Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!?!

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday we had a freezing rain warning. Welcome to November in Montreal. I woke up to this. Yuck

Ohhhh I'm like a ghost in the window! ... Okay, not really

Work was a long one but I found out about a one day only sale h&m was having on holiday dresses… For $14.95! Sign this cheap girl up!

…. Um yeah, there was no sale. Srsly!!? Boo!

So I hit the gym for chest and tris.

  • Incline DB bench press 4 X 8-10
  • Incline DB flies s/s incline db press (same weight) 4 X 8-10
  • Flat bench 4 x 8-10
  • Tricep pressdown 4 X 8-10
  • Overhead tri extention 4 X 8-10

It was a quickie, but I was running late. Eeks

After that I had to put on my big girl pants (aka put the jeans I wore to work back on) and get some stuff done! I had plans to meet up with “someone” for Christmas shopping and a movie.

Srsly?! How hilarious is this!? .... Becca = Baby Gap Addict

After some shopping and wandering, playing some air hockey (could I be any more Canadian?! Srsly?!) we caught the 9:30 showing of the new Louis CK Hilarious show… ummm yeah, if you have ANY dirty/crude/inappropriate sense of humor WATCH THIS. It was hilarious (hence the name???).

I headed home after, walked into the bathroom, clicked on the light and just about DIED

WTF is that?!

Yes, that would be the fur trim from the hood of my jacket I had thrown on the sink that morning. It scared the bejezus out of me. At least I got a good LOLZ.

I did a quickie self spray tan application… and no, I’m not orange like my OTHER self tanning times.

The Jan Tana is packed away for another season, i PROMISE

 I also prepped my meals for today… Seriously,  layers much? I thought this was hilarious… And yes, it does squish down with a cover on it.

Diet?! What's a "Diet"?

My Christmas party is tonight, so I’m taking the night off from the gym, turning myself into a chick and well… probably still making it home by 11. What can I say? I’m too old too handle two late nights in a row!

I figured I’d bring a little Friday fun to the blog today and host a vote! For SHOESSSSSSSSSS. (I love shoes. dont even get me started) I’m wearing a fairly simple LBD, but in typical Becca fashion will be in 4-5inch heels…. so here are your three options…

Simple, easy, my typical "go to"

shoes#1: kind of boring, kind of blah…. but they go with everything and I got them at the outlet for 15$. I think I have worn then 93827468723634X and they never get old.

Litte more fancy and party-ish

#2: Metallic gladitor-ish heels… more fun, but not quite as comfy. But when have I ever picked shoes based on comfort?!

My "I want to be tall shoes"

#3: Probably my highest heels, oddly one of the most comfortable pairs I own, loud, shiny, fun (like me?!)
So what’s it going to be?!
Anyone else with a Christmas party coming up?!
  1. I chose option 3! I have a few holiday parties coming up-I need to get a dress.

    I would have had a heart attack if I saw that…when I saw the picture I thought it was a squirrel tail!

  2. allieksmith says:

    I LOL’d at your fur trim on the sink! HAHAHAH I would have been so afraid too. I love shoes #3 and I know what you mean about not staying out late 2 nights in a row, it throws me off haha.

  3. What option did you pick? I love the second pair! : )

  4. Salah says:

    LOVE those shoes!!!! I”d probably go with option #1 if I’m wearing a louder top or skirt or something, and if I’m wearing more neutral colors then #3 would be my choice for sure!!!

  5. marlopnwgirl says:

    I voted for the blue ones of course! Remember how much i loved them in NYC! I could never wear shoes like be like 6ft! LOL! Love the bacon and eggs shirt! HAHAHAHA!

  6. mindymac says:

    I voted #3! As a cracky shoe fiend, the pop of color and sky high heel, are very me. Yes ma’am. LOL! I love Louis CK!! He is really nasty, but I like it anyway. Did you ever see Lucky Louis on HBO a few years back? I had no idea that he had another show! What station does it air on?

  7. Can I just say that I like any post that starts with Shoes? 😉

    Love all three choices too..I’m a big fan of the natural versatile!

  8. Louis CK is the ultimate comedian in my mind… so wrong, but so funny!!

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