Much Better

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thank you all for your sweet words and giant hugs yesterday. I needed it. Trust me.

I seriously just got up to leave my desk at 4:30 and suddenly felt overwhelmed by everything and anything going on in my head/life/world. It’s like the last couple of crazy busy days, severe lack of sleep on the train, emotional crap just caught up to me and I was done.


I hate doing it, but I walked into the gym, swiped my card, went to the change room, opened my locker, stuffed everything in my gym bag and walked out. The thought of dealing with the Monday night crowd was a miserable one. Doing chest and fighting every guy in the gym for respect and a stupid bench? Ugh. No energy.

So home I went.

I walked in the door, cuddled the fritz, mixed up some spicy tuna and grabbed rice cakes and hit the couch to watch season 2 of the original 90210…. Again.

I lasted about an hour and a half before I stuffed my last meal into me (okay, I was starving, it was more like devouring), and brushed my teeth for bed.

Yeah, at 8pm I was curling up with the Fritz in bed.

At 9:30 I woke up… I was positive that was it, my body thought of my 8pm bedtime as a nap and I’d be awake til 3am now.

Next thing I knew it was 4:54am and my alarm was blaring at me.

…. And my bladder was about to explode. Ugh.

I wasn’t feeling it. I really wasn’t. I was hungry, I was in a fog, I was just CRANKY this morning.

But I fell into my routine and got moving. At the gym I hopped on the stepmill. That would snap me out of my funk right?

Wrong. It was broken. Again.

Every treadmill in my “usual” spot was pushed back right into a stepper… totally unusable.


Found different treadmill still permitting me to watch my RDS hockey highlights and got moving. I told myself to just do it. Even if it sucked, was slow, was miserable. Just do the stupid cardio.

Ummm….I knocked out 40 minutes at 9% incline walking 4.0-4.1mph. I was a disgusting mess when I finished but it felt SO SO good. I know I was lip syncing along to my ipod while doing it and looking like a crazy lady, but like that’s anything new.

I have also totally decided to buy myself a programmable coffee pot for mornings. I have one BIG cup before the gym and take a second one for after…. But I find my French press is too much work to make two separate cups AND they’re not ENOUGH. I want MORE.COFFEE.NOW. So yeah, I will be paying Walmart and Canadian Tire a visit Saturday after my posing class. Hooray for new kitchen toys!!!

Please excuse my lack of photos, but our internet is down at work, so while I type my blogs on my phone 99% of the time, entering pics is a bitch and I often get an error so I’m just saving my sanity and forgoing pics for a day. Hopefully the server/hardware will be fixed tomorrow and I’ll be able to edit my pics in at the office as per usual.

Until then… I’m off to hit up chest and back! WOO!

… Yes… Becca = crazy cat lady. Accept it

  1. Dotsie says:

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  2. I’m glad you are feeling better girl. I agree-french presses are so much work. I have a programmable coffee maker and it was seriously the best invention in the world.

    I’m glad you got your cardio girl!

  3. Jessica says:

    Keep it up girl! I am glad you are doing better. Fritz is adorable. I wish I could get my dog to cuddle:)

  4. You type your blogs on your phone? My laptop hasn’t been working so I haven’t had Windows Live Writer, which has decreased my blogging frequency by about 80%… and that’s just from having to use the online wordpress interface, which isn’t even so bad. I am super impressed with you for phone blogging.

  5. kathleen says:

    Nag, in order to be a crazy cat lady, you need at least 6 more cats

  6. allieksmith says:

    Glad you are feeling better 🙂 Your tweet about the ‘cardio train’ made me laugh! Have a good day !

  7. Crystal says:

    It will get better! Probably around the Friday mark, but hopefully sooner. Keep going through the paces until it happens. Cheer Bear will visit soon. 🙂

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