Just How Much Can Change In a Year?

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

The post also known as, “Welcome to My Happy Place”

How can this view NOT make you happy?!

Saturday night I was in bed super early (okay, 11pm) for my 4am alarm. As per usual I slept like garbage, I kept waking up thinking i overslept. Not cool. Regardless I got a bit of sleep, hopped out of bed when my alarm went off, cleaned myself up, double checked my bags, had some food and called a cab (no busses at 4;45 in the morning lol)

Way too perky for 4:45.... in the morning!

Usually at the stop I catch the bus to the mountain at there is ALOT of people… there was 6. Which means I got my pick of seats. This is tricky figuring out placement to see the tv, be close… but not too close… to the bathroom, etc etc. ANYWAY, When the last person hopped on a few minutes early we took off for our second stop. About 30 minutes later we picked up the rest of the people just North of Montreal and hit the read for real.

Excuse the dirty bus window, moving, far away phone pic

Once we passed Quebec city and I saw Les Chutes Montmorency (SOOOOOO pretty in the summer! Just dirty looking and half frozen now) I was officially awake and EXCITED. There was fresh snow on the ground and I was just about done my on the go playlist.

When we pulled up to the mountain I was soooo antsy to get off the bus, it was a gorgrous day, MAYBE 15 cars total in the parking lot and well…I had to pee, so let’s get moving! I got my pass, grabbed my board and hit the chalet. We had made amazing time driving up and arrived right at 8:30! I was expecting 9:30 earliest!

Sleigh from the parking lot to the main chalet

When I got inside I grabbed myself a giant coffee  (so needed) and ate my real breakfast… well as real as chicken on a cold english muffin and half a protein bar was…. while I got ready.

Sadly I wasnt alone so I couldnt be a cheese ball and take really random photos… though I did snap this. Most instructions in Quebec are hard to find even in English… let alone, french, english, german and… if anyone can tell me what the third is that would be great!

Non sporgersi?!

Anyway! As the gondola came closer and closer to the peak it became obvious how FRICKIN WINDY it was. We were a rocking (but you can come knockin, there was nothing at all worth it there ahahaha)

After hopping out of the gondola with my jacket still half unzipped, only my gloves on (my mittens have liner gloves that go in them.. LOVE this feature!) I stepped out of the little gondola house (is there a word for it?!) to the peak and BAM… Holy &^%*ing winter!!!

Thankfully I ALWAYS overdress to start!

The very top was a bit icey becuase of the wind, but after you got into the trees it was BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL. There couldnt have been more perfect conditions (or so I thought… but I get ahead of myself). I didn’t get out much last year so even though I didn’t feel nervous there was thoughts of “do I remember how to do this?!” … thankfully it IS like riding a bike and I was feeling good pretty fast! I took an easy route down the south side of the mountain back to the main chalet (it was mostly the north side open) to make some adjustments.

Sadly I need new boots, I’ve got major heel lift going on and they absolutely murder my feet. Not cool. I had to run in and switch the lenses in my goggles (While the chrome ones look cooler, I couldnt see anythinggggggg with the sun in hiding) and decided to try a quick fix on my boots. I had a thinner pair of snowboard socks in my bag so I layered them over my really thick ones…. this actually worked! I headed back up the gondola and tried it out… no heel lift, pain gone. While not a permanent fix if it means I can put off spending a couple hundred on new boots, then so be it!

I did a bunch of runs on the north side, popped into the “enchanted forest” which was by FAR the most hilarious part of my day. I really wish I could have taken a video of that. This is a small “glade” meant to teach tiny children on tiny skies to manuever off trail riding.

I clearly think wrist guards (and cupcakes?!) make me invincible

Keep in mind while I ACT like I’m 6 most of the time, and am very short… I am not 2 1/2 feet tall on mini skies. The snow drifting made for mini moguls so trying to pop over them in a tight little space without crashing into a tree left me literally sitting on my butt laughing at myself alot of the time.

Around 11:30 I swung back around to the south side and went in for some foooooood. I wasn’t hungry…. but I knew that’s just becuase I wasnt thinking about it.

So so so pretty

As soon as I started walking from the base to the chalet I was starving. I bought myself some veggie soup and a coffee, added chicken into my soup that I had with me, downed a vitatop too and was back out on the mountain in 20 minutes.

I love my snowboard

But wait… what’s the BEHIND my snowboard?!

What's that!!? MORE snow?!

It had started to snow while I was inside… and I mean snow HARD… Everytime I did another run there was fresh tracks. For some reason this seemed to make people leave… Before lunch there was a huge line for the chairlift on the north side… after lunch? I was going up alone half the time.

Not another person in sight

The only drawback? the frozen hair and crazy wind pelting you with snow on the chair

White (frozen) hair anyone?!

All in all there was no way I could have EVER asked for a better day… it was SO peaceful and I felt so relaxed. It really gave me alot of time to think about the last year.

I went on this same day trip last year… I got to the mountain and had rebounded SO badly after am extreme diet I barely could button my snowpants…. yesterday they were baggy and comfy. I was all over the place last year, scared to death to be starting my first ever prep in a few weeks, I was sure I wouldn’t go through with it.

But I did. Three times. From one trip to the other… wow. it’s insaneeeeeee. And I wouldnt have it any other way!

Anyway! After I finished up, I had my CHEAT MEAL before curling up for a nap on the long drive home.

Yes…. the typical snowboard food and I ate it allllllll….. if only I got the beer part of apres ski too

It was a longgggggggg drive home, I finally walked in the door around 10pm, had some soup and went directly to bed. I was finished. For once I slept like a rock though!

On my kitchen table this morning was a bunch of stuff I had pulled out of my backpack when i packed it.

Season passes, lift tickets, trail maps

Kind of cheesy to save, but I guess it’s no different than saving programs from shows or race numbers…. A nice reminder of all the places I’ve been… and will go to again SOON!
…. Namely that trail map for KILLINGTON!
Where is your “happy place”?
  1. I’m not sure where my happy place is right now–but I can assure you, the mountain probably is one of them!

  2. I LOVE reading about your happy place!! I love ski/snowboard food and now I am craving it! What a beautiful day! My happy place is anywhere that I am running:)

  3. I love your coat!!! 🙂

  4. Allie says:

    Holy snow! Looks like sooooo much fun 🙂 I ❤ all your boarding gear and I'm glad you didn't break any bones this time!

  5. This is making me very excited for my snowboarding trip in January! Oh and I think that the languages on that sign are French, English, Italian and then German.

  6. Jess says:

    Wow, looks like an awesome day! I think my happy place is probably a pool!

  7. jen says:

    Awesome day!!!!


  8. marlopnwgirl says:

    Love all the snowy pics! I reallllly hope i get to go up sometime this year. The boy boards.. so theres extra motivation right there.. I sadly will probably spend most of my time on my arse.

  9. Lisa says:

    Such a great story. Sounds peaceful, relaxing, and fun. My happy place is at home, with my kids, snuggled up watching tv or reading books. They make me happy. =)

  10. I don’t exactly have one right now. But like you, the mountain (I ski) is one of the places that I kind of forget about everything else. Also, the yoga studio to some extent.

    Your trip sounds awesome!!!

  11. YAY! Are those wrist guards Dakine? cute. I can’t wait til Saturday so I can go to my happy place 🙂

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