Eastern Canadian Classic Update

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ahhh Figure competiton #3 done and done. Saturday October 9th I competed in the IDFA Eastern Canadian Classic in Montreal.

It was a super great experiance, I’m really happy with ME and what I brought to the stage. I woke up Saturday morning oddly calm (even though I slept like crapola), went for a quick walk to wake up, grabbed some fresh muffins at tim hortons for my show bag and headed home to get ready. Had my shower, did my hair, slapped on a coat of tan and did my makeup. I was SO happy with myself for completely idiot proofing the day. Everything was laid out, planned out, labeled and ready to go. Finished up my tan and headed off to the venue.

Breakfast.. Yummm. Oats, rocky road protein powder and PB

Got there feeling really good, i KNEW i had brought my best package, I was almost 10 lbs leaner than my last show, peak week went fantastically and I was calm and relaxed backstage (which was a hard thing to remain with the chaos of the girls freaking out big time! eek!) I wasnt up for pre-j until after the intermission so I took my time, touched up my hair/makeup and finally put on my suit and got pumped up and ready to go. Looking at the lineup I was fiarly certain I had a good chance at 5th place, but it was really going to depend on what the judges were rewarding that day.

Between prejudging and the night show I really had nothing to do, nowhere to go, so I planned ahead, packed a towel and some comfy-ness and chilled out in the hallway of the venue.

I'm Sooooo Cool

Finally it was time for night show and I headed backstage only to get a text from my “fan club” that they had arrived so I went and chit chatted with them in the lobby while I munched some steak, when it was show time I headed back , did the tan touch up and re-glued the suit. Nightshow was just the t-walk, not counting for anything so I decided to have some fun with it. I was oddly confident and enjoyed it.

T-walking it up

In the end… I did not place.  Was I bummed with the final outcome? yes. Yes I was, BUT like joe said, I’m making progress, it’s my first year and I brought the best me to the stage.

I stayed around to watch the end of the show and then went to speak with the judges for feedback…  After speaking with all the judges they said what I knew already, i’m not lean enough and I have a thick waist. The only positive comment I got was I have a wide back. I guess I should take what I can get right? lol

ANYWAY, in the end, i went right home and admittedly sat in bed and ate my egg whites and pb while sobbing off my hooker makeup. The comments from the judges just REALLY got me down… BUT, I had booked a photoshoot for sunday morning so eating my sorrows away wasnt an option!

I woke up Sunday still feeling meh, but I got in the shower and got myself ready for the shoot, but the time I left I was in a MUCH better mood, I had emailed with sarah (my lifesaver on the weekend) about how I was feeling, danced around in my underpants and just perked myself up. The photoshoot was the BEST thing that could have happened to me after those comments, it was an amazing experiance and I had so so so much fun! I’ll be back with more pictures from that experiance when I recieve my cd, but in the meantime, one proof I got through fb.

Yeah... Can't Beleive that's ME

Has anyone else ever worked their butts off and didnt end up with the results they hoped for?

  1. lisaou11 says:

    I love the new layout for you! I think it definitely fits! Congrats on your show. I am so proud of you. Take the judges comments with a grain of salt (I think you prob knew some of it anyways).

    Im proud that you did your best and didnt get stupid to get “lean enough”. That time will come when your body is more ready to go to those places!

  2. Marlo says:

    WOHOOO!!! You are finally updating! YES! I think you look amazing.. youve made such fantastic progress. And your pictures turned out Beautifully!!

  3. You looked GREAT! I understand the frustration of working sooooo hard and the results not matching up. Especially when you feel you honestly deserved higher. I remember feeling the same way after my show, when I placed dead last despite all I had done and bringing what I thought was a pretty dang good package. You have to focus on the positive though. That you learned and grew through it all. And from your last post, I can tell you really have. Congrats, Bec!!!

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