Cardio Vs Hockey…. Hmmm..

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Is it really THAT tought of a choice?

I have a good friend who for the past few months it seems as though we’re taking turns canceling on each other. Between vacations, prep, midterms, etc it has just never worked out, so yesterday after work I headed downtown to get in my workout and cardio before hitting up the grocery store and going home not even thinking that I had suggested we get together to watch the Habs game last night.

Canadiens all the way!

As I was coming out of the metro I got a text asking if we were still on… Oops! Of course! So slight change of plans, but a change in plans that was greatly needed I think! I continued on to the gym and got in a great leg workout:

  • Deep squats 5X5
  • Stiff leg deadlifts 5X5
  • Leg extensions 5X5
  • Hamstring curls 5X5
  • Sled leg press 3 X8-10
  • Lunges 3 X 8-10

I’m consistently going up weight and hitting new PR’s frequently so I’m very happy with how things are going. Since I don’t have a ton of cardio to do right now I didn’t mind taking the night off, eating my post workout meal and changing back into my work clothes to head off to meet my friend!

Mmmm post workout popcorn and protein shake!

It’s really hard to explain the… phenomenon… that is Habs culture in this city. I wasn’t born here, but thankfully was “raised the right way” in the age of Patrick Roy and have been a fan ever since I can remember. Every single game is sold out (and has been since the lockout), during playoffs we sell out our arena… when we’re playing in the OTHER city, we close downtown, party in the streets and go all out. Rivalries are intense, stakes are high and well, love it or hate it, hockey is intense in this city! Last season was our 100th and I can’t see there ever be a final one.  

....Unlike our former baseball team

While going to the Bell Center to watch games, sometimes it’s even MORE fun to go to one of the 14 billion sports bars in the city to catch it, which is exactly what we did last night. We headed down to a little sports bar that was packed wall to wall with fans in their jerseys glued to the flat screens. This is where I got a little badass for me… we settled into our table and I cheated and ordered the usual Keiths…. Mmm…

Oh how I missed this during prep!

It was really nice to acknowledge that yes, I competed, yes I love it and it’s my passion, but quickly move on to other topics, chat about the game, catch up with an old friend and cheer on the Habs! It was a fantastic game, a 5-3 win put us at our third win in a row and the season is looking fantastic!

Gionta... finally a captain!

All in all, I fully admit I won’t be having many beers watching the games this year, but once in a while it’s needed and fully appreciated.

Oh and one last thing… Moen, stop fighting…

It's just not you're thing... it's okay!

Is hockey or any other sport big in your city?

Do you ever feel guilty for skipping cardio? (…. I clearly don’t)

  1. Sarah says:

    Ok. SEEING the beer vs. just hearing about it makes me even MOAR jealouzzzz.


    I already knew you had a good time, but I enjoyed reading about it.

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