I Won! I Won! I Can’t Believe I WON!

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Uncategorized


First off I’d like to thank Di at the tredmill diaries for having a very cool blog that I read and hosting a giveaway.

Secondly I’d like to thank MYSELF for being so fantastic and entering the giveaway despite the fact I never win ANYTHING.

Thirdly I’d like to thank random number generator for so kindly picking MY number out of all those numbers out there. Without YOU none of this would be possible.

Go team Becca!

Okay… I’m done being lame and overly excited today. I promise. For now.

Yesterday was a planned rest day… and it was very much so enjoyed!

… Although that means this post of kind of lame and boring. Not so cool. No workouts, no coffee talk, no excitement.

I wish I could snap a picture of the guy fixnig our freight elevator, that would be excitement. Think big burly football playeer type… with a ponytail… and a fleece vest… with nothing underneath… and bright blue glasses…. The term sexy doesn’t even BEGIN to describe him.

Okay, I digress….  Last night there was sushi. Really really GOOD sushi at that. That’s exciting no?

After work I headed towards home, at my metro transfer I hopped off and headed out to the street and after a quick look around found a sushi place that looked good (and after a quick google for reviews it got the thumbs up).

… FYI: I love my phone and all it’s google abilities.

I’ve never ordered sushi before. Srsly. Other people have always done it for me. I knew I love the kamikaze… and that’s about it. But I know I’ve never met sushi I didnt like, and knew my dinner guest wasnt picky so I ordered a mystery box, kamikaze and rainbow rolls and some dumplings… I asked if this was enough… I Had NO idea… I said it was for two people, one being a boy so yes we’re hungry.

The chef heard this and threw in two free rolls and some soup. Ummm… SCORE. A ton of sushi and it was 29$.

There was MORE... another box of sushi, plus soup and PB dumplings... so much food!

For a random sushi place this was DELISH. Like seriously delish! It was downed pretty fast while listening to the Habs game on the radio (since Im ghetto and dont have cable. Go me!)

It was a super relaxing night and I SO needed that after my stressful week. Chilling and relaxing was exactly what I needed. I was passed out hard by 9! Mom called at 10:15 and woke me up…. after a quick chat, I moved from the couch to my bed and was asleep right away. Ahhhh heaven!

Since this was kind of bland and boring (and I have very little to do today!) I will be back shortly with a “dear santa” wishlist… I promise, world peace doesnt even come close to making the list (I’m a realist, what can I say?!)

And just because it’s friday and I’d much rather be doing this than sitting at my desk, here is how I left Fritz this morning. He had a huge freak out, run around, crazy spell while I was having breakfast… then silence.

Narcolepsy.... Fritz has it

Do you like sushi? What’s your favorite?

  1. Lindsay says:

    not a sushi person myself, unless it’s veggie! but sounds like you got a great deal! and your cat is funny 🙂

  2. What exactly did you win?!

    And I hate Sushi unfortunately. I’ll never be a fan!

  3. YAY that is awesome-I saw that post and was so happy for you.

    I love love love love sushi. that is why it gets four loves ha.

  4. Sushi is my faaaaaaaaaaavorite! 😀

  5. What did you win?! HAHAH1 You were so excited, you forgot to mention it! You are like me! AHAHH! Sushi is the bee knees. My favorite roll is shrimp tempura wrapped in brown rice, topped with spicey tuna and tobiko. booyah! Party in my mouth.

  6. I want to go get sushi with you!! Girl I love when you post pics of yourself, you are drop dead gorgeous!! Have fun with your fam and I am so so excited for your race recap, you are going to rock it! Stay warm:)

  7. Yay for you =)

    I’m a veggie-sushi only kinda of girl since I abhor fish/seafood/etc.

    My fave is probably mountain yam =)

  8. Salmon sashimi and spicy tuna rolls.

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