End of Vacay… The Recap

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Things have been a little… nutso… since I got back to the city.

And well, they were the last few days I was home too, but I wanted to post up the last of my pictures, explain a little bit about what went down the last couple of days and just… Blah blah blah.

Because we all know I love to do that.

Friday started out like every other day of vacation, up at 5:45, coffee made, breakfast consumed, zoned out on the drive to work with my mom. (I refuse to drive her. I’m paranoid. Weird, I know).

After I dropped her off I was NOT feeling cardio…. And realized I didn’t have my debit card which was kind of crucial for the rest of my morning, so I drove home, got that, made another coffee and headed back in town to the gym to knock out cardio and abs.

Once that was taken care of, groceries were picked up, pounds (literally) of Java Moose coffee was bought and coarse ground, my train ticket for Saturday was bought and I headed home to finalize my meal plans for the trip back and start cooking/laundering and all that FUN stuff.

Since I hate bringing dirty clothes back to the city (why do that when I have FREE laundry at home right?), I was washing EVERYTHING… which resulted in one HOT outfit.


A very old Emergency Nurse sweater of my moms, my capri sweats and my snowboard socks hauled up to my knees. Hot.Mess.

My parents house is cold. Or I’m just always cold. Either way, this worked and clearly is NOT why I’m single.

While laundry was going I multitasked by watching TV and cooking in spurts.

Random, but whatever. It was tasty

Instead of muffins I made an egg loaf for the way back. Random, but whatever. It was tasty!

I then proceeded to set the hairdryer on fire while rushing to get ready to leave. Smooth. After getting VERY cranky with my dad over how hideous I looked I sprinted to buy a new one and “fix” myself.

When we went to pick mom up we got a tour of her new ER she’s been working on building. Very cool to see all the new changes…. I spent a lot of time in her old ER as a kid and the new one is MUCH nicer! Lol

Even though I said I wasn’t going to eat out my ENTIRE 25 weeks of prep… I chose to have one dinner out with my parents. I googled, researched and chose a restaurant offering the “simply for life” menu which is *the* diet in New Brunswick. I had plain grilled chicken and (over)steamed broccoli. Not bad, but meh, I would have preferred eating home.

Mom and I did a bit of window shopping then we met my dad for the Saint John Seadogs game. They are the ONLY team in Quebec Major Junior Hockey HISTORY to ever go undefeated on home ice. Pretty cool! It was a blowout game, but was fun!

… and then back home to watch way too many episodes of DC cupcakes cuddled up with my sulking black cat.

Shhh... Don't tell the Fritz!

Saturday was another early morning. Breakfast, coffee, shower, last minute packing… which was of course slowed by an (annoying) fat grey cat.

Not helping!

Oh my old ladies. They seriously will live forever (knock on wood!).

Mom and I hit the road for Moncton, did some shopping for my BIRTHDAY. Since I won’t see my family again until July or August and mom never knows what to buy me she wanted me to pick something out. Enter my new kicks.


I have needed these for awhile, fell in love, tried on and they felt great so yay!

 After that I spent the afternoon with a… friend… getting coffee and catching up. Was a super nice time and that is that!

Train wasn’t bad. Really at all. I did get some sleep, I got HIT ON by a guy on his way back to Toronto from spring break… and I’m not talking university spring break. Vive looking 16! Ahahaha Ego boost at least?!

Oh, and I had an epic carb serving with my egg white omelette… loaf… on the train.

Nom nom

That would be 40g large flake oats, unsweetened chocolate almond milk and 16g of natural pb, mixed up and left to sit for (many) hours in the fridge/cooler.

It was goopy, thick and totally amazing.

So that’s that, I’m back in my groove now, took a few days but I’m in my routine, back to the gym, meals prepped, groceries bought, cardio complete.


Back to the big city!

Posing class Saturday for the “new” FCPAQ rules. Ugh. Thankfully I had Sylvia close by, the FCPAQ website is ONLY in French and too technical for my brain to handle most of the time so having her to explain/coach/etc with what I will need to do in this new federation is FANTASTIC!

… okay, and it’s kind of cool to say I get to sort of  hang out on Saturday with an IFBB pro.


Happy Wednesday everyone!

What did I miss while I was gone and offline?!

  1. Um, is it weird that I thought your emercengy outfit was cute? LOL!

  2. Katie says:

    Hope you feel better! Keep up the good prep work! I know some days can be a big pain in the ass, but you’ll have a day soon where you will feel on top of the world. You are doing this for yourself…keep pushing! 🙂

  3. Welcome back!! Love your new shoes, they look similar to the pair I just bought 🙂

  4. Jess says:

    I definitely feel you on the laundry for free thing, gotta take advantage of it while ya can!

  5. Are those Nike Pegasus?

    Seriously-I love going home because I don’t even have to do laundry. Im such a lazy bum to the maxx.

  6. Sarah says:

    I Love your new kicks! And, cute outfit 😉 Your rocking it!

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