Speaking of Taunting….

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

First off. Did I call it… or did I call it?!

 Do you see what I see?!


Oh right. Another FOOT of snow coming our way. A FRICKIN FOOT.

…. And we all know how they LOVEEEEEEEEEE to underestimate storms here in Quebec. I believe the first one was 1000%!? Ugh.

At least I’m LEAVING (.. on a choo choo train?) tomorrow night! WOO WOO!

But speaking of taunting.

My mom is driving to Moncton (almost 2 hours) to pick me up from the train station Friday afternoon. My dad is off Friday’s but has a hockey tournament so mom is taking the day off to come get me. Clearly this deserves a special treat.

… okay, it’s more of an “I’m sorry but I just spent 18 hours on a train so excuse me if I’m super cranky and want to whine and complain about my aching knees, back, head and how much it sucks and I never want to do it again” treat.

Nom nom nom

That’s right folks. I’ve got a day and a half.. and then 18 hours confined to a train with a box of Godiva truffles.

Can I get an FML?

My mom and I have the same taste in (expensive) chocolates… so yeah, that coconut and extra dark one?! Ummm. UGH! WANT!

But alas. I will be strong. I refuse to step off the train and having my mom reach (up! Ahaha shortie!) and wipe the remains off my face (because you know I can’t eat anything without making a mess of myself)

So my errands were run last night and everything I HAD to get done I did. I’m 90% done packing. Just last minute things tonight. Meals are almost 100% prepped and ready just need veggie supplies from the store tonight. I’m on track and that makes me happpppy!

Even had time to squeeze in my eyebrow wax post workout. I’m feeling sufficiently girly and ready for vacation… now if only I had time for a mani/pedi… my extremities are in ROUGH shape. Ugh. Maybe on vacay?!

And to round out this totally random post… please send some “banned for life” vibes to Boston’s captain Chara for that nasty, completely uncalled for hit on Max Pacioretty last night…. According to the news this morning he’s still in the hospital, but he is conscious and moving at least. SO SO SO SO SENSELESS.

Completely tragic

Busy busy time now, but I will be back in a bit with some GOOD NEWS.

How’s your Wednesday shaping up?!

  1. My Wednesday has been already hectic and it’s 10am ha. I got a lot accomplished since 6am which is obviously never a bad thing.

    Coconut+chocolate=love. That seems like it would be a good pancake combo…ha It’s my favourite type of chocolate by far though.

    • ihearteggs says:

      Yay for productive day! Choc and coconut is definitly my favorite! Last fall I found a hershey’s almond coconut bar and bought it right away and hid it int he freezer for my show. It was HEAVEN busting into that at the end of the night lol

  2. I have the same taste in chocolate as you guys! The dark chocolate coconut pyramid one is my favorite! And the white chocolate raspberry starfish one?! I’d kill that box before the train left the station LOL!

  3. marlopnwgirl says:

    Yummy chocolate.. You know how much i love chocolate!!

    Sucks.. such a long train ride.. You did get a plane ticket home tho right?

    • ihearteggs says:

      I did not… 😦 I’m probably taking the train both ways. Sucks. Air canada posted a promo code for 30% off EASTERN CANADA flights this morning. Yeah, doesnt work for any cities in eastern canada from what I can tell. LAME

  4. Jen says:

    GROSS on the snow 😦

  5. Sarah says:

    Haha you called it! Oh gosh, godiva… best damn chocolate ever 🙂

  6. allieksmith says:

    You TOTALLY called it-ugh! Godiva = besssstt chocolate! Hope the train ride goes okay 🙂

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