Creature of Habit… Goes Random

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am a total creature of habit when it comes to food. I wish I could say it was due to prep and everything, but honestly, it’s not. I’ve ALWAYS been like this, then I hit prep and having to be so spot on with macros it’s just well…. EASY to eat the same thing day in, day out!

 One of my goals for this offseason is to branch out and try new food combinations, make actual “meals”, try and find foods I really enjoy and start enjoying cooking and preparing my food more rather than just slapping 3 oz of this and 100g of that in a Tupperware and rushing out the door.

Tupperwear? Anyone? (... excuse my dirty fridge)

So begins yesterday afternoon for my pre workout meal, simple enough, oats, a bit of water, almond milk and protein powder…. But I had enough macros left over to throw in a peanut butter cup that had been sitting on my desk since last week. Very very good decision!

Yes... I frequently eat out of reused yogurt containers. I'm cheap and lazy

When I was leaving work I realized I forgot my usual post workout popcorn. Ughhhhh. This would have left me in a frantic state to find rice cakes a few weeks ago, but this time I decided to embrace it and have something YUM. After my GREAT back/bis and sprinting workout I grabbed my protein shake and headed to…. Baskin Robbins! I LOVE that they have the nutritional info for each size right on the window. Sadly due to macros I had to stick with a jr (aka MINI) size, but I got the fudge brownie fro yo…. With sprinkles!!! Um. Epic.

It really was as tiny as it looks.... Tear!

I got home “late” last night, around nine. I was pretty hyped up still from my great workout, so I decided to hit up the grocery store since my cupboards were pretty bare. I got the essentials, spaghetti squash, veggies, bread, etc etc and…. A roast! WHAT?!?!? Yeah. I’m turning into my mom. It was on sale and looked like it could be tasty.

When I got home I tossed the roast in my Crockpot with my “recipe”

  • 1 large onion, roughly chopped
  • General sprinkle of Montreal steak spice (generous meaning I opened the spoon side, not the sprinkle side. Oops)
  • ¼ jar (about?!) of questionable pasta sauce I found in the fridge
  • Couple of splashes of hot sauce for good measure

 I was a little nervous on how it would turn out, but I woke up this morning to a WONDERFUL smell and this just clicking onto the warm setting. Perfect timing!

mmmm Randomness!

I cut it up and… threw it in a Tupperware for my big honkin lunch today!

... I need to work on my photos...

This feast (for someone coming out of prep it looks like a feast anyway)

  • Spaghetti squash
  • Roasted zucchini
  • Roasted green beans
  • Roast beef… with ketchup for dipping!
  • 2 white cheddar rice cakes for “dessert”

 mmmm…. Tasty!

And then I get my hungry girl email telling me today is national sandwich day! So I had to pretend to be a foodie and celebrate! …. Okay, that’s a lie. This is the same breakfast I’ve eaten everyday for the past week and a half. Whatever. It’s good!

  • 1 egg over easy, not super runny, but not cooked through
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 slice ff cheese
  • 2 slices fresh Ezekiel bread
  • SF maple syrup for dipping (it’s really gooey and messy if you actually put it in the sandwich… yeah, I tried)

Umm... a little boring looking

But tasty!


Have you tried any new and exciting foods lately?

Whats your go to meal in a pinch?

  1. lisaou11 says:

    why are egg sandwiches with cheese always so good?!

    quesadillas have become my go to meal lately.

  2. marlo says:

    A Roast i love it! I think i could actually smell it through the computer!!

  3. kittymartine says:

    OMG, you eat some yummy stuff. Salmon, brown rice, squash and a sweet soy “sauce” is on the menu for me this evening. mm mmm

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