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Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
It’s one of those mornings… you know, where the alarm goes off and the absolute last thing you want to do is get out of bed. Of course I still sleep with the bedroom window open so knowing how cold the floor will be when I actually DO get up is miserable, but the extreme need to pee and well, the whole day job thing, forced me out of my cozy spot and into the harsh light of day. Also the cold stare I was getting from the other side of the bed said one thing loud and clear.
Gooooooooooood morning sunshine! …. FEED ME NOW. (no please, no thank you. Trust me)

“My food dish is empty and you are NOT going back to sleep until I see results woman!”

Yes, I frequently have conversations with my cat. However, that does not make me the crazy cat lady, simply because I only have ONE cat, everyone knows you need more than one to be crazy. Right?!

Damn right!

Moving on…. Yesterday after work I headed right to the gym. It was shoulder day and I had plans later in the evening which means I had to deal with my least favorite thing ever…. The gym at 5:30 on a Monday night. I seriously think that everyone invades the gym on Mondays to try and “do good” after a weekend of excess. It didn’t help that there was a fundraiser going on so it was PACKED.

I much prefer my late night, empty gym friday workouts

Regardless, I had a really great workout, I’m slowly getting stronger on shoulders and find that as long as I keep pushing as hard as I can, I WILL make gains. Slow and steady! Due to the packed gym and fighting for dumbbells and such I kept it very short, very simple and to the point!

  • DB shoulder press 4 X 8-10
  • DB Lateral raise 4 X 8-10
  • Cable upright right 4 X 8-10
  • Bent over db raise 4 X 8-10
  • Arnold press 4 X 8- 10

 I headed home and curled up in bed still in my gym sweats and had a quick power nap before heading out…. I just realized how old that makes me sound…. I’m 26 going on 97 by the way. You can tell by my napping habits and how frequently I complain about my bum hip. The rest of the night was spent watching a comedy/horror movie in a desserted theater, which had me crawling into bed at one am. That’s very UNLIKE me, but I’m slowly realizing sometimes you have to break your own rules and let yourself be open to try new things.

Which brings me to the title of the post. Sunday when I was in serious need of a laundry day I pulled on a pair of comfy bf sweats that I rarely wear and when I actually checked out the writing on the leg well… It kind of made cheesey sense to me.

Excuse my mess... Just focus on my sweats!

What a simple concept, but one I never really sit and well, think about it. So I decided to make a (short) list of things I need to stop and love a little bit more sometimes…. Or just remind myself to stop and appreciate.

I love the lights they put up all along my street

More often than not I’m in a huge rush everywhere I go, I put my blinders on, turn up my ipod and hurry from one place to the next to fit everything in. When I actually slow down and look around the world seems like a much prettier, calmer place than it is in my head.

Mmmm... Fresh baked cookies!

I love baking. I also love doing small things for other people to brighten their day. It’s officially holiday season. I fully intend to merge these two loves to bring some holiday cheer to friends and my office.

Any excuse to dress up?

Sticking with the general theme. The HOLIDAYS. I always wish away the pre-Christmas/New Years festivities becuase I just want the busy time at work to be over and be on my way to the airport with suitcase in hand. This year I want to slow down and enjoy the parties, spend time with friends and maybe even make some new ones.

Yes Please!

Last minute changes to my plans. I admit it. I’m a woman with a plan. For today, for tomorrow, the rest of the week and the next 6 years. I’m not a fan of the unexpected, I like to know exactly what will happen, when it will happen and how it will happen. But you know what? Sometimes you miss seriously fun and unexpected things by never going outside your box. So while sometimes it means rearranging my “master plan” or putting something else on hold, sometimes it’s worth it to just go with the flow and embrace the moment!

And ahh... ME! (in all my cheesiness!)

Finally… ME. I was talking to Lisa about how as women we often feel “obligated” to say yes to everything all the time. To put everyone else before ourselves. While that is good sometimes, other times spending time alone, doing your own thing, treating yourself to something special and putting YOU first is exactly what’s needed. I think we could all love ourselves a bit more. And I fully intend to start by finally taking care of this mop on my head with a much needed Becca day saturday involving a hair cut and a delicious sample sale!

What things do you want to love more?

  1. Good advice about loving more – especially ourselves. Sometimes we’re last on the list.

    Btw…your cat is a cutie pie. 🙂

  2. I hate the gym Monday nights!! You had a great workout! You go girl! It is crazy how good we are to everyone around us and then not love ourselves enough!! Great post…thank you for it:)

  3. If my husband wasn’t allergic, I would be a cat lady in 30 seconds flat

  4. mindymac says:

    Shoulders is my favorite workout by a mile! (Well, I like to work the GLUTES only for the result, I don’t really find it fun haha) Way to rock it girl!

  5. I want to love myself more. I really lack self confidence. You are so cute, I love your blog!

  6. Hannah says:

    I’m kinda super in love with your dress. Super hot, lady! (As are the cookies. Mmmm, cookies.)

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