The Handoff… and I’m Classy. So Very Classy

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

…. that sounds so drug related.

… But you should know me better than that by now, I”m clearly talking cookiesssssssss.

All done up pretty like!

After lunch today the ten people who signed up for the cookie exchanged gathered in the kitchen to do the handoff!


Yes, I’m wearing plaid. Plaid flannel to be exact. Don’t judge.

We all did the “hi my name is so and so and these are my cookies”. I havent truly looked at my stash yet, but there are oatmeal choc chip cookies AND oreo balls.

If you beleive in a higher power, pls pray for me to gather some willpower ASAP.

Temptation... I has it

Becuase I was up so frickin late baking and mixing and being a fantastic person my fridge is lacking. Big time. Like scary big time. So I improvised lunch.

Breaking apart frozen meatballs

I was a fool and just threw the container of left over meatballs in teh freezer. thankfully they were easy to break apart and I stopped at the dep for a can of veggie soup. Yeah. Not even my fav kind, the bland campbells kind

Lacking something? ... oh right, veggies. LAME

But… Alphabet noodles saved the day!

B... for Becca! duh

And just becuase I’m a classy broad… okay, becuase I grabbed a tiny spoon…. I slurped it.

Where is the L noodle for LADY?!

And with that I’m off for groceries and a relaxing night… although dont be surprised if tomorrow I say I got bored and hit the gym… Opps

What’s your quick, easy, go to meal…. that doesnt involve a drive through?

  1. Ain’t no shame in slurping or plaid. I do both!

  2. I love Amy’s burritos, so I’ll cut em up and make them into a bowl of sorts with spinach and other stuff… I actually had one for lunch today!

  3. Pancakes are so easy ha.

    I love chocolate oatmeal cookies. I need a good recipe to bring back with me for after break nom nom nom.

  4. I am not hating on your plaid flannel girl, love it! It’s fashionable, festive and warm afterall:)

    My go to quick meal is to boil some pasta, drain, squirt with a few spritz of I can’t belive it’s not butter and then some parmesan cheese. A no protein meal, but it’s a meal I love….or there’s always cereal to eat!

  5. jen says:

    I like your plaid/flannel shirt, it’s cute! I am so done with cookies. I went to a cookie exchange last Saturday, and I’ll be happy to never see another cookie again!!!


  6. allieksmith says:

    Oreo balls?! Wow, I’ve never heard of that buuut they sound kinda SCRUMPTIOUS 🙂 :). You are super creative too, putting meat balls in canned soup-I never thought of that!! I slurp my soup too 😉 😉 My mom yells @ me when I try to do it in a restaurant . . hahah

  7. marlopnwgirl says:

    oh wow.. look at that loot!!!!! MAN! COOKIES GALORE!!!

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