About 40 Degrees Below “Cold”

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thank you all for the budgeting tips over the weekend. As jamie put it, it’s not the big things that make you go broke! I’ve been doing very well only buying the stuff I need,  cutting back on coffee out and saving as much as I can. It’s a start!

…. and also it was nice to hear I’m not the only one crap with money out there!

So…. It’s really Monday already!?

So as usual, to avoid the Monday blahs I’ll go back to the weekend… makes total logical sense right?!

Friday night after work I headed home for some foooooods and then packed my bag and went off to a hot yoga class. I haven’t done any yoga in a year so I was a bit nervous, especially since I was jumping into a 90 minute class, but it felt so good. Normally I’m not a yoga fan, but I love hot yoga (I guess because I sweat I consider it a “real” workout?) and this class didn’t disappoint.

The teacher was holding the poses for a LONG FRICKIN TIME THOUGH. I did legs Thursday so some of them were a bit tough and I was shaky, but didn’t feel uncoordinated or sucky which was nice.

… it also helped there were several players from the Concordia football team there to make me look better… but I digress.

After the class I had a quickie shower there and hung out with some peeps until far too late, but it was very very nice to be social for once in a blue moon. I DID however have my first oops of prep, I had a small glass of wine. It could have been much worse, but it wasn’t and I’m chalking it up as a mistake that won’t kill me, but shouldn’t happen again. Ugh.

Saturday was very chill, my stupid %^&^%* DVD player seems to be on the fritz and keeps giving me a disc reading error. I’m not impressed. That’s my main source of entertainment during prep (… okay, all the time.) After some breakkie I packed up my stuff and headed off to the gym. It was back/shoulders day plus cardio. FUNNNNNNNNNNN. Yeah no. But it was a solid workout and I was pleased!

Because of my super late Friday night I honestly was in bed at 7:30 on Saturday. Yeah. Embarrassing.

The wild and crazy single girl lifestyle I live! I tell you! Hahaha

Sunday I forced myself to get up around 8:30. I didn’t want to sleep in knowing I planned on being in bed by 9:30 so I’m not exhausted for my Monday morning cardio. I got up and started planning. I filled in my calendar, weighed in, lazed around drinking coffee and eating excessively large quantities of carbs.

It begins... sandwich thin with SF jam, chocolate cheerios, choc almond milk and eggs. nom nom nom

Yes… I no longer get a cheat meal, but I DO however get a refeed day. I can either take it Saturday or Sunday and it basically involves doubling my carbs for the day. When I planned my macros Friday I wasn’t really *thinking* about what I would or wouldn’t want to eat  so my plan was a bit boring, I’ve got a few ideas to make this week’s more interesting… but until then… low carb it is!

Giant bowl of PB chocolate oats.... and mexican eggs. So many things wrong with this

I forgot my camera which I used because it has a timer on it so I was able to take a photo of my carb excitement when I woke up… yes, it’s me hugging oats and potatos and cereal… Oddly enough after meal one I was DONE WITH CARBS…. My pre workout meal took me forever to eat and that’s so not like me. Usually I love my carbs, but I just felt heavy. Lame.

That about sums up how I felt...

Workout was legs… I completely feel that hot yoga Friday loosened up my legs enough to finally be able to knock out lunges again! My hip flexors are so tight, but they were a million times better last night so WOO!

I also lost 45 minutes of my life watching football during cardio. Seriously? Gross. Football < hockey. By A LOT

The rest of my night was spent throwing in some laundry and getting groceries to prep meals. Which is where my title comes in. Yesterday (and today) is about 40 degrees below “cold”. It’s miserable. It takes your breath away when you step outside, your snot freezes (it really does). It’s just NOT COOL.

So it was Sunday night at 7pm. I HAD to go to the store so I bundled up. I mean, who is really going to see me at the grocery store, I know very few people who live near me and never run into them, so I felt safe… I rocked my pink sweats, brown boots, a hoodie, my polka dot jacket, the owl hat and pink mittens. I was the definition of “hot mess”

No words needed....

I walk into the grocery store like I own it because well, I just don’t care… strolling down the produce section waiting for my face to unfreeze what do I hear?

“becca?! Becca?! Is that you?!”

… I knew the voice, I dreaded the voice. There was no running, there was no hiding. He had seen me first and I had to put on my “Yeah, I know I look like a disaster but damn right I’m hot and better than you” face. I pulled my headphones out and turned around with a huge (albeit) fake smile on my face.

Yes, I’m sure you have an idea of who it is… not WHO… but what category they fall into.

That’s right, the dreaded ex-bf run in. I think it’s totally a given that when this happens you look like absolutely garbage and have snot dethawing in your nose so you’re sniffling like a coke addict, but hey, at least I had on a badass owl hat?!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. We made the usual small talk and I said my goodbyes. Awkward and not a great tone to the evening!

I got the nessiccary food stuff and hit the road to power walk it home. Trudging through knee deep snowdrifts in mid calf winter boots is not recommended btw. Ugh.

I did however manage to get my meals prepped, bag packed and in bed by 9:34. Only 4 minutes past my goal. GO ME!

Warmed myself up with some chicken/broc soup and an english muffin toasted with garlic salt. YUM

Carbed up cardio rocked today, but now I’m dragging a bit. I blame the cold and only one cup of coffee so far. Oh well!

… Stayed tuned for a VERY special anniversary post tomorrow!

Do you do hot yoga? How do you feel about it compared to regular yoga?

Anyone else have ex-bf run-ins at horrible times?

  1. I have yet to brave the hot yoga! I’m scared I’ll pass out or spend the whole practice in child’s pose! 🙂

  2. Bikram is my love!

    I don’t ever run into ex-bfs…come to think of it, I have no ex-bfs in Northern Cali..Southern yes, Chicago yes, WI yes, Ohio, yes…you get the point 😉

  3. I ran into my ex during a 10 mile run that was one of the worst in my life. I was looking hella cute.

    So if I may ask, how much do you have to cut for your season? What are your carb ratios and everything? Anywho feel free to email me at lolzthatswim@gmail.com. I’d love to know more about figure competing. My swim coaches wife does it and it looks so cool.

  4. Tenecia says:

    Please note that the following equation “Football < hockey" is completely wrong. I believe the appropriate equation is "football = hockey" as both have incredibly hot men who have yet to realize that I'm missing in their lives 😉

    And I absolutely LOVE Bikram. It always makes me feel like I've sweated out the ugly, gross, negative things in my day!


  5. I’ve never tried hot yoga, but I bet it would be really refreshing! I’d rather do hot pilates, but not sure there is such a thing!

  6. I haven’t ever tried hot yoga, but I’ve always wanted to!! Your pb/chocolate oatmeal looks SO good. What did you put in it?

  7. Jessica says:

    I always have the privilege of running into my ex at the gym! Of course I always see him when I also look like a “hot mess”. I only wish I knew ahead of time so I could make sure to wear my best gym outfit:)

  8. marlopnwgirl says:

    Oh Becs! Sometimes i swear your life should be a movie or a book.. You crack me up!

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