Sneakers… for Sneaking (….or Running)

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am not a runner.

We’ve been over this before.

This is despite telling myself I could run a race , and well… there was the crying incident.

Yeah. Soooooooo.

Maybe I should stick to being a dirty pirate hooker?

ANYWAY. I need new sneaks. Badly. While I think they look cool, I just don’t LOVE my reeboks. Yeah. I said it.

They got me here... but I dont think they will AGAIN

I’ve always been a nike girl. Always. Aside from these Reebok zig techs I don’t remember the last time I wore anything but Nike (or cons… i love me some cons… but they’re not exactly run appropriate).

Second to last pair of Shox... still love these for muddy bootcamps

So for this dilema I turn to you trusty (non-existant??) readers and ask, if you could suggest a running sneaker for a semi-occassion runner (that would be me!), what would it be?!

…. I’m talking 100$ range, lets not get crazy here.

…. and bonus points if they come in bright and or flashy colors. I think my middle name is LOUD.

  1. I’m a little sneaker confused but I’m happy to talk about the 4 pair I own and the order in which they’re worn from least to most:

    4. Brooks Adrenaline – known as a great running shoe, made for those of us who are flat/footed, kinda heavy (which is why they’re last on my list)

    3. FiveFinger Bikila’s – very comfortable. Stopped wearing them because they were new & I was training for a race. Didn’t want to rake chances. Need to get back to them.

    2. Nike Air Max – thought they were stiff at first. After getting in some miles on them, they are now my default sneaker for walking & runs at home. Good shoe.

    1. Sketched Sports – oh ya. You read correctly. This inexpensive, non running shoe is what I use for my daily lunch runs. Can’t beat comfort in my opinion.

    Good luck finding what works for you.

  2. Dirty pirate hooker, lollll!!!

    I don’t run anymore, but when I did I actually had a pretty expensive pair of New Balance running shoes that totally rocked.

  3. Heather says:

    Check out the Asics GT 2100 series running shoes. I’ve been running in them for years (since 2003 actually) & just keep getting the current shoe (2150, I think.) Great shoe!

  4. Julia says:

    Im a Nike Girl through and through .. every season I purchase a new pair of Nike Air Pegasus, love love love them!

  5. I’m interested in the same thing. I need some new shoes and have no clue because I want something that will be good for running, which I want to pick up on a small level after the baby.


    This is where I went the first time I got running shoes this summer.

  7. Emma says:

    I would also recommend asics, however I can’t recommend a particular model. I would say try a couple different types on and jog/take a few strides (yes, I know this sounds crazy, but running sneaks are expensive and the stores ought to let you test the shoes out before you make an investment, yknow?) around the store. I’ve been wearing asics Foundation/Evolution for the past few years, and I love them, but I will only recommend these to you if you overpronate or if you have found that you need lots of stability around your ankle. Anywho, I wish you luck on your running shoe hunt!

  8. I really really really really really suggest you go to a running store and get fitted for sneakers. Just buying something doesn’t guarantee that it will do a good job supporting your feet and the way YOU run. Everyone told me to get Brooks Adrenalines when i first started running. And they are very popular and highly regarded. However, they didn’t work for me. I needed more cushioning. I went and got fitted and found that the Nike Pegasus (cheaper than the brooks (BONUS)) were a great fit for me. I’m going to check out some asics too because I hear they have great cushion, but I need to go and ask a pro. Trust me, it’s more annoying then just ordering some, but you will not regret it!


  9. I have a pair of Asics, but I mostly try to run in my Nike Frees. I find them very comfortable, but I only run short distances (no more than 10K).

    However, I am possibly about to splurge on FiveFingers and try barefoot running, so my recommendation would be for you to buy FiveFingers too and join me on this challenge.

    The only issue with this plan is that you have to ease into the FFs with small distances over a period of a few months in order to avoid injuries.

  10. marlopnwgirl says:

    I have aciscs that i run with! Love them!

  11. Lisa says:

    I’m with the majority here, I’m an Asics girl. I used to be a big Nike girl too, but found I like Asics much better!

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