What Constitutes a Salad?

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

First I have to say MAJOR NEWS. The gift is back on, confirmed, declared, all that BLAH BLAH BLAH! I have to say, major weight off my shoulders!

Secondly I should have an announcement tomorrow about my next competition! …. It  involves a lot of sweat and pain… and FIREMEN… not a blinged out bikini. (thankfully, this pasty white butt is not going anywhere NEAR a bikini thank you very much)

Sadly this is nowhere near the color I am now.

Okay. So like I mentioned yesterday (I think I mentioned it anyway?!) I have joined in on for Lisa’s 20 Salads in December challenge. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I ate a salad that wasn’t a Caesar. Oops. I know of ONE salad I’m dying to make… but for the other 19… okay, like ten, let’s be honest here, there will be repeats and there will be a lot of them I’m sure.

But my question is… what constitutes a salad? Can I just slap lettuce on a sandwich and call it a salad?

Probably not.

Can I just eat a bowl full of veggies and call it a salad?

Chicken, veggies, salsa. It's kind of like a salad?

Maybe more likely?

According to dictionary.com:



a usually cold dish consisting of vegetables, as lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, covered with a dressing and sometimes containing seafood, meat, or eggs.
any of various dishes consisting of foods, as meat, seafood, eggs, pasta, or fruit, prepared singly or combined, usually cut up, mixed with a dressing, and served cold: chicken salad; potato salad.
any herb or green vegetable, as lettuce, used for salads or eaten raw.
South Midland and Southern U.S. greens.
any mixture or assortment: The usual salad of writers, artists, and musicians attended the party.
Hmmm.. Interesting. I never even thought of chicken/egg salad or even pasta salad… nor did I think about inviting a mixture of friends out for a beer.
… If only I hadn’t declared a booze ban until Chrsitmas eve. Blast!
Regardless I think I’ll be sticking to the more traditional lettuce/leafy green based salad, the only issue being the severe lack of anything leafy or green in my fridge.
…. Or even things that were once leafy and green. I guess I’d best get to the grocery store!
What makes it a salad for YOU?!
  1. lindsay says:

    can a sandwich salad work? hehe. I put lots on my salads. All you need is a base (of greens) and the rest is up to you. Love it!

  2. marlopnwgirl says:

    Love that picture of you.. its like “im cute.. but im not gonna act like it” HAHAHA! SEEEXY!

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