How to Birthday Shop (for Yourself)

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Saturday I was mourning the loss of my phone. It was a sad sad moment.

… which I will now state that Saturday evening in a nostalgic state (.. or desperate, either way) I hit the home button and… OMG… it was working!

(knock on wood)

Needless to say my brother’s phone is still on the way, just via regular mail and not franticly fed ex’d to my office.

ANYWAY, while I wanted to let the dreary weather keep me on the blah side, and not move from the couch all day I know I’d be bored eventually of that so I decided to throw on some clothes (yes, it was sweats) and hit the road.

I headed out to my favorite mall, Fairview, in Pointe Claire. I had a few giftcards from Christmas, some birthday coupons and well… a desire to buy stuff I probably didn’t need, so off I went.

First stop, Sephora. No pictures, just a birthday cake body wash freebie. I’ll take it.

Second stop, Bath and Body Works.

I have to be veryyyyyyyyy careful in this store because it’s very easy for me to get sucked into the buy 3 get 3 free type deals that are so popular there. I had a coupon for a regularly priced 24$ candle for 12$ and I was bound and determined to ONLY buy that.

For once I was successful and picked the summer berry “flavor”.


Totally LOVE.

Next it was off to American Eagle. Sadly they seem to have STOPPED MAKING my favorite boyfriend jeans. *tear* Everything is a “slouchy” fit, which on me looks horrible. Like, beyond words. Think skin tight in the legs and huge in the butt/waist. It’s not pretty.

I ended up with these:


.. on sale too!

And some bracelets. I loved the horseshoe one and it was buy one get one half off sooooo….


All of this came to a grand total of…. FREE since I had giftcards left over for Christmas (and still do!)

Then it was off to H&M. I always like to browse this store. While I didn’t find anything I loved, I got sidetracked looking at sunglasses. I’ve always been a big black jackie-o type sunglasses girl… but LOVE the look of aviators.

… on everyone BUT me.

They just never worked. Yet there I was trying them on again when… BAM! A pair that fit my face shape and looked good!

april 19 001

…. and make me look like a total douche. But I’m okay with that. Everyone needs a change.

… And they were $6! Score! Who cares when I lose them in 3 days. Not this girl!

(okay, maybe a little bit since well, I’m cheap)

After that I headed home feeling quite proud of myself for spending all of 18$! That rarely happens!

The rest of my birthday gift to myself arrived in the office today via my co worker Nicole.

april 19 007

I had given her (another) giftcard I had for 35$ and a $50 cash limit and a photo of what I was looking for.

Basically, all season, small, classic, “becca”.

And of course, she delivered!

april 19 008

The perfect black clutch. Grand total out of my pocket? $25!

Yes, yes please.

So that is how I got some new pants (that fit!!!), accessories, a designer bag and wonderfully smelling stuff for my home for all of 43$.

Pretty impressive birthday if I do say so myself!

Do you buy yourself gifts for your birthday (or other occasions?)

  1. Liz says:

    I have the same problem with aviators–they look good on everyone but me! Luckily, I found a pair at the store that I work in (LOFT) and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Even though, with my hair pulled back, I’ve been told I look like a female police officer… hahaha!

    P.S. SO jealous of your Coach bag!

  2. I am a master of birthday shopping for myself. I like to buy stuff for myself for other people’s birthdays too. I mean, why discriminate, right?

    And I save gift cards until I really want to use them too! I have a friend that will go use hers even if there is nothing she wants or needs.

    Those bracelets are super cute!

  3. I don’t have an occasion per say to go shopping-I normally just do. HA. That is just how I roll. I love your stunna shades though. I think we are legit twinnies and AE jeans now don’t fit me in any way, shape or form.


    and they dont make you look like a douche. I think aviators make everyone look hot!

  5. Aviators look TERRIBLE on me. It’s such a shame because they are my FAVORITE style. Boo hooo!!! My husband likes the gigantic sunglasses on me, a la Nicole Richie.

  6. marlopnwgirl says:

    Thats some super good spending there!! And you came out on top with some cool stuff! I think AE only got rid of boyfriend fit for now.. I think come fall they will be back.. cause i went in the other day with the intent to buy jeans and they only had two kinds.. I ended up settling on the Artist (which i have like 3 pairs of already)… I REALLLLY wanted a pair of there colored crops (blue, or tan) but they DO fit funny.. Mine seem to be way to tight in the leg yet theres TONS of extra fabric in front.. its so weird.. i even told the girl there they fit odd and described how they fit and she goes “huh.. havent heard that” im like how could you not! These are jacked!! LOL!

    PS. Love the aviators.. you know me.. im an aviator QUEEN! Pretty sure i own 3 pairs.

  7. That is some champion shopping right there! 🙂

  8. Ooo such the cute clutch. Love it!

    Well done shopping girl — I’m impressed!

  9. lifttorun says:

    I’m loving those pants you bought.

  10. Lisa says:

    I need to shop like you do!

  11. Kari says:

    I’m so impressed! Especially since I just got suckered into spending more than I’d planned on makeup this weekend. Happy birthday month to you! 🙂

  12. Impressive!!!! Love the glasses and the purse 🙂 Coach rocks my world.

  13. indecisiveathlete says:

    I love randomly going shopping not always for an occasion hehe and I love great deals that makes shopping trips a billion times better. Anndddd aviator type sunglasses are my favs (never had real ones too $$) Oh yeah and bath and body works candles/scents are my favs haha

  14. allieksmith says:

    LOVE all the buys you got, especially the pants-SUPER CUTE 🙂
    Idk if you got my tweet, but I think you should go for the gf diet!

  15. Woo to the Hooo! B-day gifts from yourself to yourself are always the perfect fit!!!! BTW, I happen to think you look hawt in the aviators. Just sayin 😉

  16. Olivia says:

    I love those bracelets! And I think I have every single one of them…bracelets are where it’s at! haha

  17. […] year for my birthday I bought myself some non-jean pants (something I rarely do… because I hate pants)… they actually didn’t fit when I bought them, […]

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