I Need a Plan!!!

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Why does the first day back at the office always stink!? I was super busy alllllll day but it felt like it was dragging.  I had 875789 emails to read/reply/figure out wtf was going on, people on skype asking me stuff, piles of samples on my desk, and SOMEONE STOLE MY STAPLER. You have no idea how much this annoys me. Its not like it was even out in the open, someone had to go into my desk drawers to find it. Lame. Very Very Very Lame.

Okay, done that rant for another day or two. (But if you’ve seen my stapler I will reward you with cookies, hugs, anything you want in return for its safe arrival back on my desk)

Lost: Stapler. Reward: Cookies. You know you want it

 The rest of the evening was the usual. Coffee, errands, gym. I am clearly the most exciting person on the face of the planet (that’s why I have a blog right?!)

I actually got lucky at GNC. I’m cheap. I think that’s pretty obvious. If I can get a deal/sale/freebie I’m all over that like me ten years ago on cake…. But yeah, my “secret” to saving money on supplements? Nope, I don’t buy online since I crave instant gratification (and I never remember I NEED more until I run out….), I buy at GNC. Yeah. GNC. The store that’s usually super pricey. I have a gold card (parting gift from my last relationship?! It runs out soon… damnit), and shop around. When a product has about 3-4 months left it goes on clearance… big time.

I clearly can’t be picky on brand/flavor, but it means I often have 5 different kinds of protein powders at home to give me some form of variety. Last night I lucked out and got 2lbs of nutrabolics cinnamon oatmeal flavor (it’s so good…. Oddly!) for 12$! I’ll go through it well before it expires and it saves me mega cash. Why not.

Yes. I’m THAT cheap.

 … and THAT proud of it.

Thumbs up for being cheapo!

Anyway. It was shoulders day at the gym… and abs. I need to start committing more time to abs, so I’m starting small with one day a week and will try and do two, but honestly COMMITING to one day is a start for me. My workout was a bit all over the place because of the resolutioners… but don’t get me started on that or we’ll be here all day.

  • Push press 4X 10
  • Leaning cable lateral raises 4 X 10
  • Upright row 3 X 8
  • Bent over lateral raises s/s front raises 3 X 8-10
  • Arnold press 3 x 8-10
  • Weighted crunches 3 x 15
  • Reverse crunches 3 x 10

I decided to ignore the fact my gym is a fluffy, pretty people gym and renew because it’s SO CONVENIENT… well since I’m over 25 now (ummm.. I was last year?!) the price is going up. “only” about 10-12$ a month the chick at the desk told me… ummm.. that’s at least 120$ a year, aka entry fees plus the mani for one show. Maybe that’s not a lot to you, but 120$ is still 120$!!! Grrr… So now I’m undecided. I know I will probably say screw it and renew, but I’ll wait a few days since the desk girl was talking to me like a retarded 3 year old. I don’t feel like dealing with her again.

So now it’s January… the gym is full of resolutioners in their fancy new gym clothes and bring it on attitude and I’m hiding out in baggy tank tops and old sweats because I feel well, large and in charge to say the least. Just call me the gym hobo. BUT…. With the resolutioners brings a “fun” time for me… deciding on comp plans for the year.

Soooo ready to get back on stage... or at least know WHEN I will

Last year I did three shows, all with the IDFA. I started with the novice show in Toronto in mid may. I REALLY don’t recommend traveling for your first show, with no trainer to accompany you, no friends, and no cheering section. I went up for the top five of the transformation challenge. While I had lost the most weight and had the biggest change, when it came time to vote by applause there were crickets when they called my name…. then golf claps. Talk about embarrassing.

*Insert golf claps here*

Then I did the IDFA Montreal show 8 weeks later. MUCH better experience, still no cheering section, but I felt a lot more relaxed knowing what to expect. Plus I love the IDFA. Everyone is SO FRIENDLY.

It was a heat wave... my tan melted off 647X

Then I took a few days off because I was D-O-N-E. By Wednesday I emailed joe saying excuse my crazy, I’m not in fact done and wanted to enter the October IDFA show 12 (and a half) weeks later. SO I did. And it was intense. But I did it. And I was super happy with what I brought to the stage.

... I may have even enjoyed being on stage a little more

As you can tell, I LOVE competing with the IDFA… the only issue? The July show I was planning on as my first show for the year…. Well it was moved to April 9th this year. Um. Way too soon. So after much thought and many many emails and messages annoying several friends with my indecision, providing I get the go ahead I am going to be switching to the FCPAQ which is the provincial body of the CBBF (Canadian bodybuilding federation) and doing regionals at the end of may in hopes of qualifying for provincials in July.

 …. If not, I will travel to Gatineau/Ottawa for the July IDFA show… but traveling makes me crazy (and turn green… Yes, GREEN. It’s not pretty. Neither was the freakout that came with the incredible hulk tan hue I was sporting)

Bundle up and hide the green... it was NOT pretty

So yes…. Absolutely NOTHING is confirmed… but I just wanted to lay out my plans and everything if only for me. It helps me feel less neurotic.

The main GOALS for this comp season. Top three at regionals (or in novice at IDFA) which will qualify me for provincials (or will move me from novice to open division in IDFA).

There, I said it. It’s out there. Top three. It was my secret goal last year and I didn’t come close. This year however, I’m not leaving the stage without my trophy damnit… And no, I will not steal one.

I promise. (…. Unless I’m desperate)

What is your MAJOR 2011 goal?

  1. Heather says:

    Having a total Office Space moment with the stapler thing. haha

    Good deal on the planning too…those who don’t fail 😉

  2. Jess says:

    Sounds like some exciting planning! I really want to get in shape for my brother’s wedding!

  3. Wow girl, you are a fantastic fanatic! More power to you, you can do it! Those pictures of you are awesome!

    My 2011 goal is to move out of this big beautiful house I built!
    Not sure where I’m going, but this is too much to clean for 2 dwellers.

  4. marlopnwgirl says:

    LOL! Steal it! HAHAHA! Im proud of you becs.. i know you can bring it.

    My 2011 goal.. Goodness what ISNT on my goal list.. Mostly school and my own apartment!

  5. Your first experience sounds super stressful! I’ll cheer for you if you come to Ottawa – I’ve never been to a fitness competition before.

  6. Jen says:

    You are awesome!!! I have no doubt you will make top 3!!! ROCK IT!


  7. Holy hotness! My goal is to look like you. Pleaseandthankyou.

  8. You’re going to rock regionals & provincials. Woohoo!!

  9. Tenecia says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about your competition plans for the year!! Woo hoo!!


  10. Lisa says:

    Awesome, sounds like a great year!!

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