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Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
I’m just going to get a big holiday recap out of the way here and now so it’s done, it’s over with and well… I can get back to my normal boring, ranting blogging.

I'm crazy. I now own an owl hat. My BFF knows me too well.

Thursday night (the 23rd) I did the last minute shopping/gym/packing thing. Do you have any idea how hard it is to package THIS to ship??

yeah... you dont want to know what it looked like before the shrink wrap

Thankfully after a midnight run to find duct tape (unsuccessful) I remembered the shrink wrap luggage service they have at the airport. Best 9$ I have ever spent in my life ahaha

NOT impressed with such an early wakeup call

Flight #1 to Halifax was uneventful. I ate half a zone bar and watched most of Going the Distance. My flight wasn’t long enough to see the end… but yeah, I’m pretty sure I know how it ends.

Welcome to Halifax... you went 1000 miles in the wrong direction of home... ughhhh

Halifax was a lame layover, I went and got a chicken salad, a coffee (with a little something something…) and painted my nails neon pink. I was BORED okay?!

Boredom at it's finest

Finally we boarded the teeny tiny beechcraft and 45 minutes later I was landing in Saint John! Woo woo!

Yes... these planes are so tiny you see the cockpit. Intense

Christmas eve was pretty chill, I got to have my lobster and hang out with the family.

Nom nom lobster grilled cheese sandwich anyone?!

Christmas morning we were up decently early and did the present/family stuff, had a hugeeeeeeee breakfast and then a big nap ahaha

Christmas dinner was super yummy and I may or may not have drank ¾ of a bottle of wine on my own. Hey, I cant help it if I’m the only one who drinks red!

All ready... I'm so classy, wine, ketchup and spray butter

…. And that my grandmother was telling people to start saving their money since they would need to fly to Montreal next Christmas for my wedding… if that didn’t drive me to booze I don’t know what would have.

nom nom nom

Boxing day was chill, went to the gym, hung out at home and just relaxed.

Oh... we got a bit storm too... the joys of the flu? Not having to shovel once

The rest of the week was a blur as per my last post… praying to the porcelain gods doesn’t exactly make for good blogging so I’ll skip over that once again. ahaha

I fully lazed out with bubble baths... even our rubber ducks are hockey themed in Canada

Jr Hockey game on new years eve

Sunday was full of goodbyes, I dropped Elisa’s Christmas gift off to her and hit the road. I decided to take a chance on something that scared the bejezus out of me and in the end it paid off. That is all I want to say right now, but it was a really great night and worth the leap of faith it took to get there.

My new love... java moose coffee for the road

I got home around 10:30 and it was 8 degrees… and foggy. Oh so very very foggy. Instead of packing like a responsible adult (come on, it’s ME… what do you expect?!) I sat on the couch and ate leftover tacos in a salad and watched pearl harbor with the cats. Cosy night. Around 1:30 I packed my suitcase and was in bed by 2… yes, AM. At 4:30 my alarm was screaming at me. The plan was to leave at 5:15 for the airport, this would give me lots of time to have breakfast, double check my bag and change into (clean) sweats.

I came down the hallway and mom told me to get my butt in gear… whoa now, I got up 45 minutes early so I didn’t HAVE to haul booty. She pointed at the window.

Uh oh.... You cant tell, but there was giant snowflakes of doom falling

Yeah. The temp clearly dropped. A lot. I stuffed a piece of toast and a protein shake in me, trudged through the snow to the car and hit the road. My flight was at 6:45, and we arrived around 5:30. There was two flights before us, both unsure WTF was going on since there was no announcements being made. Regardless, I checked my bag in and we sat to wait. The flight to Toronto was supposed to go at 6:05am… Nothing… the Montreal flight was supposed to go at 6:15… nothing. Finally both were revised to 6:45 departures, meaning MY flight to Halifax would be delayed. Ummmm…. I had only 20 minutes for my layover in Halifax. This was NOT looking good.

I went to the counter to see if I could get some info on delays, times, ANYTHING. Would any planes even be taking off today!? There was NO announcements being made, no info, the airport was full of highly confused people. When the guy realized I was clearly going to miss my connection he switched me onto the direct to montreal flight. LAST seat. Thankfully I got there first! So this was good news… but still no idea when and/or IF the plane would be taking off.

Finally they announce around 7am that anyone heading to Montreal go through security (small airport, it’s not the same as a major one AT ALL ahaha) and they’d call boarding in 5 minutes. They herd us onto the plane and we wait. And wait. The plane isn’t even ON…. And it’s still under a foot of snow.

Not a pretty site for someone with a fear of flying

Finally the captain comes on and tells us the game plan (after taking a jab at the ground crew for being dumb and not checking to see oh look, there is a storm coming, maybe we should clear the runway?!)… we were boarded, they were going to de ice the plane, start it up and do the morning checks and all that.. then it was honestl hit or miss if they had cleared the runway enough for takeoff…. Thankfully they DID and soon enough we were off and above the storm


It was a super smooth flight and I got a short nap in despite having THE WORST SEAT MATE EVER. I know I’m tiny, but that doesn’t mean you can take up ½ my seat… and move around… and use my tray… and eat smelly nasty food… Srsly, who eats dill pickle chips at 8am?! WHO?!?!?!?

ANYWAY…. I made it home no fuss no muss, had a short nap, did up some stuff and hit the gym last night. It was a GREAT workout. It felt really good to be back in my own gym, in my groove and doing my thing. I really didn’t feel puffy or bloated or gross at all. A holiday miracle if there ever was one!

After the gym, I finally got groceries and ANOTHER miracle… they fixed the machine in the factory and my FF coffee creamer was back on shelves! … AND the coffee disks for my new machine were on sale. Fate people. Fate.

Love my new toy!

Bed soon after, I am Absolutely EXHAUSTED today but feeling really great. My holiday checkin was sent to Joe and I initiated ”the talk”… hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have a game plan for this season in place and it’ll be go time sooner rather than later. We shall see!

Okay…. Back to work for me, lots of catching up to do at work, in blogs, in life. Whoa! How were YOUR holidays?!

I leave you with Fritzy snuggling a tea cup last night... why... I dont know.

  1. I would totally eat dill pickle chips at 8 a.m. *ducks* 🙂

  2. I love this blog. I laugh everytime I read it! You are awesome Becca. Thanks for making me smile.

  3. Glad you’re back! And there’s nothing worse than a bad seat mate on an airplane – especially if it involves sharing of seats or bad smells of any kind.

  4. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!! I love your orange nails and your ring. Okay, hockey is my favorite and lobster…YUM!! Glad you had such an amazing break and I loved the advice you had for me on saving mula!! Thanks girl.

  5. Ha ha ha, I love your humor! If I need to chuckle, I can always come to your blog! 🙂

  6. marlopnwgirl says:

    OMG so many pictures…..LOL!

    New coffee toy??! That looks fun!! Does it make yum coffee??

    I totally laughed at Fritz snuggling the tea cup.. he is clearly in need of loves.

  7. Great blog. Sorry you didin’t get to see the whole movie.
    How was the ZonePerfect bar? Regards ~Grace at ZonePerfect

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