Wait… This Isn’t Normal!?

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was asked what my deal is… you know, waking up at 5:50am on vacation… to do cardio.

Well, with the time zone difference this keeps me waking up at the same time as I would normally. I prefer this. I dont want to be sleeping all day and getting completely out of my routine and off schedule. I know it’s a bit crazy, especially since I HAVE been staying up later, but really, getting up and getting the cardio over with rocks my socks!

…. and gives me the rest of the day to do WHATEVER. (even if that whatever is sitting on the couch and watching tv!)

So sure, I’m not “normal”, but I kind of like it that way!

Last night I went to a one woman show that was brought into the city in part by my mom’s SANE (sexual assault) team. It was REALLY not what I imagined it to be when mom described it, but it was really interesting to see, and definitly interesting to really learn more and understand more about what my mom does for this team and the resources available here in the city.

It’s a horrible topic, but a powerful message. HIGHLY suggest checking it out if it comes to your city!

Cardio this morning was a bit tough… Mentally I was struggling, but I pushed it. I did it and I’m happy with that!

After cardio I knocked out abs. Funny story, even fully adjusted I’m…. too short… to use the decline bench at this gym! Embarassing!

BUT… even totally blurry, no carbs in me after cardio and no pump… I was kind of happy with this sight today!

Is that a shoulder?!

After the gym I hit up the Walmart. That was a bit scary, it was EMPTY and that means more browsing. aka more cash spent.

Oddly though I walked out with JUST what I went for. Socks and rice cakes. Random I know, but whatever! It killed time until the market opened!

nom nom

The Saint John City Market is the oldest (still running) farmer’s market in all of Canada. I love stopping in to pick up some fish when I’m home… plus they have a Java Moose!

…. So yeah, I now have a pound of milk chocolate malt coffee in my purse (and a large cookies and cream coffee in my belly!)

Ahhhh history!

The roof is actually shaped like an upside down ships hull. Kind of appropriate considering it’s in the “port city”.

I went to the fish market my family always goes to, Lord’s. I picked up a couple of their homemade fishcakes for my dad and after chit chatting with the super friendly guy at the counter I got three delish looking haddock filets for mom and I for dinner. Nom nom. It’s gonna be DELISH!

I am lobster.... hear me roar!!!!

LOVE lobster…. Since I’m not training Friday I think my dinner before the Seadogs hockey game will be my favorite lobster grilled cheese I make. Mmmmmmmmm. SO GOOD.

And now…. I must stop being lazy and get moving. Shower, food, back to town for back and bis and then hitting up the mall (yes, THE mall… the only one!) with my mom tonight. I’m on t he hunt for a belt… and new nike’s!

So I shall leave you with my old friend. I stopped into the tack/pet store I used to work at in high school to pick up cat food for the monsters. This… creature… scared the CRAP out of me, and he’s actually BIGGER now.

Meet Frankie!!!

Frankie… Eeks!!!

Are you able to get in and out of walmart without spending a fortune on stuff you dont need?

How do you feel about reptiles?!

  1. Lobster grilled cheese?!?!?!? Um…eleaborate! I loved the time difference in Utah when I was on vacation! I was early to bed & early to rise. I felt great! I don’t think it’s weird. Knock that cardio out!! WOOT WOOT!

    • ihearteggs says:

      My lobster grilled cheese is something I made at home after seeing it ona menu here! Basically I mixed lobster meat with a bit of mayo and pepper, then sprintzed spray butter on bread, added cheese and cooked it up like a regular grilled cheese! SO SO GOOD

  2. Oh.MY.God. That looks amazing.

    Um I would have been right there with you waking up early. You get it done, out of the way and can relax the rest of the time.

  3. Katie says:

    I’ve got cardio on the plan for tonight. I wish I had done it this morning! But, I had to be into work early. Oh well.

    And, I love mindlessly shopping at the grocery, even if I only end up buying what I need…which is RARE. Haha!

  4. Jen says:

    Seems normal to me, says the person who enjoys waking up before the sun 😉

  5. LegallyBalanced says:

    I’m a fairly new reader but I love your blog! You motivate me to eat right and keep kicking my booty in the gym. Just so you know, I nominated you for stylish blogger award! Hopefully you’ll fill it out so readers can learn more about you!

  6. marlopnwgirl says:

    I watched a clip of that movie… looks good.. And sad..Reminded me of that video i saw about children being taken into the sex industry and made into prostitutes..

    I LOVE farmers markets!!! The St.John Market must be like Pike Place Market here in seattle.. It runs year round.. I wish we had one closer.. not that the city is far.. But i really love going there.

  7. I want lobster grilled cheese now! Why or why does my trainer have me on no grains and no dairy when I’m learning about this!

    Ok I need to put this in the vault for post contest prep! Brilliant idea!

  8. that’s supposed to say why oh why 😛

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