I’m In the Maritimes…. Eh?!?

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Traveling in prep is hard.

Traveling 18 hours by train in prep is REALLY hard.

Being neurotic and traveling by train in prep is damn near impossible.

But I did ittttttttttt.

I was pleasently surprised by the new train cars on Via. With two seats on one side and a single seat on the other side I was able to have my own little…. pod… as I took to calling it. With space above my seat, a cubby underneath, a wide, reclining seat and lots of leg room I was kind of a  bit relieved.

My temporary home

A couple of years ago I did this same train ride. My carry on goods were a water bottle containing pre mixed vodka drinks, some snacks, maybe a sanwich and some cash for a blah reheated dining car breakfast. Simple.

This time around? A gallon of water, a cooler bag with measured, labeled and perfectly chilled meals, magazines, melatonin to sleep, a pillow and a bag full of things to make me feel normal. Makeup wipes to wash my face, toothbrush (AND paste!!!), I even brought a nail file to even out my uneven manicure.

mmmm morning coffee!

…. plus the travel mug, a stash of coffee, tea and my own delicious creamer.

Essentials you know!

The night was a bit rough… I went and sat in the lounge car and had my giant veggies filled dinner. With my delicious spicy tuna and rice cakes. nom nom

Trying to be discrete... looking chub. oh well!

They put on a movie around 9 and I sat and watched Secretariet for a bit and headed back to my seat to eat my yogurt and pass out. Which I did. Hard.

…. for an HOUR. I was wide awake at midnight. Cramped, frozen and uncomfortable. I knew what I had to do and I did it. I popped two melatonin, a tylenol pm, ate my three dill pickels with laughing cow and finally got to sleep.

It was a super restless sleep, but it is what it is. I woke up when the train stopped in Campbelton. Hey, at least I was out of Quebec and into New Brunswick.

Getting there!

Because of the time change it was aready 7:30… I unfolded myself from my seat and got up to brush my teeth/wash my face. It’s really amazing how much BETTER I felt after that. I actually felt like myself even thought I HATE not showering in the morning.

I went for a walk and got some hot water to make my coffee…. while sipping that I prepped my breakkie. This was the meal I was most worried about. Thankfully Jamie had posted a delish looking recipe for what I WANTED to make, but had no idea on oven temp/time.

Tasted SO yum

I chopped up an onion and a red pepper and sauted them up fast, poured that into 5 muffin tins, added a mix that contained 2 eggs, 2 whites and taco seasoning and baked for about 30 minutes at 350. I ate them cold with a bit of salsa.

…. and a whole wheat blueberry waffle with sf jam on the side. Perfection. The fact my eggs turned from blah eggs into FIVE muffins made me feel like I was eating so much.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make prep more tolerable.

I sat around and read my book, checked out the snow/ice/oddly pretty scenery, moved back to my seat for some yogurt and finally arrived in Moncton 40 minutes late.

The Chaleur Bay.... Looks frickin CHILLY

It was easy to convince mom to make a pit stop into the mall so I could walk around and stretch my legs before an hour and a half in the car. We both got gifts for the birthday boy and I got a toasted coconut coffee. YUM.

Once we got back home we stopped in to see my dad at the hockey rink, the grocery store for a few things, then at my sister in laws to visit and then headed home for me to make dinner for mom and I.


I got a small portion of chocolat hazelnut and cinn maple coffee to try before commiting to large quantities to hoard back in the city.

She gave me free range. Cook whatever and she’d eat it. Ummm…. That’s brave of her. Really brave. I had stopped and picked up a few things I needed, but the rest I was winging it. After taking a look in the fridge and my macro list I knew what I wanted.

I started chopping. And chopping. And cutting. And cooking!


Since I needed to know what was in mine I cooked the chicken separately in a bit of taco seasoning, a big wok of veggies and my onions all on their own (my mom is picky and doesnt like “big chunks”… whateverrrrrrr)

Once everything was cooked I measured mine out, threw it on top of some romaine and mixed it all up together and topped it with mustard.

Fast, simple and super tasty!

…. yes, I have a big pink mixing bowl at my parents house too. I’m cool like that.

My brother and sister in law showed up with my nephew to say hi, and since I obviously think everyone else eats super large portions there was more than enough to split the remainder in two for mom and Gillian. Perfect!

The best part?

…. I cook, mom cleans.

Hells yes.

Okay, time to go plot my saturday. Need to get my ingredient list together for my sunday surprise (that I need to mix tomorrow), hit the gym early, costco trip with Gillian and then a big old fashioned family birthday dinner for Griffin! Cant wait!

Have you ever been on a long and drawn out train ride? How did you deal?

  1. No-but i have been multiple long drawn out car rides and ew. I actually want to ride the train one day. I’m glad the train ride went well. I am seriously in love with melatonin right now. They put me to sleep like a rock last night.

  2. Sarah says:

    That meal looks really good, especially with the mustard!! I do that all the time 🙂

    The longest train ride I’ve been on was from seacoast NH to boston so you beat me big time!!

  3. Katie says:

    I have never been on a long train ride, but I have been on a few bus rides. I hate being crammed into small seats and spaces. 😦

    Glad you survived though. 😀

    Those muffins do look really good. I love it when there is a large quantity of something, but it’s still healthy and in your calorie/macro range so you can eat it all at once!

  4. Susan says:

    Sounds like a crazy night. Can I ask, what creamer do you use in your coffee during prep?

  5. Allie says:

    You made it! YAY! You and I have the same coffee likes.. coconut .. maple. YUUUUM. I hope you enjoy your time with family ❤

  6. Jen says:

    You made it! Enjoy your trip 🙂

  7. marlopnwgirl says:

    So glad you made it okay.. I cant even imagine being stuck in that much space.. Id go bonkers! And you did it during prep! yay for you!

  8. Way to rack it Bec! Glad you got to stretch your legs finally! I traveled across the country by train & felt like I was crawling out of my skin after a few hours!! Keep up the great work sistah! I saw those egg muffin things on her site & have been wanting to make them. Maybe I’ll do it tonight to have some on-the-go goodness!

  9. kara says:

    how do you make you spicy tuna? That sounds really good with rice cakes! Yum!!

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