Welcome to My Birthday WEEK

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Happy Birthday Week to Meeeeeeeee

Yup, I went ALL out for breakfast… candles in my English muffin. It’s not even my birthday yet, but when I was in my “younger days” I used to celebrate ALL.WEEK.LONG. so why not now? Just because I’m dieting and not surviving on a diet of booze and take out doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have fun right?

22nd birthday I beleive?! yeahhhh... long ago!

… Yeah.. totally NOT the same thing, but whatever right? My birthday, my rules.

Especially when someone who is barely two years old figures out the way to garenteed bigger christmas gifts is through coffee.

That's my Javamoose on the back of his bike!

Despite my quickly tightening hamstrings yesterday was a good good day. The sun was shining, the temperature hit DOUBLE DIGITS, I walked to the store in just a hoodie (and pants you pervs!), left all the windows open and ahhhh… spring is that REALLY you?!?!

I made huge headway in the magazine arts and crafts project

Big time mess

I bought NOTHING but fresh veggies at the grocery store

Tastiness.... at 99 cents/pound!

I made a DELISH dinner with all those fresh veggies.



With salad of course!

Unfortunitly I slept like crap. And woke up bloated, gassy and gross.

Oh, and don’t forget CRANKY.

I tried to focus on the good stuff. The wonderful cocomochonut coffee smell going on in the kitchen, the candles on my English muffin… but it didn’t help.

At all. But I’ll save my breakdown for a separate post because for now, I’m feeling better, I’m choosing to IGNORE the SNOW… yes SNOW falling outside and be positive until I hear back from Joe.

… And embracing my new found moto.

… and getting a laugh where ever I can. (FYI> Lapin is bunny in french!)

Since when do bunnies go "cluck cluck"?!?!

How was the rest of your weekend?

Has spring sprung for you?

  1. Hmm a bunny clucks?

    And I celebrate my Bday half-month. My hubby’s Bday is also in January so we split the month.

  2. Well when you can’t celebrate with cake, you might as well celebrate with coffee! Usually the week of my birthday I eat cake for breakfast. I’m not kidding, I ask for a Safeway cake with the sweet lard icing. I have my first serving at my birthday dinner and then I normally eat it for breakfast the next day. Last year was the first year that I only ate one piece of cake and this year I’ll be in contest prep, so no cake at all! Thank the lord chocolate coffee is not off limits *snicker* 😀

  3. Allie says:

    Spring has almost sprung for me.. we hit 70* today but it has been storming. I might die on my way to work haha. Your fresh veggies look awesome! MMMM 😀 Happy birthday week girl !!!!!!!

  4. Katie says:

    Haha, I had a bunny that went cluck cluck.

    Not really. But, it would be pretty cool. 😀

    Happy early birthday! And, I can’t eat lots of veggies either. It sucks because how in the world am I supposed to get my daily recommended allowance in if I am farting all day and my stomach is bloated? I guess I will just eat my weight in lettuce to make up for it. Lettuce doesn’t bother me like my beloved broccoli. 😦

  5. Happy Early Birthdayy!

    The rest of my weekend was full of napping and sleep. I have been so tired and had so much work lately for real.

  6. Dotsie says:

    Happy, happy birthday week, woot woot!!!

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