Posted: September 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
That’s it? Eleven more days?! Eek! I’m starting to feel more ready, but more nervous as the days go by. I want to rock this show so badly, and I know I”m coming in leaner, tighter and more confident than my last two shows, but the fact of the matter is I have zero control over what the other girls in my class bring to the stage. So I need to remind myself that no matter what the outcome, i acheived my personal goals and that is what is important!

In the meantime I’m preparing for my photoshoot, mega nerve wrecking, but the details are finally coming together which is exciting! I’ve got a few looks started and a few more ideas in my head!

It’s also fashion week here in Montreal. While I dont work in the “fashion-y” side of the industry anymore (mass market woo woo!), I still try and get out to a few shows every season, which left me last night with one major issue… WHAT TO WEAR?! All summer I lived in shorts and tanks, and now that fall is here I’ve been wearing my baggy bf jeans. It wasnt until I started trying on stuff last night that I realized how much my body has changed with prep. I’m a lot more… compact… dispite being ten pounds heavier than the last time I leaned out. I finally settled on an outfit, but in my opinion, the socks make the outfit!

Betsey Baby!

I finally broke down and traded in my everyday flip flops for knee high navy leather boots… so I thought I’d rock out with the hot pink leopard betsey johnson socks a co worker gave me last christmas. (they match the Betsey purse I”m carrying too!)

That’s that. Just trying to keep up with posting. Eleven days out and then off season! (for real this time! I mean it!) I’m greatly looking forward to food experiments… such as my delicious beyond words lobster grilled cheese sandwich from my summer vacation! YUM!

Mmmm... Lobster and Cheeeeeese

  1. lisaou11 says:

    wish we could have seen your whole outfit!

    i cant wait for you not to be in prep anymore. you come up with yummy stuff.

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