I Am Too Random For My Own Good

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
Totally random Thursday blog here we come! I thought about calling this “ThirstyThursday” only becuase that’s the only thing that comes to mind when I think about Thursday…. But my choice in drinking vessels is a topic for another day.

Jar.... boot.... coffee mug. I seem to like my booze in anything but a glass

First things first, in case you were wondering, I did not forget my honey crisp yesterday and that made me a very happy girl! … Yes, I know you were all worried. I’m pretty sure I would have been even more cranky yesterday if this was missing from my lunch.

All is right in my stomach!

Yesterday the weather was MISERABLE… rain, windy, dark, just…. BLAH. Not a fan. And neither was my hair. I made it known on Tuesday I need haircut. Seeing my frizzy, unruly hair just proved that point to me and I’m booked for Saturday afternoon with my wonderful, fantastic, miracle worker hairdresser!

Yes... I leave myself post-it reminders on my phone. I'm ghetto like that

You may also notice I’m wearing something other than my usual tank top/hoodie combination. (just because I work in fashion does NOT mean I am by any means high class… That’s very important to know, trust me. I’m a bum and proud of it). I actually had plans last night…. That I was excited about. They involved my favorite wandering place in this city, Vieux Montreal… aka the Old Port. Something about the cobblestone streets, the Christmas decorations, the quiet during this slow tourist time that just… is super nice.

Old world charm?

Unfortunately those plans fell through and by the time this came to light it was too late for me to hit the gym, so after a quick grocery store run this was my night:

At least Fritz never bails on an invitation for affection

 LAZY and loving it. I’m not used to having a night off during the week and doing well, nothing and I kind of enjoyed it. I had pancakes for dinner instead of the protein bar I had stuffed in my purse, I got to wear sweats instead of heels and my bad hair day was forgotten with a ponytail elastic and a few bobby pins. Living the life I tell you, living THE life.

Everything is back to normal today, gym bag packed, wearing a t-shirt and thermal with my converse. Sometimes it’s nice to play dress up, but for the most part I just like to play the role of Becca.

 …. I really don’t think that makes any sense, but I’m going to go with it anyway. Because for what it’s worth, I think it’s pretty good to be me!

Random picture I just found a friend sent me as a joke.... unfortunitly that is fake. Who would have guessed?!

On a completely UN-related note, next Friday is my work Christmas party

Last year's party... Delicious desserts were plenty!

I have decided I need something with sequins or glitter… in general just LOUD. I think this all stemmed from the Tahari dress I saw at winners the other day. Backless, mini and sequins… and only 100$! What more can a girl ask for in a designer dress?

Ohhh... SHINY!

…. Maybe that they have it in my size… which of course they didn’t! Go figure. Saturday I’m in my favorite shopping area for my haircut so I’ll be hoping to find something sparkely (and loud) at forever21 or similar store… and if not, I’ll pull out a LBD and splurge on these bad boys

Mmmmm.... Glitter

 Because 5inch glitter heels are extremely practical for a Canadian winter.

…. But then again, when did I ever say I was practical?

 Do you have a typical everyday “uniform” or do you like to play dress up more often than not?

  1. marlopnwgirl says:

    OMG i love the sparkly!!!! You can so rock that outfit!!

  2. So prettY! where’s that dress again? I want it!

    Also–I knew we were bums the minute we went out on wall street at night in sweats haha!

  3. I love playing dress up! I think you are going to look fabulous in that dress and make all your coworkers jealous.

  4. You will def find something loud and sparkly at Forever 21. And those shoes are hot. I’d like to live vicariously through you when you wear them. I would have 2 broken ankles and a bruised ego. Anyhow…my uniform is typically jeans and a tank and a hoodie. Lately a fleece too. And converse or these fuzzy moccassin things I got. Comfy all the way. I’m a student afterall!

  5. mindymac says:

    OMG!!!! I am buying that dress!!! Long sleeve, backless & glitter?!?!?! I’m dying!!! You just found me my New Years Dress!!! Thanks

  6. I really like that dress! I’ve been looking for something similar.

    Can’t pull off the 5″ heels though – I’m 5’9″ already, so I never learned to rock these without falling over.

  7. Being random is an art form – and I’m proud to be skilled in it too. 🙂

    Seriously, it keeps things interesting.

  8. I would totally wear that Tahari dress – I’m in love with it just by sight alone!

    I dress business-y for work…dress pants, nice sweater, blouse, blazer, etc. Jeans are my weekend wear and I pretty much never wear sweats…do PJ pants count? ;-P

  9. those shoes are gorgeous!! we’re going back to Canada for the month of december, can’t wait to do some mad shopping. 🙂

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