It Could Be Worse… Much Worse

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Oh Monday…. Monday Monday Monday. You’re like the bad boy boyfriend who always comes around when you’re the most vulnerable.

So why not just ignore it all together and skip right back to Friday?

LOLcats always get it right

I knew I had a delivery notice waiting for me at home, so after work I headed home to hit up the post office. On my way out I checked my mail and WHAT?! Not one but TWO delivery notices?!


So I trudged down and got my goodies! I hate to say it but getting mail that doesn’t say “you owe this much money” or “please pay this to your phone bill” or “congrats!!! You won 1 MILLION dollars!!!!” makes me excited (the last one SHOULD make me excited, but let’s be honest, we all know it’s a scam. Boo!)

This is my excited face... not to be confused with my crazy face... which is eerily similar

As soon as I got home I settled into my box opening position (in bed… I don’t even know WHY I do this anymore), curiosity killed the cat and up popped the fritz.

Hmmm.. for ME?!?! You shouldnt have!

Box numero uno contained the next step in my coffee addiction! Smart cup x-press cups that I won in Janetha’s blog giveaway! You have no idea how excited this made me!

Looks interesting!

… okay, excited enough to go BACK downtown that night to get my favorite coffee shops ground hazelnut beans so I could try it out Saturday morning. YUM. This is a post for another time and place, but honestly… I was a little let down by the cups… but oh well! I’m going to go buy me a French press anyway and coffee it up!

Broken lid and a total mess... I will try again though!

…. Because I clearly NEED more caffeine.

Box numero dos was my Christmas blogger gift exchange! From the lovely Laura sent me this fantastic package!

Someone clearly has dreams of being vanna white

  • carrot cake clif bars (for boarding. nom nom nom)
  • york peppermint patty (omg yes)
  • orange dark choc (this was delishhhhhhhh!)
  • body scrub that smells like heaven (and I forgot to grab for my shower today. BOO!)
  • Chai tea (which I’ve been sipping on this afternoon in my icebox office!)

It was such a sweet gift! I loveddddddd everything! (srsly though, anyone who feeds me is my new best friend. Welcome to the job Laura!)

The rest of my evening was spent on the couch watching season 5 of how I met your Mother….. entertainment at its finest. I seriously love Robyn and all that makes her Canadian.

Saturday I was up… decently early, had some breakfast, laid around, headed out to check out a new supplement shop in town run by a couple of bodybuilders. I was actually pretty impressed, it’s a smaller store, but decent prices, and they had all MVP products on for 25% off. Jumbo tub of creatine for 20$?! Don’t mind if I do!

I was embarrassingly sore but since I took Friday night off I hit the gym for my back/shoulder workout. Once I got warmed up and the kinks out I felt actually REALLY good about it.

…. Then the fun started! I went home and flopped on the couch (surprise surprise…) and got thinking maybe I DIDN’T want to go out for my last cheat… maybe I should just order dominos. But after a *gentle* reminder from Sarah about how horribly sick I was after doing this last time I pull on my sweats and headed back to Montreal.

I knew exactly what I wanted, Gourmet Burger was reopened so I headed right there. I got a burger with Monterey jack, bacon and caramelized onions and my sweet potato fries. Heaven.

Lettuce? srsly?!

They have sooo many kinds of mayo for your fries (99% sure this is a Quebecois thing, but yes, people eat mayo on fries here!) and I always get the spicy stuff. It’s perfection in a little plastic tub

Best sweet potatoe fries everrrrrrrr

Now the back story to the last part of my cheat. Last year when I started prep right away the topic became what I wanted for my first cheat post show. Someone sent me a link for Coldstone and I had to wipe up a substantial puddle of drool. BUT… there was no locations in Quebec… BUT My show  was in Toronto and they had many locations to choose from so for the next 5 months all I talked about was coldstone.

Then my show came and went… and I didn’t have it. Then we got Coldstone in quebec and I talked about it non-stop… but still didn’t go get any. For a YEAR I have been talking about this damn ice cream store so what did I do…. I finally got my Coldstone!

I got a simple container of cake batter and peanut butter and took it home with me where I broke out my impulse purchase from a few weeks ago

All my dieting dreams come true!

I tossed the icecream in a bowl, added the goods, and a tim hortons white chocolate cookie for good measure and went to town. O.M.G.

Sprinkles makes EVERYTHING better

This is  my new happy place.

…. Unfortunately I won’t see it again until July, but at least I have something to look forward to!

Sunday was a not so exciting day, I headed off to costco and got some essentials

nom nom nom

Nothing too exciting, but it was nice to have a gift card and get all of this for 17$!

After I got home I headed off to the gym for legs and then moped around the house a bit last night. I just wasn’t in the best of mood. Starting weight/photos were taken Saturday morning and I wasn’t too pleased, BUT things will get better and well… It could be worse.

I was debating whether or not to post this, but it’s my blog, my rules. Photo one, January of last year, my starting photo to Joe. Looking at it now I’m thinking “he must have thought I was NUTS wanting to compete”…. Photo two, Saturday morning. My starting point.  It’s time to get serious!

no shame.... no shame at all

How was your weekend? Are you a costco junkie like me?

  1. Your starting point is already so awesome, you’re going to crush the competition. You looked great last Jan too, don’t be so hard on yourself! You have come so far, I hope you realize how awesome you are!

  2. allieksmith says:

    You look great in both pictures in my opinion! Serious! I am soo looking forward to reading about your training and competition 🙂 Yaaaay!

  3. I’m not a Costco junkie like you, but we go to Sam’s Club often. I find it hard to buy in bulk like that when there is just two of us, but we do sometimes.
    You had me with those sweet potato fries and spicy dipping sauce. Those things are my favorite!
    Good luck!

  4. janetha says:

    dang. you are making great progress, for sure! glad you got the cups 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    Really, no shame at all. You will have no problem during prep, that’s awesome! I too LOVE Coldstone. I haven’t had it in like 4 years but it is SO good!! Cake batter is definitely my favorite. Now I”m going to have it post competition too! =) Oh, and YES, total Sam’s club/BJ’s junkie. However, I can’t go without spending at least $250. I have kids, so fruitsnacks in bulk is fabulous! In fact, heading up this weekend!!

  6. marlopnwgirl says:

    WOW!!! Holy crap becs!!! I was thinking that those pics were from last yr.. Like the Jan 10th was last yr then the 2nd one was how you FINISHED after all the prep LAST YR! NOT this week.. Jaw is officially on the floor! Youve made such an amazing progress.. you look just amazing missy. You are gonna kock them dead this year!

    Love your happy face.. mine kind looks like that too!

  7. Nice job girl! You are well beyong a “starting point”.

    I enjoy getting packages too — especially if they are food related.

  8. Jen says:

    I love getting mail that isn’t bills!!! Love the foodie package 🙂

    You look so bad ass in your starting picture!!! Oh, and yes, I’m a total Costco junkie.


  9. You are starting at a leaner shape. You’re going to kill it girl! You have inspired me to stop procrastinating and get my tail in the gym every day this past week. Kepp posting it all!

  10. Rock it girl!! You look FANTASTIC compared to January ’10…and I love that you threw on the clear heels. 😉 You and me, girl…we’re gonna celebrate with some coldstone…even if it’s you in Montreal and me in Virginia. LOL Coldstone is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

  11. I bet it feels so great to be where you are now in comparison to your previous starting point! You got this!

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