Triple Tangent Tuesday: Spring Edition

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

This morning while knocking out my cardio for the day I was doing my final 15 minutes on the upright bike, which puts me in front of two TV’s, one playing RDS and one on some Vermont channel that plays a low budget network cable morning show. Since I spend the first chunk of my cardio watching only RDS I was more so paying attention to the Vermont station.

Come on, they have “animal corner” which is basically cute pets. How could I not?!

I'm a total sucker for this crap... you should know that by now!!

They also play ski reports/weather for the other 80% of the time. On the weather segment today they broke the seasons down according to meteorologists.

  • Winter: Dec/Jan/Feb
  • Spring: March/April/May
  • Summer: June/July Aug
  • Fall: Sept/Oct/Nov

Which means today is sort of/kind of/maybe the start of spring?!

Since I’m lacking blogging motivation today I decided to stick with triple tangent Tuesday… but all things regarding the changing seasons. Basically a “what I’m looking forward to” spring edition.

…. Leaving out vacation (EIGHT MORE WORK DAYS!) because well… I already went on and on and on about it yesterday!


As much as I love my converse sneaks and knee high boots I am SO.OVER.THEM. Plus with the literal 3-6 inches of ICE built up on sidewalks right now because of the fact it snows, then rains, then freezes it’s next to impossible to even wear heels or boots with heels without seriously injuring myself.

I already have my eye on a pair of “spring shoes” that will probably be my birthday gift to myself!

Love at first sight!

I saw them, fell in love and want ASAP… but clearly cant wear them. But soon!

But really, just being able to break out of my shoe rut will be fantastic. Being able to wear my Jimmy Choos again or one of my 100 pairs of platform peep toes. Ahhhh.. soon my shoes… soon!

Best drunk decision EVER

#2: Weather changes/daylight still existing when I leave the office

Seriously can’t wait for this. Stable temperatures (ummm… the next five day outlook is: -1, -12, 4, 3, -3). I hate never knowing what to expect when I pack my gym bag. Plus there is still that whole nasty windchill factor lingering around. Over it!

On the weekend I actually sat on the couch thinking “it would be nice to go for a run”.

Yes... I actually WANTED to run... Scary

First to clarify, no I wasn’t drunk or on a “drug called Charlie Sheen”… I was simply looking for a change in cardio, fresh air and that first outdoor cardio of the year with the sun feeling warm on your face, no bitter wind and the little streams of water from melting ice… it just seemed NICE.

The days are getting longer… but still it’s pretty close to dusk when I leave the office and it’s kind of a downer. Plus in the morning it’s still pitch black when I leave the house. I love the late spring when I leave in the morning and the sun is just coming up. It’s nice! I miss it!

... I'd honestly prefer summer though!

#3: My birthday/April IDFA show/Natural Nationals/Continuing prep

Despite a sober/cake free/carb deprived birthday for the second year in a row I’m looking forward to it this year! Last year I had the day off and it was kind of lame because well, I was putting all my eggs in one basket.

… one basket called my ex bf who dropped the ball big time.

So this year I will be working (unless I’m *cough cough sick*) but I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and not be disappointed, let down, waiting on someone else! WOO! (and then I will stuff myself with cake and tequila in July for a b-lated celebration!)

Cake... or these delicious PB Brownies. YUM

Two days after my birthday is the Montreal IDFA show. While I’m not competing, I will be attending. I haven’t decided on if I will volunteer or just go watch. Since it’s running pre-judging/night show back to back it’s one ticket and kind of pricey so I MAY volunteer to be cheap! We shall see. Regardless it’ll be nice to put myself back in the show environment and I think it’ll help me get super excited for my show.

Totally reminising about my first show now!

At the end of April the CBBF Natural Nationals which are being held in Laval this year. I’m planning to attend to watch. I’ve never competed with CBBF/FCPAQ so I want to go watch to see how things run, what the judges reward, little things that are good to know before stepping on stage with them in July. My plan is to hopefully qualify to compete at this show next year (or the year after, worst case scenario) so it’ll be a great learning experience!

So clearly, not eating cake, attending two shows and all that fun stuff will kick my own prep up a notch I think and help push me through another 17 ½ weeks of dieting.

Bonus tangent #4: ….  spring means the farmers markets will start being WORTH IT again. Mmmm, the joy of Quebec having such a badass local farming community is very cheap, very fresh veggies/fruits/berries for large parts of the year! YUM!

LOVE this place

I’m cheap, will be dropping carbs lower as the weeks go on… which means less oats and blueberry eggos… but more veggies. The weekly trips I make to the Jean Talon Market rock my rocks!

True story… I once bought a 17lb watermelon there for 3$. I ate the whole thing. By myself. Oops. My theory is it was okay because I had to carry that thing home so calories in vs calories out totally evened out.

My "usual" haul...

What part of spring are you most looking forward too!?

Have you ever bought an excessive large quantity of one food?

  1. I am with you on wanting it to get lighter earlier. I go to work when its dark and come home when its dark, so winter is long. Can’t wait for spring and warmer weather!

  2. I hoarded about 20 cans of pumpkin before November when they were out everywhere. There is not problem with that…

    I just seriously want the warmth of spring more than anything else.

  3. allieksmith says:

    YAYA for spring!!! 🙂 I love your tangents!

  4. Sandra says:

    I buy bags and bags of fresh cranberries in the fall, since they are only around for a short time. Love them in protein muffins or oatmeal :-p
    It’s very ‘Spring-like’ in Colorado right now…but I’m dreading more snow! March is usually the snowiest month here 😦 *sigh*

  5. Jess says:

    I am really looking forward to not brushing the snow off my car. I have probably said this 9,000 times haha.

  6. Sarah says:

    Love those shoes, def get them as a birthday present to yourself 🙂 Great picture from your first show, you look awesome!

  7. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but you’re a woman after my own heart with your shoe obsession!!! I have a HUGE tote of shoes that I’m itching to break out…and my knee high riding boots that I love so much? Oh they can totally be worn in the summer with a great pair of jeans and a tank…right? Hehe.

    Guilt trips…I’m queen of those unfortunately. I do it to myself and sometimes to my husband, and I hate it. I don’t do it intentionally, really, but I do it. For instance…I feel guilty when there are days when I just wonder what I’d be doing right now as a single woman…no husband, no kids. I don’t regret my choice to be a mom and wife over a single life with my best friend in NYC, but I do think about what it’d be like!

    I feel guilty when I spend money on myself…unless it’s on a credit card. Don’t ask why, but if I use money from my bank account, I feel horrible. Like I’m stealing money from the “feed the babies” fund. If it’s on a credit card…I’m okay. Horrible. I know.

  8. Tenecia says:

    Please purchase a pair of those shoes in size 9.5 for me – I will die without them!


  9. I am totally a food hoarder, especially veggie broth, tomato paste, and coconut milk.

  10. marlopnwgirl says:

    Pretty sure im excited for every single one of those things!! SHoes included!! I laughed a little when i saw that.. i was like “awww.. becs and I are so one in the same sometimes!” I cannot wait to bust out my cute shoes and outfits!! BRING IT!

    Oh and the awesome produce also! Wohoo!

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