Plugged Back In

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Alrightttttttt. So I pretty much completely unplugged this weekend. I had a bunch of randomness to do, I had a bunch of nothingness to do and wanted to just CHILL.

After work Friday I headed to the invite only L’Oreal sample sale. Honestly it used to be A LOT better, now… not so much. I still went and got a really great LOL when the security guard actually threw the girl in front of me in line out for buying a conterfit ticket. Dramaaaaaaaa

So much makeup!

I really wasn’t thrilled with the prices (they keep getting less and less impressive), but still picked up a few good deals.

Shampoo, hair dye, mascara and blush. Boring!

Not bad for less than 20$. And yes, I am cheap and dye my own hair. I’m also in love with this mousse blush, it’s hard to find in stores and almost 15$, but I got it for 4$ at the sale so well worth it! I also got the new Maybelline vibrating mascara. Despite my oddly long/thick natural eyelashes I AM picky about the type of mascara I use. I guess enhance what you’ve got…. but this was the only type they had in “blackest black” and it was 5$, I had to try it.

Yes…. I giggle at the thought of vibrating mascara. It’s honestly a little weird and feels totally creepy going on, but I actually like it. Would I pay the real store prices for it? Meh, probably not. But it’s something different. I should have taken before/after pics, but you only get an after since I am rarely to never seen without mascara. It’s my security blanket if you will.

A little too up close and personal... and I could so use some eyeliner. ugh

Sadly Friday night marked a big change in Canadian winter. I had to break this out…

Sadly my brand spankin new Burton snowboard jacket was still in the bag under my desk

Thankfully it’s back up to sweater/down vest weather, but Friday night and Saturday was bitter cold! Yuck!

The rest of my Friday was spent in the usual fashion, back/shoulder workout and a hot date with my couch.

Coffee at 9pm... only I would think this was intelligent

The reasoning for my icey cold walk in my snowboard jacket Friday night was to go to the grocery store for the goods for my “epic weekend breakfast”. This is something I randomly came up with after my second comp. I took a few days off and could not for the life of me decide what I wanted for breakfast. I wanted it ALL… so this is what I came up with.

The goods

Eggs, fresh ezikiel bread (yum), cheese, turkey bacon, syrup… what ever could I be doing? (I garentee whatever you’re thinking, you’re wrong)

Step 1: Cook however much turkey bacon you want (then add a piece or two becuase if you’re like me you’ll snack while the rest is cooking.

Step 2: While T-Bacon is cooking, soak two pieces of EZ bread in two egg whites, splash of almond milk and cinnamon

Step TWO

Step 3: Ignore my dirty stove

Step 4: Cook one egg over easy

Step 5: cook ONE side of french toast

Yes... just cook one side... for NOW

Step 6: Flip one piece of the french toast and add slice of cheese, t-bacon and over each egg

This is where it gets interesting

Step 7: Add second piece of french toast on top (cooked side in) and finish cooking like a grilled cheese sandwich.

Step 8: Add maple syrup and enjoy!

Tasty? ... I think YES

I clearly have food ADD. This is my breakfast sandwich/french toast/grilled cheese combo that really just makes me happy.

Maple syrup makes everything better

The rest of my Saturday was spent running around in the cold, shopping, hair cut, all the blah blah blah that really is boring to listen to.

Saturday night was freezing, rainy, beyond windy and just gross. I did not want to leave my house. So I didn’t! I popped in Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother (LOVE) and used the most amazing invention ever.

Online ordering. Mhmm and HOW. Living in a province where my first language is not the first language of most people is hard. Living in a city where most people ONLY speak a different language makes phone ordering scary, you’re never really sure if what shows up at your door will be what you really wanted…. I hope you followed that random tangent.

Anyway! I ordered my cheat meal! Online! I’m so fancy.

All delivered to my door in 28-34 minutes. How convenient!

So what was in those boxes? I got a meaty thin crust pizza and cheesey bread from Dominos! I had never tried their thin crust pizza before and all I have to say is I will never order the regular crust again, it was AMAZING.

Mmmmm... I want more! NOW!

So that was that. Sunday I laid around on the couch watching tv most of the day. I wasn’t feeling too hot and just decided to chill. Fritz wasn’t even in a social mood, I guess it was one of those days!

Hmmm... Where ever could The Fritz be sleeping?!

Since I was such a lazy bum Sunday… AND slept in Monday morning (oops!) I had a busy day at the office yesterday. Again the weather was miserable, but I managed to get in a great shoulder workout after work, even though I felt chunk I got an “mhmm hey baby” at the grocery store (FYI, I didn’t fall for the line!) and spent my evening cooking up lots of random different foods which I will most likely share later today or tomorrow morning.

But all I have to say is the brown rice I cooked is an EXPERIANCE. Yes, it’s THAT epic. Mhmm.

And with that… I am off.

Do you have any really random foods you combine to make a super food?

  1. marlopnwgirl says:

    OMG your sandwhich thingy sounds so yummy! I will have to try that! I love those creme blushes and they are UBER expensive! The color is really pretty to!!

  2. Your sandwich looks amazing! I would love to try it! Apparently adding cc to salad is weird to some people but I LOVE it.
    Your hair looks adorable!! I love it! I use box hair color too, I am far too cheap to pay someone to do it! Glad you had a chance to unplug and even more glad you are back:)

  3. mindymac says:

    Sample sale for makeup?!?!?! OMG! So fun!!! I love almond milk as well. I’ll have to test drive that sandwich you made. I had to bust out with my yellow Burton coat this past weekend too. Brr!

  4. Sarah says:

    Pizza would be easy to eat upside down.
    Just sayin’ 🙂

  5. Heather says:

    OMG, that sammie looks so tasty! And cheap pizza is the best pizza evah!

  6. Oh man that is such a great idea with the grilled cheese combination! I love when your body just craves so many different flavors…story of my life.

    What color are you dying your hair?

  7. jen says:

    Vibrating mascara? I’m not sure about that one LOL! I think I’ll stick with the classic version of mascara ;0
    Your breakfast does look epic!!! NICE!!!


  8. Tenecia says:

    So jealous of your lashes!!!!

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