Do You Really TASTE Your Food?

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Strange question right? I mean, of course we taste our food. Open mouth, insert food, chew. Simple.

Obviously when this little process goes down you taste it right? You’d THINK that, but for so many years I didn’t taste my food. I just ate. Mindlessly, thoughtlessly, shoving it down just to get it down.

Whether I was eating bland, boring “diet food” and I just wanted to get it over with, or I was self medicating with a jumbo bag or sour cream and onion ruffles (…. Crack to me) or a gallon of icecream. Often times I would eat in front of the tv, mindlessly putting hand to mouth not really considering what was going in.

After I ended a relationship with a trainer who left me with a VERY restricted diet I decided I knew enough about food and training that I could do this on my own.

… and think about it! All those WONDERFUL foods out there I could suddenly incorporate! Sugar free syrups, 100 cal packs, low cal treats and skinny cow goodies. I was ALL over trying everything. If there was a diet food out there it was my goal to hunt it down, eat it and “enjoy every bite”.

My favorite example…. I love icecream. I think that’s pretty obvious.

Icecream requires sprinkles

But icecream? Whoa, the calories, the fat, the carbs. EEEEEEEEEEK! Steer clear lady! That’s not “diet” friendly!

Enter the “diet” fix. Light coolwhip (can’t find coolwhip free in Quebec… trust me, I looked)… on sugar free jello… with berries… with a spoon… It’s totally a great swap for icecream … For a dieter… right?!?

Ummm…. It became a “weakness”. I would buy a tub and I would open the freezer for “just one spoonful” and shove the entire container down my throat. I wouldn’t even close the door or sit down, because come on…. Who eats the WHOLE CONTAINER OF COOLWHIP… with a SPOON!??!

This chick. That’s who.

Wow... bags under my eyes much?!?!

That’s when I started to realize all of these diets foods weren’t satisfying me. They weren’t a form of enjoyment, it was a “well if I eat the diet version I can eat more”, but it was never the same as the real thing. I found when I had a “small” sized icecream I enjoyed that a lot more than a huge tub of “diet” stuff because well, it actually tasted like the real thing… because it WAS.

Noticing a sprinkles theme anyone?!

When I did my first prep last year I still tried to keep adding in these “diet” foods… and they always left me wanting more. I never felt happy, food tasted bland and boring to me. Slowly I started cutting them out, using less splenda, less sugar free products, eating more REAL food and cooking with spices and seasonings.

Color me shocked when I started to ENJOY what I was putting in my mouth. It’s got to the point I actually crave a big bowl of veggies, I enjoy my cinnamon tilapia and odd recipe creations. A lot of people still look at my food as “diet” food, but to me it’s real food, unprocessed tasty goodness.

My perfect lunch

I recently bought a bottle of Walden Farms sugar free maple syrup. Something I used to love. I actually tossed the entire bottle because of how chemically it tasted. I opened a bottle of jam the other day and was SHOCKED when it tasted like… raspberries! Since when does jam taste like berries and not sugar?!

This post makes me feel a bit crazy, but I really think this explains WHY I choose to eat a lot of the foods I do. Yes it looks very plain, repetitive and boring… but for once in my life I taste what goes into my mouth.

I realize now I love foods I long stated that I “hated”… dill pickles, mustard, onions, coffee. I had tried them before and just meh… but now? Yeah, totally different.

I remember in my offseason I wanted something BAD… I wanted to cheat and have something sugary. I was in the metro and ran into the dep and grabbed a wunderbar. Oh how I used to LOVE those things… caramel, peanut butter, chocolate.

One bite. That’s all I took. One single bite. I tossed it. The sugar, the fake taste. It just wasn’t “right” to me. If I’m going to have something like that now I’d rather mix up some homemade peanut butter cups with dark chocolate and natural peanut butter and enjoy the flavors as they are… not as they are mixed with 2 cups of sugar and “assorted ingredients”.

Homemade cookies for this chick!

So that’s me. A healthy, natural seasoned, farmers market obsessed foodie…. Of some sort of figure prep dieting chick. Take me or leave me.

If you're not a fan you can peace out now.... wow. Lame Becca, really lame

How do you feel about diet foods? 100 cal packs? Fake sugars?

…. I will clarify right now I DO still use splenda, but in complete moderation…. And I couldn’t live without my fat free coffee creamer. (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

  1. Jess says:

    I used to be ALL about the diet food. – even if it wasn’t healthy diet food ( I loved light chips). Now I’d rather have the real thing in moderation.

  2. When I bake for myself I do use the splenda/sugar blend. And I use Splenda to sweeten my tea. Just recently bought Truvia and had it on some fresh berries tonight, it was good.
    I put fat free creamer in my oatmeal bowl for added sweetness and flavor!

  3. I remember when we used to freeze coolwhip and think it was heaven on earths. ahh the days.

  4. Dotsie says:

    No 100 cal packs or fake sugars…fruits, veggies, lean meats, eggs and a little bit of cheese-laughing cow. That’s how I’ve been rolling lately.

  5. marlopnwgirl says:

    I use fake things in moderation.. Usually when its something i want sweet.. SF red bull.. Um yeah.. ive been loving on those lately.. Think Thin bars.. They have sugar alcohols in them.. but i love them.. and they are a great combo of carbs/protein and satisfying for me..

  6. Lisa says:

    I used to eat those 100 cal packs all the time when I did weight watchers. I feel like they pushed me in the wrong direction. I did lose weight, sure, but I would eat whatever I wanted, even if it wasn’t good for me, and then just not have anything else that day. So, maybe I just didn’t do it right? Just clean stuff now!

  7. I second everything about this post. Funny how real foods just do the trick! 🙂

  8. bikiniorbust says:

    I am so in your boat! I eat things now that I used to just LOVE and I want to hurl. 😦 I do not want to go back to the world of eating those things either. I love real food at the taste of it! I also love how fruit is SO SWEET to me now, where as before it wasn’t sweet at all. Perfection.

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