Bad Blogger

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes. I’m a bad blogger.

But a good housewife.

I remembered to buy Fritz cat food so A) he didnt kill me in my sleep and B) I didnt feel guilty and feed him a bowl of treats (yeah. I know)

I lvoe him even when he's needy (and stares)

I FINALLY not only finished unpacking (yes, from my Christmas vacation) I even put the suitcase away in the closet instead of just saying “well i’m going away again soon….”

Finally put away! (the plaid boardbag in the background was put away too!)

I went to SIX stores, but I found my greek yogurt. I was getting worried. And hungry. I’m a creature of habit and I wasnt liking the lack of yogurt in my life.

Greek yogurt, PB and coffee... it's all I need in life

I’m sure there is plenty of other things going on, but honestly I just dont FEEL like blogging today or yesterday. I’ve got a good thing going on with prep, I’m in my zone, I’m feeling good and ummmm….


Yes. It's old. Back when my hair was to my butt and I barely ate... but MAN I LOOK EXCITED (fyi: I was mini golfing)

Happy weekend everyone!!

Do you ever just not FEEL like blogging? How do you get out of the funk?

  1. allieksmith says:

    Sometimes I don’t feel like blogging.. so sometimes I don’t haha. I am glad thinks are going well with your prep-wahoo!! Also glad you cleaned up your suit case haha.. I do stuff like that a lot. It makes my parents mad. Fritz totally looks like he could kill someone in their sleep. 😉

  2. When i don’t feel like blogging, I simply don’t 😉 Or I make it a short one.

    I can’t believe you finally unpacked. How did you look at it for that long!

  3. If you are a bad blogger, I am a sucky blogger. I’m the most iconsistent blogger you will ever meet! lol

  4. Blogging is ALOT of work, time consuming work. I haven’t read a book in months since I started blogging. And I just want to read and not worry about my computer or blog or twitter or anything! But I can’t do it.
    I say take a break. Maybe you’ll come back feeling refreshed!

  5. When I don’t feel like blogging, I don’t. I just kind of wait until I’m inspired again. There is no sense in rambling about things you (and no one else) cares about. But you are an awesome blogger!

  6. if i don’t feel like blogging i usually don’t, or i just sit there and start writing and something usually sparks my interest.

  7. marlopnwgirl says:

    LOL! sometimes i dont feel like blogging either.. And i just dont do it… You and lisa are pretty much the only ones who read it anyways! LOL!

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