certain mark and while I felt I was looking better, it was still very very hard. Eventually some big changes were made and  big results occured. I’m now approaching my third checkin since I broke my plateau so here’s hoping tomorrow’s is a good one!

I am currently two weeks (and ONE DAY) out from my third and final comp of the year. I’m nervous/excited/scared shitless/impatient and 74568 other emotions right now, but umm… Welcome to the end of prep. 😉

There is one week of morning cardio, two more weeks of strict tracking… in less than one week I will have a peak week plan in my hand and will be checking in every single day. I am READYYYYYYYYY to do this!

I also booked my FIRST EVER photoshoot for the day after my show. The girl who spent the first 20+ years of her life hiding from a camera is paying to have photos taken. BAM!

And now to simplify… the last few weeks/summing everything I”m thinking right now in pictures.

Umm.. Pre-season started! Go Habs go! woo woo!

Goody bags! I went to an IDFA workshop to work on my posing! World's Biggest Lobster. Enough said!


Before posing class last weekend I went to the Lindt store. Torture!

I go to Costco. Alot. And dont have a car. Yeah. Fun.

Friday and Saturday nights spent stoning my suit? Wild and crazy!

Day 1 switching from redbull to coffee... I am now addicted.

I'm dieting. I eat alot of mustard. This is normal right?

Shoulders?! Maybe?!

Back is FINALLY coming up

And sometimes you just need to remember where you came from to push through the last two weeks...

  1. lisaou11 says:

    your back looks GREAT!

    and oh man, beccs, I hadnt seen that pic of you! You have come a long way. keep posting, I miss your updates wheny ou dont since we dont get to talk a lot.

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