I Can Haz….. Intervenshun?!

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

What a crazy busy time so far, with two birthday parties, going out saturday night with Gillian for a bit, running around like a  mad woman.

Take for example Sunday morning when my alarm went off at 6:30. (keep in mind I didnt get my usual 8 pm bedtime…. I was up until 11:30… and there was daylight savings)

okay.... clock not changed.... not totally crazy

I started out with a recipe  and a vat of tea and got to work.

Scalded the milk

… while this was cooling I sat on my butt and ate a waffle and some eggs with…. you guessed it… more coffee.

Then I added the yeast and most of the flour, mixed and while that rised I had my shower and made myself pretty.

…. okay, presentable.

No rolling pin? no problem

I had to improvise a bit. but whatever, it worked. And it’s ghetto, so it fits me perfectly.

Looking gooooood

I totally rolled it the wrong way so I had BIG cinn rolls, but whatever, they looked/smelled and (from what I was told) tasted amazing. I didnt even trust myself to have a taste…. but yeah, they were snapped up fast at Griffin’s birthday brunch!

Umm... yum?!

Yeah… just becuase of the SMELL of these babies cooking I will be making them again… in july… and eating them allllllll!!!!

Speaking of birthday parties… I was REALLY REALLY REALLY happy with the fact I got zero comments on my food, my not drinking, nothing.

Saturday during the day I went to costco with Gillian and found out she was making pasta and pizza for the small family dinner that night. So when I got home I cooked up a spaghetti squash, some lean beef, mixed in tons of veggies, a bit of pasta sauce and had my own spaghetti courtesy of my tupperwear! It was actually delicious and super filling. I was HAPPPPPY!

Sunday morning while the cinn rolls were baking I cooked up a big bowl of peanut butter banana oats, a couple of egg whites and ate that along with a bit of fresh fruit I had worked into my high day for the day. It was yummy and i felt VERY calm and stress free with my diet.

I’ve been home three times since starting to compete, twice in prep, once in off season. It’s been hard. Very hard. I’d be lying if I didnt say last summer I actually was sitting on the kitchen floor with a spoon in front of the freezer considering eating DQ icecream cake…. at 3am… in the dark.

Oh the shame of it.

The thoughts of the “bad foods” in my parents house that I was exposed to would CONSUME me. I would sit on the couch watching tv and constantly think and plot the bad foods in the house.

Oddly, with no explaination other than I.WANT.THIS.SO.BADLY., I dont feel like that this time. I even have some of my favorite SF maple syrup in the fridge that I ALWAYS eat when I’m home (it’s super hard to find in Montreal). I told myself I could have a bit while I’m home as a treat….. ummmm… Havent touched it. Once.

I just feel really good.

Like seriously, REALLY good.

I had a big drop in weight, my workouts have been KILLER since I got home. I even ran treadmill sprints Saturday (um… bad idea with legs sunday). I’m ACHING and sore,  but feel SO on.

When I was leaving the gym today and older man who had been in the weight room while I was working out today leaned off the treadmill to stop me and complimented me on how “impressive” I am and how he thinks it’s so great how hard I push myself.

Umm.. perma smile much?!?!

In other news… my sample collection of JavaMoose is growing. Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor? ummm… YES PLEASE.

in this case... water = coffee

Nothing an LOLcat can’t say. But still…. on my way to the gym today…

Cinn Vanilla coffee?! Think this is climbing the list of favs

And with that…. I’m going back to my couch, but I shall leave you with (one) of my old lady cats. I’ve had the two of them since SIXTH grade (too afraid to do the math here. I’m old). I couldnt find black cat (yes, that’s her name), but found a cat sized mass under a blanket in the crib in my nephew’s room here.

Kinda blurry, but funny

I love my girls! (but miss my Fritz…. duh)

How was your monday?

Have you ever got a random compliment at the gym from an unexpected person that just put a huge smile on your face?

  1. Awe girl-I have been there with the ice cream cake. It will all be worth it in the end and you will rock that competition!

    I never really get too many complements in the gym except from creepy men but I give off a death vibe I feel.

  2. My fav compliment from mr random at my gym was … “wow youve really bulked up .. look at those shoulders!” made me grin all day 🙂

  3. Big cinn rolls are better than none at all. Nom nom nom.

  4. allieksmith says:

    Wow! So happy for ya feeling/doing good 🙂 YAY! You are such a good baker, I wanna come to your place in July when you make those again… haha!

  5. Jess says:

    What a cute compliment! Those brighten my day:)

  6. Katie says:

    Great job at self-control. And those cinnamon rolls do look good. Wish I could smell them! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation away from the stresses of regular every day life!

  7. marlopnwgirl says:

    Glad being home is going so well.. I love random compliments.. I get them every now and then so i always try to pay it forward and give people random compliments too.. I think everyone needs a lil boost every now and then 🙂

  8. Lisa says:

    What a nice compliment, definitely makes your day! I haven’t gotten one in a long time but I do give them a lot. I feel like it’s important to boost other people who are there and working hard everyday. Especially when I can see they have lost weight.

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