If I Were to Write a Book….

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wow. Crazzzzzzzzzzzy day! I guess you could say I finally gave up on my boss re-hiring me an assistant and got busy organizing.

I really hate organizing. Busy work = lame

I really want to say thank you all for sharing your wonderful stories and advice on my post yesterday… I actually got hit on… twice… while I sat outside the gym eating my post workout meal. Huh!?

I really don’t have a ton of time today, I’m off in LESS THAN ONE HOUR UNTIL JANUARY 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I hit the gym for shoulders/bis last night after Christmas shopping (omg don’t get me started!)

Post shopping/pre workout giant salad (plus even bigger coffeeeeee)

  • DB shoulder press
  • Leaning cable lateral raises
  • Cable upright row s/s rope hammer curls
  • Bent over lateral raises s/s front raises
  • Arnold press s/s seated db curls

Totally random, but I really enjoyed it and got it done fast!

My neck was aching like MAD so I didn’t do any cardio (shopping was ENOUGH) and headed home to …. Pack.

If I were to write a book, it would be entitled: “How Not to Pack, Learn from my Stupidity” or…. “See How I Pack My Bags? …. Do the Opposite”

Um yeah... suitcase is SOMEWHERE under that

Which promptly had someone…. Sulking and crying like a whiny little baby.


I’m srsly the world’s worst packer… It hurts my head

Angry face

In the end I got half packed (there is NO pants in there other than sweats and my snowboard pants… oops… ) and pretty much everything else ready to go! 

Halfway there! Didnt expect this until oh... about 4 am... tomorrow

 Tonight I just have to hit the gym for LEGS (and maybe cardio), package up a gift I’m taking home as an elf, get everything ready to pack and get to bed early for my bright and early flight tomorrow.

Okay, I’m so not going to bed before midnight. But it’s okay, I know I won’t sleep anyway. But excitement, I DID decide to splurge and cab it to the bus terminal where I’ll catch the shuttle to the airport. The thought of lugging my carry on (full of BREAD… don’t ask), my suitcase AND this big gift up and down all the stairs in the metro? No thank you!!!!

Is it just me or was life a lot easier when we still believed in Santa? All of this stuff just… HAPPENED!!! (thanks Mom and Dad)

So I apologize for lacking in blogging/commenting/being a normal human being today but…


Ok, enough. How is your vacation/holiday/blah blah blah shaping up?

Am I the only person to leave packing to the LAST SECOND… and hate it with every ounce of my being?!

  1. I have to pack early…and try on my outfits beforehand too, plus the jewelry and shoes. Weird I know!
    Have a fun and safe trip this holiday!

  2. Enjoy your time off and the holidays!

  3. I hate packing with every fiber of my being and ALWAYS wait till the last minute. You are definitely not alone!

  4. I start packing a week before bahaha. I’m always too ready. Have fun! I’ll be gone when you get back but I can’t wait to ready about your tripp. 🙂

  5. Just have to say WOW to the missing suitcase! Hilarious! Enjoy your vacay!

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