Grocery Shopping With a Crazy Lady

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

So as I showed you earlier today, my fridge is a little…. Full.

april 19 006

How exactly does a single person, living alone, who rarely has visitors and has a very set diet end up with THAT in their kitchen?

…. With a healthy dose of crazy, that’s how.

Monday night is my off night from the gym. I can’t stand the after work crowd on Mondays. It’s packed, it’s stuffy, every guy on the face of the planet is getting “pumped up” and I just don’t like dealing with that on top of it being Monday.

So I choose not to. Works for me.

Plus even though I do most of my meal prep Sundays, it leaves me an evening to finish up that and get my week in order before the crazy hits.

Or in the case of last night, it let’s me finish the meal prep I barely started Sunday because I was out being a normal girl and enjoying that time.

I knew I had a lot to get done last night, laundry being top on that list, but before heading home I ran to a grocery store I don’t normally frequent for eggs.

Yes, the cost of eggs has gone up. This saddens me. 2.99$ a dozen on average.

I eat 2 eggs plus 8 addition whites pretty much every single day. You do the math on that one. It’s not pretty.

So when I saw 3 dozen for 5$ advertised I was all over that.

It was supposed to be a quick trip, eggs, a can of tuna and a jar of mustard. In and out. No problemo.

But then trouble hit as soon as I walked in the door.

april 19 002

For you non-bilingual readers out there: Haricot vert = green beans.

Yes, the love of my veggie life lately.

I promptly filled up two bags. It worked out to be about 7-8lbs.

Hi, My name is Becca, but you can call me excessive.

Because this ONE good deal made me think there might be MORE good deals I started wandering the isles.

Rice cakes, 3/5$. Yes please! Three packages in the cart.

(why did I ever pick up a massive cart just to get eggs… WHY?!?!?! I should know myself better than this already)

Oh, look at that, tuna is 79 cents a can instead of $1.39. I only NEED one, but I’ll eventually eat more. Eight cans of tuna in the cart.

Giant tub of mustard? Yes please!

Coffee cream 1$ off? Sign me up!

And then I came to my final destination.

april 19 003

I think you’ve all seen the beer commercial by now where it’s a housewarming party and she has a closet of shoes and he has one full of beer?

Well in my house, the beer room would resemble the above photo. (and trust me, the shoe room would be epic, but that’s another post)

… I only wish I was joking.

So there I stood debating. I should probably get six dozen eggs right?

Well… who knows if they’ll be on sale again somewhere next week.

… The expiry date IS may 30.


april 19 004


What the hell was I thinking?

… Oh right. I’m cheap… and on a money saving mission… and clearly I will eat them, hello, blog name is “I Heart Eggs”… self explanatory no?

The issue didn’t lie in the fact I bought 9 dozen eggs. It was the fact I was carrying a full gym bag, had 7-8lbs of green beans, 8 cans of tuna and assorted other crap to now cart home.


But alas, I did it. I hefted those bags and headed to the metro and then hiked home from there.

Clearly I really know how to go the distance to save a few bucks.

But just so you don’t think my crazy went to waste. I headed home, turned the Habs game on the radio (because I’m old school like that) and got to work in the kitchen.

april 19 005

Eggs for my afternoon meals scrambled with cinnamon, green beans cut, seasoned, roasted and weighed out for the rest of the week.

… and then stuffed in the fridge with the rest of my already prepared meals (greek yogurt, chicken, etc) to nom nom nom all the rest of the week.


…. Tasty, tasty success.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that can’t resist grocery store deals?!

I mean, everything is so frickin expensive these days you need to take the savings when you can right?

  1. Holy moly girl. Is there are TLC Hoarders show for eggs yet? Because methinks you could be on it 😉

    I have an intense fear of food going bad so I don’t buy more than 2 (3 tops) of something even if the deal is great.

    • I definitely do sometimes stock up on stuff when it’s on sale. The biggest problem is the big bags of delicious belgian chocolates at costco because, let’s face it, that never ends well!

      I got a big package of green beans last time I was at costco, actually, having been inspired by your new snack. I am kind of intimidated to make them.

      • ihearteggs says:

        that’s exactly why I cant buy “junk” food at costco… disasterrrr ahahaha The green beans are FOOL proof! I’ve been roasting them with cajun seaosning this week. tasty!

  2. Ya know…at least grocery shopping is easy for you. You’ve figured out what works well for you in prep and can just get to it. I feel like a kid in a candy store in a grocery store and it takes me AGES these days.

    • ihearteggs says:

      I was soooo like that in the offseason lisa! I was wandering isle, pickign stuff up, putting stuff back. I had zero attention span. I know exactly what I buy and stick to it otherwise I get overwhelmed…. and I forget stuff! ahah

  3. Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard. I love this! No, I don’t shop like that. Deal or no deal, I get only what I think I’ll eat. Then again, if you will eat 7-8 lbs of beans, more power to you! But if I buy too much it tends to go to waste.

    I can’t believe you eat so many eggs! I like the occasional egg, but… wow!

  4. Holy crap you are awesome!!!
    I buy a 7.5 dozen box of eggs at Costco for $7. Love it!

  5. allieksmith says:

    I can totally be excessive too and I just love it hahah I made soup like 3-4 times a week and my family gets so mad! Love it 🙂
    Your blog name IS ihearteggs soooo it is totally legitimate for you to buy 9 dozen 😀

  6. I’m such a grocery store fiend. I go in there wanting one thing and I buy 100. I guess it is just how I roll as well.

  7. Lisa says:

    AH! I love it =) I find grocery shopping during prep so much easier. Gotta get on a good deal, right?

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