Help Wanted!…. Inquire Within!

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Impulsive? Me? Honestly no. Very rarely do I do something without 120% thinking it through, analyzing it, pondering, asking a million questions, debating with friends.

I even planned and plotted taking up coffee drinking. THAT crazy

Um yeah, I like to take the safe route. Surprises are NOT my thing.

That’s why what I did yesterday totally shocked me. I was bumming around on facebook and saw a group to find the “Next Dynamis Girl”. Curiosity killed me, I clicked and um… I entered.

Me?! A fitness model!? Excuse my laughter

Come on, it was easy. Short bio, competition history, and a photo. If there is one thing I’m good at it’s A) Talking about myself and B) Talking about competing.

I do love my bling...

I’ve got a blog! Think about it! It’s all about ME ME ME.

Yeah, I wish.

Anyway, by the end of the day my photo was up and in the running and I had a serious “wtf did I do moment?!”. I’m up against girls who are more accomplished, more muscular, leaner. You know, the girls who you always see in magazines and think “wow… I wish I could be her”.

What kept me back from going through prep and stepping on stage for literally YEARS was looking at those girls in the magazine and saying that I could never be that. Comparing myself, thinking they had something I didn’t. Great genetics, natural leanness, muscle maturity, all of it and I would never be good enough compete.

Eventually I changed my thinking into a simple “why not?”. Why CAN’T I be like those girls? Yeah I’m going to have to work my ass off, but in the end the payoff and reward will be so much greater, even if it’s just for me and me alone.

Already a big change.... MORE chanegs coming this year. I cant wait

For anyone who has read my blog even a little you know I don’t hold anything back. If I’m having a bad day, if I’m struggling, I show it. But at the same time when I’m on top of the world or progress finally happens I share that too. I want my blog to be my own little world where I can track my goals, hopes, feelings, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The support I’ve found since starting this blog has honestly been a little overwhelming. I started my blog at the urging of Lisa and a few friends who wanted to know more about my prep. I had a slow start, but eventually found the outlet to get out my thoughts was invaluable. Having my own little group of cheerleaders to bring me back up after a bad day, snap me back to reality when I need it or just to mock my horribly random self has made a HUGE difference in my mind frame this time around. It’s like a support group I never knew I needed, but now couldn’t imagine not having.

A giant lobster sized salute for all your support!

I think from reading my blog you can think of a million reasons to vote for me… or to not vote for me. But regardless, I’m choosing to put it out there and hope you support me.

So if you suddenly feel the urge to vote, click here and “like” the group, then like my photo.

Y'all know what I look like... But just in case!

Simple, easy, only need to do it once (but you can forward the info to all of your friends/families/enemies/anyone who will listen)… I will be eternally grateful and when I’m mildly famous or finally step off the stage with a trophy I will dedicate it to all of you wonderful people who support me everyday (why, I don’t know! Ahaha) even when I don’t always support myself.

Thank you thank you thank you in advance.

Big hugs and thanks from me... AND the fritz!

  1. Dotsie says:

    Aw, love the last pic! I’m gonna try to like and vote from my iPhone and if it doesn’t work I’ll do it tonight from the laptop!

  2. I’m actually very impulsive with big decisions. It’s the little ones that I ponder over and over. Kind of odd, but that’s just me!

    I love that Urban Style pic!

  3. Beto says:

    Wow its awesome what you are doing! =) Really happy for you.

  4. I love love love that Urban Style Picture. You look awesome! (Not that you don’t always look awesome). I could seriously just post a picture of you on my wall of who I want to look like.

  5. Amanda says:

    I’m such a lurker on your blog usually, but I love it and think it’s fantastic that you entered this! I just voted. You are one kick ass gal 🙂

  6. allieksmith says:

    I support you ALL THE WAY!!! Going to vote now 🙂

  7. Youre gorgeous and have every right to win. 🙂

  8. This is the first blog post I’ve read of yours (why, I don’t know…) but I’m already hooked! I think you are awesome for signing up! And I’m a tad bit jealous. I want to be like those girls in the magazines too! So congrats!!! You WILL be!

    I’ll definitely vote for you. And read your blog, cause now you’ve motivated me! 🙂

  9. Jen says:

    Voted!!! Good luck 🙂

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  11. Lisa says:

    I voted! I love that picture of you by the way =)

  12. […] I just wanted to throw this post out there again. The Facebook part of the competition is apparently ending soon, so if you have a […]

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