Ask Me Anything… Job Edition

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ask Me Anything… The Job Edition         

Another question I got in the ask me anything series was simply:

What is your job?

In kindergarten we used to sit around the big carpet and tell the teacher what we wanted to be when we grew up. I don’t remember this, but apparently my answer was “I want to move to Montreal and live on a farm with horses and cats”.

Yeah. Srsly. Dream big Becca, way to dream big.

Well, I made it to Montreal…. I got A cat…. Just need a few more and to win the lottery so I can afford a farm (which wouldn’t be IN Montreal… ).

Step 1: Move to Mtl. Step 2: Adopt a cat

I left home at 18 and went to university about an hour away from my hometown. I did the whole live in residence, discover myself thing and well… I was BORED. To tears. I really didn’t want to be there and said as much when my roommate asked me what classes I was signed up for second year.

So that night (umm… fueled by vodka) I applied to fashion design school in Montreal. Why? Um… seriously I don’t know where that came from, but it seemed logical? So I got accepted to school, went home, told my parents… flash forward to September and there was stepping off the train in Montreal one morning. Ahhh. Now what?

Let me say right here and now I have zero artistic ability. Like a stick figure drawing baffles me. Clearly fashion school was a GREAT IDEA?! Regardless, a full year of intense classes later I was a full up, top of my class graduating fashion designer. (hey, I’m a perfectionist, what can I say?!)

I started out working for a small domestic company as a pattern maker (I knew right from the start I wanted to be on the technical side of things). It was a HUGE learning experience for me and I was there for two years when they went under. I had a moment of panic when I got my notice, and started interviewing EVERYWHERE. Color me shocked when I walked into a designer jean company for an interview and walked out 10 minutes later only to get home to find an offer from them.

BAM. Look at me, the little small town girl working in a FASHION COMPANY.  I was there for about two years. Honestly… HUGE learning experience for me. In companies like that there is always someone who wants your job, and will do it for less money. I was called back from vacations, worked long (unpaid) overtime hours. Sure fashion week and the big parties were great… but that got old.

... at a fashion week after party. Eek.

Eventually I chose to move on. I found my current company and didn’t THINK I wanted to interview, but told myself it would be good practice for a job I did want. After meeting with my (now) VP and the president I was asked to wait in the hall. I quickly texted my (then) bf stating “omg they’re going to offer me a job… WHAT DO I DO?!?!?”

Yeah. Totally took the job. I started at our snowboard company thinking I was going to be working in fit and spec like usual, but ended up in production. A couple months later I was moved to my current position and I’ve been here ever since. I’m in charge of all girls sportswear, ladies, swimwear and lingerie.

We have PJ day.... yeah, my kind of office!

It’s interesting to say the least! Will I stay in this field forever? Who knows? Most likely no, I’d idealy like to move into a health and fitness aspect but time will tell…. and until then I will continue to wear size 4 children’s clothing as a joke and all the fun stuff that comes with my job.

Umm... a little small no?

What is your current job? Is it the job you always DREAMED of having?

If not… what’s your dream job?

  1. Dotsie says:

    I’d love to have pj day!

    My job is in health info management: keeping patient info private, secure, and not mixed up.
    Not my dream job, but not sure what is…I do believe something in higher education but healthcare included. Current employer has a med school affiliated with it…we shall see!!!

  2. I am an Aerospace Engineer…not sure what my dream job would be..probably a mixture of a few things: Event planner for Humane Society; part-time baker; somelier; personal shopper.

  3. Growing up I would play school and always thought I wanted to be a teacher. But I didn’t want to go to school for that long, so I went to a two year nursing program and now I am an RN. Thank goodness for that because I wouldn’t want to be a teacher and work all those “extra” hours. There is always another nurse at work to carry on my job, since a nurses job is never done.
    But, my dream job would to be a dancer on tour with a popular pop star. I have no dancing ability, but I think that would be really fun!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I’m a paralegal. And NOPE…not my dream job. I’ve never completely finalized my dream. Right now I’d love to write from home and raise kiddos. On a farm. With cats. 🙂

  5. Working in the ghetto lifeguarding isn’t my um dream job. I’ll get there eventually after college. HA.

  6. Your job sounds like fun! Do you actually design all the clothes? Honestly, I think about the ideal job question a lot and it does change for me. I think I would like to get an MBA, work in consulting, and then write a business #1 best-seller.

    Or be a personal shopper and yoga instructor.

    You know, I feel like I could be happy either way.

  7. What a seriously awesome story!!!! Funny the way life goes sometimes, no!?

    DREAM JOB is head chef/own a restaurant 🙂

  8. Amanda says:

    I grew up wanting to be an actress, but lacked the courage to pursue it, went to college and got my degree in Anthropology and quickly realized studying it and working in the field were very different things… now I am a legal assistant at a motion picture company in LA and… um… I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. Oops. I get questions from my mom every few months about it. Oh well. I think it is awesome you actually followed through on something that you enjoy, even if you don’t know if you will stay in that field forever!

  9. My current job is a medical transcriptionist and I hate it. I’ve been doing it for almost 8 years and my boss has just really lost his mind. I’m seeking other employment to get me through massage therapy school, where I’ll then hopefully be a most sought after therapist in my city! 🙂

  10. Jess says:

    Cool- I didn’t realize I didn’t know what you do! Sounds like fun:)

  11. marlopnwgirl says:

    I love hearing about your job.. It does seem glamorous.. but i know its so not.. People think quoting medical equipment that saves lives is something crazy awesome.. I LOVE my job.. But at the same time its not as fancy as people think..

  12. […] in the fashion industry means that well, the emphasis isn’t exactly on being fit or athletic. Let’s be honest, the LAST […]

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