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…. no, not in the weight loss sense.

Well sort of, I am past the ten pound mark.

But more importantly (today at least…. )

That's PLUS 15!

Check out what I was greeted with when I hopped into the car to head out for leg day. Ummm… Yes PLEASE Mother Nature! You ROCK!

(seriously… please dont go all crazy and make it cold again… that would be cruel)

Last night for dinner I didnt quite know what to do with the haddock filets I had picked up at the market. I WANTED a fish taco type salad, but had nothing other than the fish and some broc slaw to make it with…. and it was raining, my desire to go back to the store was low.

Really low.

So I did what I always do, pop open the fridge, take a looksee and a random (but potentially tasty) idea popped into my head.

Enter… Maple cinnamon haddock.

Nom nom

I let the fish soak in some sugar free maple syrup and sprinkled (alot) of cinnamon on top and when my broc was almost done roasting I tossed the fish in a preheated pan and the smell was…. amazinggggg.

Final product

I was a little nervous about the outcome but it was DELICIOUS. SO fresh and so fun tasting!

After dinner my bff from high school, Elisa,  picked me up and we headed out for a Starbucks date. It was soooo nice to chit chat over coffee and catch up in person, rather than our usual texting.

After closing down the coffee shop we stopped in at mc d’s for a pee break and oh the memories. This place was next to a bar we…. very very frequently…. frequented back in the day. We got reminising over a particular night that involved (several) tequila and vodka shots and us trying to walk through the drive thru at 2am when the bar closed and we had to kill time to get a cab.

We ended up jumping into a car that was blasting spice girls to get our fries….. oh memories!

Pre drinking wine and playing 45's.... memories!

…. since Elisa confessed she loves my blog, I hope she doesnt kill me for posting that picture. Ooooops!

On the way to train legs today I swung uptown to grab a coffee at JavaMoose… aka my crack. To prove to you all how much I love this I parallel parked to get it.

That’s the first time I have parallel parked since my driving test. When I was 16. You know, ELEVEN YEARS AGO.

omg I’m old.

But I got my coffee. And have a new love. Cocoa Mochonut. It tastes like a Bounty chocolate bar. Delicious coconut in milk chocolate. I’m going to buy 16 pounds of it to bring back to Montreal tomorrow.

Leg day was brutal. I dont know why, but I find being the only chick in the weight room is added motivated. It’s a weird change. Usually at my gym there is always girls lifting their light weights at least, but NONE in this gym. It’s odd.


Just becuase it’s St Patty’s Day… and I’m sober… in the most Irish city in Canada… I thought I’d do a short flashback! Why not!  Vive le green beer!

My first St Patty’s as a grown up working class girl. I started drinking at ten am. At a place called Peel Pub, which at the time was located underground. It was amazing. I was with my best friend in montreal and her friends… aka a fraternity. It was 20$ all you could drink, all you could eat chicken wings.

Still slightly sober?!

I drank green beer like a champ that year! …. and then went 100% sober two years later at the same party.

Moved above ground

(yes, I wear a lot of black)

But just so you dont think I spent that St Patty’s day sober… the day BEFORE this was the Irish wake. Also a frat event which involved my friend’s bf being the “corpse” and us having a good old fashioned irish wake in his memory.

Clearly don't do green!

…. I not totally miss my long mess of hair. Boo!

Happy St Patty’s Day everyone! Did you celebrate?!

  1. Sarah says:

    That haddock actually sounds realllly yummy! I love haddock so I cannot wait to try that combo out 🙂

    I also NEVER wear green, it’s always black, grey, red or white! Not very girly 😉

    Happy St.Patty’s day to you too!

  2. Allie says:

    Happy St. Patty’s day girl! Yay for “warm” weather!!! Okay I think you should be a chef… your haddock sounds DELISH. You always have the best flavor combos 🙂

  3. LegallyBalanced says:

    I rock the short hair too….SO much easier!

  4. I didn’t go out last night either. Instead we went to see a play called Godspell with our friends.
    Brr…it’s spring break and only 15 degrees? When does it warm up in Cananda?

  5. The haddock sounds amazing!

    As a fellow coffee drinker you have me aching to try this Java Moose coffee. I have an ex colleague in Halifax I may just have to ask her to mail me some.

    Congrats on the weight goal!

    I know how you feel being the only serious lifter at that gym. At my gym in Thunder Bay, ON I’m the only serious girl lifter, there are tons of guys grunting it out, then me and the rest are seniors and girls that just do high reps with low weights. Then I go online and meet all you other hardcore gals!

  6. marlopnwgirl says:

    Your long mess of hair.. LOL! But you look so good with short hair.. it suits you much better..

    I celebrated lastnight.. with 1 beer. Nothing crazy!

    Your fish sounds yum!

  7. We have had a little taste of spring, I’m hoping and praying the snow and cold doesn’t return!

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