Off Season Burnout

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

(I cant be 100% serious at all… so I’m choosing LOLcats to explain how I”m feeling) 

… Yes I know, I’ve completely only three weeks of my off season and I’m already writing a negative blog… BUT, this is my blog, my rules. Keeping track of the bad along with the good is important to me, especially since I tend to be very happy go lucky on the outside, even when I’m burnt out, stressed out, or just worked out!

Yes, I DO get this excited over the little thing

 I’ll be the first to admit I hate owning up to being worn out. I’m the girl in 5inch heels with aching feet, but won’t complain for a second because it’s something I did to myself. No one forced me to wear the shoes, just like no one forces me to work out or eat a certain way.  Yes, I do have a coach who I am accountable to for my nutrition and cardio, and I do have workouts planned out weeks in advance, but regardless  there is no clause in life saying you must be 100% everyday. And so begins my mini break…

What can I say? I love my shoes

 Wednesday night last week I had planned my leg workout and then cardio. I got in my workout, but decided to watch a hockey game with a friend instead of cardio. No biggie, I have three cardio sessions a week and still had plenty of time to do it.

We've all been there

 Thursday I was dragging at work. I wanted to curl up and sleep (even though I wasn’t out late Wednesday), bitch, whine, moan. The whole nine yards.  Instead what did I do? Left work as per usual and went to the gym. First real set on flat bench press I bailed. And I bailed hard. A jerk sitting next to me didn’t even move as I laid stuck under a barbell weighing more than me (Yes, I *know* I should have asked for a spot). After finally being rescued my mental state was just in a funk. I finished my chest workout, started on tris and don’t know why, but suddenly it hit me. I skipped my last two sets, grabbed my stuff from the locker room and rushed out of the gym fighting back tears and exhaustion.

This was me.... all day friday...

 The smart thing to do would have been to go home, eat dinner and go to bed nice and early…. But when have I ever done the smart thing? I headed off to the grocery store (again…) and was up until almost midnight baking cookies.

Mmmm... cookies

 Friday rolled around with me even more exhausted, dying to cheat, snack, cry. I was just D-O-N-E… yet I was having a very hard time admitting this to anyone but myself. I finally reached out to my wonderful shoulder to cry on friend Sarah and decided to go home after work and nap before my workout. Even though it was an okay workout, it wasn’t a BECCA workout… the mental connection just wasn’t going on there.

Who works out at 9 on a friday night anyway?

 Saturday morning I had my breakfast, downed a few cups of coffee, got dressed and decided I was going to run 5k just to get a baseline time to improve upon. But like I said earlier, I don’t run when it’s cold. Ever. While my body was okay I was a fool and didn’t put on a beanie or something to keep the wind out of my ears (and it was that wonderful icey cold Canadian winter wind) and by kilometer 3 I was miserable. It was starting to rain, my head hurt, so I headed home.

I remember when THIS is why I had Saturday morning headaches...

 After a very long email exchange with Sarah I began to realize being tired and worn out is NORMAL after 9 months of solid dieting and I needed a break. I wasn’t planning on a full week off training until Christmas, so I decided to take two days off. I barely moved off the couch, I did nothing gym related. I ate my macros I know by heart and spent a lot of time just pouring out my heart and trying to get my head back on straight. While I know two days off isn’t as much as I should be taking off, and I DID go to the gym last night, I went because I FELT like it. I WANTED to be there. I had a really great shoulder workout, my mind was totally there and my lifts proved that.

Yup... That was me

 Another very important step I took (for me anyway) was typing up a very long (rambling) email to my coach with my weekly check in yesterday. It feels so trivial to email him about my issues when I know he has a lot of bigger clients than me and I’m just a new novice competitor, but I think letting it all out, my disappointment in myself, my fears, my goals for next season, goals for off season really helped, and the fact that he now knows HOW I’m feeling and why I’m feeling the way I am will help us progress. I truly think a coach isn’t just about prep, but he might as well be on payroll as a therapist most of the time (and a pretty damn good one at that!)

That says it all

 After this week my training plan is being changed up and I’m thinking of cutting back on days in the gym for my sanity and growth. We shall see how it plans out, but until then I just wanted to get it all out there. I know that I shouldn’t feel weak for admitting my struggles and I hope other people realize that feeling like this is normal, everyone needs a break and a big hug sometimes.

It's true... some people are just born this great!

 Have you ever experienced a training rut? How did you get out of it?

  1. Sarah says:

  2. lisaou11 says:

    Beccs–I’m amazed you havent burnt out before this! I know that I would be!

    Good job for listening to yourself and doing something you wanted to do. I think that if you start feeling that way, take a few days off. A few days really doesn’t kill ya and it only makes the next workout better when you eventually do get there.

  3. Chelsea says:

    I laughed. I loved this post! Don’t those pictures say it all? So glad you will take a break and get some mental rest because what you do is NOT easy at all! Hugs!

  4. janetha says:

    I laughed through this whole post. I love the LOL dogs and cats.

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