There Is Just Something Special About the “Locals”

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

For anyone from Canada reading this I’m sure you’ve heard of us “Maritimers”.

(and for those of you who haven’t, the Maritimes are the eastern provinces of Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI… and sometimes considered NFLD)

It’s honestly true what they say, we’re just down to earth, excessively nice, stop to let you illegally jay walk across the street type of people. The Maritimes is the type of place you go and people smile and say hi to you on the street.

…and no, it’s not your cousin, it’s someone you never met before.

Leaving the Maritimes at barely 19 I really didn’t consider any of its perks. To me it was a small town, slow paced, boring life that I wanted nothing with. Come on, who isn’t lured on some level by the bright lights, big city atmosphere?

Okay... and NHL hockey

It’s no secret I’m new to the whole coffee thing. I only took up drinking it last September to cut back on caffeine and ditch the redbull.

My first of MANY cups of coffee

Ummm… needless to say that didn’t work and I just drink a ton of coffee now. But it’s okay, it’s cheaper than redbull so I am still accomplishing one point on my redbull ban right?!

When I was home over Christmas it’s no secret I became mildly addicted to JavaMoose coffee flavors. Honestly, fantastic. I’ve said it once, there I said it again.

Road trip? coffee? Yes please!

On my March vacation back home I stocked up on different flavors to try, bought 2 1/2lbs of different flavors and trekked back to Montreal. Come on, 2 ½ POUNDS of coffee would last months right?!

Well, I still have quite a bit left, but not as much as I THOUGHT I would.

Even though my parents gave me my “real” birthday gift while I was home, my mom always sends me a package with a card and a few little things as a surprise. I love this mystery box because it’s always fun to get surprises right?! So last night while I was talking to her I asked if she was in fact sending this and if I could order some coffee for her to pick up and toss in the box (to save me the 20$ shipping fees).

She agreed, so this morning I went on the website (which is being re-done btw) to order a couple of flavors. I knew (from being a twitter stalker) that the head of the company was creating more of the chocolate peanut butter flavor I was craving this week… but it’s not listed on the website to buy.

What’s a girl with a serious peanut butter, chocolate and coffee addiction (and too much time on her hands doing cardio) to do?

Enter 6:30am this morning me emailing the company.

“Becca want PB coffee. NEED COFFEE. Please send good news”

By the time I finished cardio at 7am I had a response in my inbox. The chocolate PB coffee is now in stores, no more for 30 days so best go pick it up asap.

In a panic I replied right back that I was in Montreal, my mom offered to pick it up for me if I bought some and send it to me.

5 minutes later a reply “Not a problem, order any flavor, email me your real order and let me know which store she will pick it up at if you want a change from the *only option* on the site”

Bam done, order in, email sent. Reply that my beans would be roasted today, flavored tomorrow and ready for pick up Saturday at my choice location.

Srs?! Whoa!

Ummm.. How is THAT for customer service.

Can you imagine emailing your “local” starbucks, being redirected to head office, getting the run around, and 6 months later sitting in 3 day old clothes rocking back and forth from lack of coffee?

Living in the city I seriously MISS things like this. The little things, the homegrown coffee shops, the polite people. Is it just me or are big old concrete cities just… cold.

Emotionally speaking. I don’t pay for my heat so my home is QUITE toasty… whereas my parents old house usually leaves me in several layers.

… But I digress.

I just had to share this story today because well, the amazing customer service really shocked me… and truly made my day. I find sometimes we take the little things for granted. It’s something I’ve been more and more aware of lately… maybe I’m being nostalgic for the small town life, or I’m just realizing that like in prep, things don’t always seem rosy and cheery in life, but there is always something…. Even the smallest thing to make you smile.  

Oops. Totally getting teary eyed over the prospect of a mystery box and the chocolate peanut butter and chocolate caramel nut crunch coffee it also now contains.

What small thing made you smile today?

If you had the choice, would you frequent your local big chain retailer or stick to the little guys?

-clearly I’m all about the little guy here…. It also helps it’s CHEAPER and much tastier than plain old pike’s place at the ‘bux!

  1. 1. Amazing customer service
    2. Mystery boxes are the best
    3. PLEASE send ME some PB coffee! Nom!
    4. I like Northern Cali’s Peets coffee way better than Starbucks

  2. Wow, that is super impressive service!

  3. I got rainbow yarn titled The Electric Koolaid Acid Test thanks to my besties.

    When I got married this year all my knitting gal pals pitched in to buy my a membership to a yarn club called socks that rock as a wedding present. Every two months I get some hand dyed yarn and a mystery pattern from an awesome company for a whole year. My girls know that this year I was cutting out all unnecessary spending (yarn diet) so I could pay off my student load in two year and save money to afford this figure comp. So this yarn is officially the best wedding present eva!

    Not that I need reminding, but every time I get a new shipment in the mail I remember just how lucky I am to have my super awesome friends, it makes me feel so happy I almost get weepy 😀

  4. Alina says:

    I love this adorable Maritime story! I love friendly people – Ottawa is a little bit like that too. But you can often tell who is secretly from the Maritimes – I love Maritimers!

  5. anyway, that was my little thing that made me smile.

    p.s. I always prefer to support the little guys 😀

  6. allieksmith says:

    Awww, I LOVE this post! How sweet of your fav. company 🙂 AWESOME! I love how you tried to kick a redbull habit and ended up hooked on coffee hahaha gotta love it! I would say I like the little shops more but since I drink soy milk in my coffee I do like that starbucks has that option.. so I frequent both!

  7. This little kid (well 9th grade high school boy) said he finally understand the math we were doing when I was tutoring him. I felt like college had helped me with something bahaha.

  8. Cute!

    When you write about it .. I could totally picture that guy on Gilmore Girls roasting up some beans for your Mum to pick up.

    You would obviously be a buff version of Rory which would make your Mom the hot Lorelai lol.


  9. marlopnwgirl says:

    Great post.. and way to be Java moose.. I looked online.. i dont think they ship to the US.. 😦 Broke my coffee loving heart a bit.. I wants to try!!

    Dont worry.. as ive gotten older i love the small town life too.. I pretty much plan on geting hitched and living in the country and raising my wee ones.. I like the simpler life.. always have.. but as i get older its so much more appealing..

  10. I love that you started drinking coffee to cut back on caffine! You are the best! I wish more companies had that much pride in what they did. That’s awesome Bec.

  11. kathleen says:

    I’ve been.trying to support the locals. Like this past week, I ordered a ton of pastured meat and eggs before the actual farmers market starts… oh the people are just so nice.

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