Return of the Sulkasaurrus

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Uncategorized
I had sooooo many good intentions of blogging this weekend but wow…. crazyyyyyyyy busy. I guess that’s what happens the week before Christmas when you still have half your gifts to buy, things to pick up for other people, groceries to buy, workouts to squeeze in, etc etc etc… you know, you get my point?

Friday after work I headed directly to Ikea…. I was completely expecting a mob. I mean, one week out from Christmas, the first day of the winter sale, and umm… it’s Ikea, it’s ALWAYS insane but oddly it was dead. Like D-E-A-D. I was in and out in 20 minutes! WHAT?! I picked up a few things for myself and a gift and headed home

FINALLY a new dish rack... my old one actually collapsed it was so ghetto

The rest of my night was spent at the gym squeezing in a kick ass arm workout along with 20 minutes of cardio. Nothing fancy, but it got the job done!

Saturday I was up decently early and after learning my lesson Friday night waiting for the bus home from Ikea and freezing my &^% off I dressed up appropriately and headed off to Costco.

Layers people... LAYERS

Yes. Those are my running tights. Needing to do laundry did not even BEGIN to explain the situation in my house this weekend.

I froze my toes off Friday night, so I went ALL out to go to Costco…. Days like this I really wish I had a car, but in the end, as long as I dress appropriately (which does happen on occasion) it’s really not so bad.

Snowboard bum a la max.... skate shoe winter boots... I'm uncool like that

I managed to hop off the bus, run into Winners for a gift, get into costco and the drug store and back on the next bus 45 minutes later. I was AMAZED.

The key to a quick in and out of Costco on a Saturday the week before Christmas? I went cart free.

… Yes, it was a pain to carry a jug of salsa, FOUR loaves of bread, a big package of chicken and cinnamon, but it was so worth it to be able to weave in and out of carts and get out fast.

The ONLY kind of cinnamon to buy... dirt cheap for 2.99$ at Costco too

When I got home I changed and headed off to the gym for legs. Honestly…. Crap workout. I felt weak. I felt lazy. I felt fat. I felt gross. It was just not good. I’ll spare you the details because ugh, just not good!!!!

After that crap fest I headed off and got my eyebrows did. I was beginning to look a little too much like the red angry bird that pops up when the game loads. Good eyebrows do NOT run in my family. Hello Bert stare

Not pretty

I decided to girl myself up for once, I dyed my hair, painted my nails and got semi dressed up to head out to dinner.

Yeah... Not really dressed up... but I did put on eyeliner AND heels.

I totally broke my December goals and downed 2 glasses of wine. I wish I could say I felt guilty or bad about it, but it was some really great red wine, so I don’t. At all. Guilt be gone! It’s offseason!

Sunday was a great, huge, lazyyyyyyyy day. Most of it was spent being a bum, napping, hanging around and being lazy. Or should I say LAZY. Yeah. that bad.

I did manage to get groceries AND make a giant ass out of myself at the gym though. Since my usual gym closes at 5 on weekends I headed to the location in the Plateau last night because they’re open til 8.

I wasnt feeling too hot for some reason, so I was just chilling out between db shoulder press sets with my ipod way too loud when this (super cute) guy walks up to me and says something I clearly did not hear and makes a spotting/helping motion. Thinking he was being a jackass and assuming the only girl in the weight room (that was actually working out) would need a spot I just shook my head and said no.

Ummm… dude was asking me instead of one of the many meatheads working out to help him get db’s up for shoulder presses. Once I realized this I got off my lazy butt and helped him out no problem, feeling like a giant moron for being a snotface. After helping him for 4 sets he made a joke about me assuming he was asking if I needed a spot which would be “1. presumptuous and 2. a total chauvanist  jackass move on his part”

 Yeah. Embarassing. I’m assuming by now you’re starting to realize why I’m single? He was probably trying in some sort of way to hit on me and I was just being lame. As usual.

Which is the perfect lead into the explaination of my blog title today.

Disclaimer: If you dont want to hear about me being the crazy cat lady, just click on past right now.

Okay. If anyone is still here (doubtful, but I do enjoy talking just to hear my own voice, so it’s okay.) I think you realize by now I’m a huge fan of my Fritz.

Attack of the Fritz... Rarrrrrrrrrrrrr!

January marks FIVE years since I adopted him (omg I”m OLD) and since I live in the ‘burbs I tend to go to visit my friends in the city, they don’t often come to my place. Which means me + fritz = bestest buddies. He tends to get very overexcited when people come over becuase well, he’s just not used to it.

Since last night I realized fritzy has been a total sulk. like, giant baby, following me around (he usually ignores me hardcore), flopping next to me on the couch.

Giant sap

This morning while sitting at the table drinking my coffee (yeah, I actually eat breakfast at my table, this is a major developement) I noticed Fritz on the couch being what I call a “sulkasaurrus”

The Sulkasaurrus

I couldnt figure out why he was being such a baby… I was beginning to worry that he wasnt feeling well. Then I spied the cause for his mood.

Yeah... it's HOT Pink.... I need a suitcase just as loud as me

Yesterday in a “I swear I’m going to pack before the last minute” declaration I hauled out my suitcase. Fritz knows this means he’s on his own for a few days and gets cranky. It’s kind of cute… in a really sad way… At least someone will miss me while I’m gone!

…. But he knows when I get back I annoy the crap out of him with excessive cuddles. It’s a trade off.

He's happy I'm home... I swear!

Sometimes waiting for my bags at the airport I get a little bummed watching all the happy people hug and get picked up while I trudge away to hop on the bus downtown…. but hey, I always know my monster will be waiting for me at home, he unlike a boyfriend he doesnt bitch and whine when I spill food or sit around in my underwear eating icecream on the couch (Although I’m sure he would if he could talk… he just cant. And that’s why he’s my buddy lol)

How was your last weekend before the holidays!?

Do you have a pet?! Are you as crazy about them as I am? …. or am I just crazy?

  1. I am a crazy dog lady, fo sho! Sometimes I wish my doggies could talk, but most of the time I’m glad they can’t! 😀

  2. I love the suitcase! I have a black & white polka dot set & it’s da bomb! The loud ones are easier to spot. I thought of you Saturday because we went skiing! It definately felt good to dust off the ski cobwebs. It made me realize that my recent divorce with cardio needs to be reconciled. I was fizzling out about 2 hours too soon!

    Tis the season for indulgence. I say go for the 2nd glass of vino!


  3. jessie says:

    Like the suitcase! We have just now declared that our poor kitty is gone for good 😦
    We went ot Las Vegas for the half marathon and rodeo at the beginning of december and haven’t seen her since. I have someone house sit and feed her and they didn’t see her but once during our trip 😦
    Contemplating going to our local animal shelter this week and getting two new kitties but I may wait until spring!

  4. No pets for me, Joe is allergic to cats, but I’d love to have one! I’m a total cat lover!

    And the spices at Costco are the best deal in the universe!

  5. marlopnwgirl says:

    i love fritz!!!! He makes me chuckle!!

  6. Jess says:

    I like your boots! And I wish I had a dog, I LOVE them and can’t wait until I’m old enough to have my own (don’t I sound like I’m 5?)

  7. Ha, I never eat at my table either, always on the couch, so if I did it would be a milestone like it was for you!

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