I’m Going to be a Fireman!

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

… well sort of. I’m not exactly about to quit my fantastically glam job in the fashion industry to roll around all day in soot with delicious half naked firemen…. or am I?!? 

Wait….. They DO look like they do in the calenders day in, day out right?!

I used to go to bootcamp every Saturday with a functional training group called ATP. Eventually with prep I slowly stopped going, but still every now and then pop in for a session.

Most painful hill you will ever run, crawl, or carry someone up

This summer they had their own tv show on a French tv network here called the Defi Ultime Genacol. The way it was described to me was a cross between the biggest loser and the amazing race. It was pretty cool!

Yes, it’s in french, but you can see some of the crazy ass stuff I may or may not be doing.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I got an invite on facebook to enter their latest competition, Le Coupe F.I.T.T. (Function, Integration Tactical Training… we’re talking swat team stuff here people!!!) While it sounded cool, it’s teams of four (at least one female) and I really just didn’t have the time to put together a team, think about training, all of that so I kind of just pushed it aside.

What have I got myself into?!

I know the poster is a bit small, but it’s in French anyway sooooo yeah . The competition is next week. It’s four hours of who knows what. A post went out on facebook late Wednesday night saying that there was still teams of three guys looking for a chick to join. I couldn’t sleep, so what did I do? Sent off an email. Next thing you know I have my choice of teams and am signed up.

Wait a minute… what?!

My options for teams:

  • Team of unknowns
  • Team of almost firemen
  • Team of kinisiologists

Ummm… what kind of pervy old lady would I be if I didn’t choose young almost firemen?!?!? Come on people! I’ve got 13 years until “official” cougar status, but hey, why not start early right?!

I’m admittedly really nervous as I have NO idea what to expect, nor do I know my team… but hey, I sign up for races and not train for them, why not this!? It’s only four hours…. Of insanity.

If this doesn't make your legs give out I dont know what will

Don’t worry, I knocked out some pushups last night. Training complete. Let’s show these people how it’s done….. I’ll actually be up against a team of trainers from my gym. The trainers I mock. Heavily. I can’t wait to beat them!

... with my mad kettlebell skillz?!

The event states they are looking for the most “complete athletes in Quebec”. The tests are based on speed, strength, agility, awareness, and orientation. Well… I have a feeling by the end of it I’ll be very aware of how much I should have kept my booty on the couch that morning, but hey, random spontinaity is something I seem to be known quite well for!?


In other news, yesterday was productive, my parents gift was confirmed as I mentioned, I picked up my sister in law’s gift (which is EPIC too btw), hit the gym, went for a walk, got groceries and watched two episodes of season three of How I Met Your Mother.

FYI: I aspire to be Barney

Me. Yes. ME

It was chest only day yesterday. My wrist has been bothering me so it was a bit tricky, but I got the job done:

  • Pushups 4 X 10
  • Incline bench press 4 x 8-10
  • Incline flies 4 X 8-10
  • Cable X-overs 3 X 10
  • Flat bench 3 X 15

I did higher reps than usual on flat bench because this is where I find the most discomfort in my stupid ^$#*ing wrist so I went a bit lighter and higher reps.

Cardio was 13 minutes of sprint intervals on the tredmill, 10 minutes of bike intervals and I rounded out the 40 minutes of steady state on the bike (watching the 5-1 Habs win! WOO!)

MUCH better than Wednesday night's fail

Have you ever signed up for something kind of crazy last minute and had it not be an epic fail?

  1. Kirstie says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! This event you are signed up looks awesome!!!! I did a crazy event over the summer called Warrior Dash and had a blast. It wasn’t nearly as hard as your event looks but it was pretty muddy. I have a recent post on my blog about it you want to see a video about.

    Yes, I have signed up for a crazy event at the last second. My husband and I were signed up to do a 10k in May 2009 for the Cleveland Marathon. The week before we ran 9 miles and thought, “we are only 4 miles from a half marathon, let’s do it!” So we switched our registrations from the 10k to the half marathon the week of the event and had a great event. This started our journey on long distance running. Since then we haven’t looked back and am soooooooooooooo glad we did it. Good luck with your event. I will be checking back to see pics and a recap of the event (hopefully you write one). And yes, the firemen team WAS the way to go. Good choice!

  2. Pretty exciting event you have lined up for yourself. And regarding the Firemen Team – was there really any other choice? 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear about all the details after your strong finish.

  3. That NPH poster rocks ruff and stuff. Good luck on your crazy competition!!!

  4. I signed up for a mud run this summer and it wasn’t too bad. My dad and I did really well and we even had to scale an 8 foot wall.

    Good luck and you are going to do awesome!

  5. marlopnwgirl says:

    YAY! So excited for you!!! I want to do fun things like this!

  6. mindymac says:

    Go for the Almost Firemen group! Meeeow! Post pics of that pleaseandthankyou.


    I need to start setting real goals like you are. So inspiring, Beck.


  7. jen says:

    Sounds awesome! Good luck to you 🙂


  8. How exciting! This looks like it`ll be so much fun!


  9. That sounds truly amazing! I’ll be excited to get an update about how it went! I’ve never signed up for anything last minute – but how bad could it really be? I mean, even “failures” offer learning opportunities, etc., so it can’t be all bad! And I’m sure you’ll do great ~ and at least have some fun with 3 “almost firemen” : )

  10. UMMMMMM Hi! We are in the SAME BOAT. I am planning on running an 8 mile race tomorrow. It’s my 2nd longest and I’m just randomly doing it. I might do the 5, but I want to do the 8! I’m freaking out too. I’ll confirm tomorrow if it was a FAIL. LOL.

    EIther way, I couldn’t have MORE confidence in you about this. Those firemen are so luck to have such a bad ass chick on their team!

  11. oh! that looks friggin awesome!!! i would love to do something like that!cant wait to see how things pan out for you!

    and yup,i did a spur of the moment midnight 5k a couple yrs ago…lets just say i was humbled that night…

    anyways,keep us posted with how the team does!
    go firefighters!and you,of course,lol!

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