Flashback Friday… Mtl Edition

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been in Montreal for EIGHT years this August… I thought today I’d share some random, all over the place pictures I have as a glimpse into my life BP.

You know… Before Prep.

april 15 008

My first winter in Montreal… I was in school and still “into the scene”. This was taken in Berri metro station on our way out to some (probably closed down) club on Cresent street.

Fyi: It was cold and I assure you I was wear a micro mini and open toed shoes. I don’t have logic now, do you really think I had it then after a bottle of wine?

Um no.

dec7 030

Snowshoeing on my first ever trip to Mont Tremblant. It was a gorgeous day with slightly crazy company (I swear one day I’ll do a Flashback friday, dating edition) that actually LEFT me 3 hours outside of Montreal… with no car.

So yes, smiling here, not so smiley later.

dec7 577

Let’s stick with Tremblant trips… this was a kayak/camping I did. It was raining, but I was hell bent on chowing down on jiffy pop (despite my diet I was then on)

dec7 599

Absolutely GORGEOUS scenery in this place. If you can VISIT.

(also have a beaver tail and eat at the Thai restaurant in Tremblant village. To die for)

dec7 054

The night of my first (and one of only two) after hours parties. I was just “stopping in” for a beer for a friends birthday… needless to say I was getting home around 8am the next day.

dec7 061

Yeah… I’m hardcore like that.

(and will say yes to just about anything with the right amount of beer in me)

dec7 075

Since I bought my first ever aviators this seems totally fitting… And was taken the night we went out to celebrate my friend and (then) bf’s graduation from basic training. There was a revolving dance floor.

My how I’ve grown up.

dec7 056

My first trip to Jay Peak. Solo snowboarding in another country. Newly single, ready to take on the whole frickin world.

It was epic. And i got hit on by a 17 year old. It made me feel good.

dec7 107

Zeus and the Spaz… two stray/wild kittens an ex and I brought in and adopted. Zeus was the first and he was a wack job, everyone said he’d never be friendly.

… they clearly don’t know the crazy cat lady. Within 2 days this was the scene:

dec7 100

Yeah. I’m the cat whisperer.

(Someone tell that to Fritz please)

dec7 090

Winter Carnival! Hello Bonnehomme!

dec7 326

My first ever “snowboard experience”… in the kitchen. Go me.

dec7 117

And just because…. my “old life” as a fashionista type. Well, I worked for a “known” company. This was in the middle of a hot summer heat wave out celebrating after our show at fashion week.

The expensed parties WERE kind of fun…

Alas! That’s all for Friday! Happy easter!


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