Sometimes I Just Need a Break

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m tired.

Yup. Worn out. Lethargic. Slightly unmotivated. Ready to go flop on the couch and not move for 16 years.

Add to that sore, achy, cold…  oh and because I snowboarded Sunday I haven’t had a day off in almost TWO WEEKS.

Totally worth it though!

Way to be excessive Becca.

Yes, I throughly enjoyed my snowboard trip and I skipped yoga to have an evening off last Friday, but still I know and fully admit I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a bit too long.

I can feel it, I’ve been crashing hard by 9pm every night…. And actually sleeping through until morning. Getting up and getting moving takes a bit more than the usual 2 minutes. I had to convince myself not to break a 20$ last night to buy a cup of coffee just because I *wanted* it.

That about sums it up

Oddly though… I feel AMAZING mentally. When I do get moving for cardio I’ve been killing it and sweating up a storm. My workouts have been intense and I’m actually getting stronger, enjoying my new workouts and pushing myself past my (mental) limitations.

But physically I ache… all over. My workouts got switched up Saturday and well, I’m feeling it. A full day of snowboarding while dieting wore me out more than I expected and the moguls on the mountain murdered my legs.

And my joints. Ugh. I need new sneakers. My shox are dead. Like beyond dead. I do have my Reeboks that I don’t like running in at all that I slipped into this morning to see if that made a difference.

Cushy.. I like.. I really like

While I don’t like running in them, I didn’t mind straight up gym cardio in them. This is good news. It helps they feel so much softer and more cushiony than my shox. Cardio wasn’t so achy today! Score! Hopefully this lasts for a few more weeks and maybe I can ask for some new sneaks for my bday?!? Yeah… I think I should.

Honestly though, I think I’d rather ask for cake…. But yes, I’ll settle for sneakers.


Tomorrow is my off day. I’m going to (for real this time) go for a walk tonight and return my (very late) dvd’s and pick up something new. I might stay up til TEN PM… I’ll sleep in until 6:30 and will actually put my feet up and chill while eating my breakfast.

Oh, and I’ll shower in my barefeet. The little things…. How they really amuse me sometimes.

And after work? You know what. I’m probably going to skip yoga. I just don’t WANNA. Right now my plan is to hop the express bus and go do some browsing/window shopping/real shopping at my fav mall and just have some “me” time.

Ok... and maybe some Fritz time too

…. Because sometimes I just need it.

 What’s your favorite thing to do during your “me time”?

  1. I hate feeling like that!! Worst everrrrr! I think you’re doing yourself a favor by giving yourself a night off..gotta respect the bod’s wishes sometimes!

    Also- thought it was worth mentioning that I am OBSESSSSSEEDDDDDD with puma cell sneakers. I have tried EVERY brand out there, and nothing compares to the pumas. Great for running, cross training, cushy, support. But, I do have an extremely high arch, so if you have flat feet, they might not work for you!

  2. Dotsie says:

    Me time= time withmy furbabies, reading, shopping, extra workouts, and E! TV

    enjoy your “me” time!!!

  3. Jess says:

    I think it’s great you are taking a little break and having some you time! I like reading for fun and baking:)

  4. Amanda says:

    I love to shop for some “me time”, but window shopping kills me! You have restraint! When I’m too broke to shop (as I am now), I like to do girly things like paint my nails or do a face mask, since I don’t do those as often as I’d like and it makes me feel all “girly”. Then there are times when a cup o’ joe and a good book just hit the spot. I hope you feel physically good as new soon!

  5. Shopping and pedicures, baby.

  6. I love just to sit down and read my gossip magazines without interruption!

  7. allieksmith says:

    Yeah! Get that ‘me’ time! 🙂 You deserve it!! My ‘me’ time = book shopping

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