And… Deep Breath, No Need to Panic

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

FYI: I do want to start off this post by saying yes, I realize I am coming across as a complete and total drama queen right now. but you know what, my blog, my rules. If you don’t want to listen, you can click the little X up there in the corner right now. 🙂

… Yet.

Or that’s what I’m telling myself.

… Because it’s what everyone else is telling me.

I mentioned last week I’ve been having some tummy issues. After cutting out onions it got better, but not great.

So alas I am still playing around with food sources and actually have sweet potato instead of oats for my afternoon/pre workout meal this week to see if that helps.

On top of that I’m also varying my green veggie sources and seeing if I react better to one or another.

Saturday morning I got up and took progress photos.

I was happy with them in the little window on my camera.

I was happy with them on my computer screen this morning.

…. Until I pasted them next to my last set of photos.


Yeah. Ugh.

My weight has been up and down the same pound over and over again. Never going any lower, but not getting really THAT much higher.

But the change in my photos is not good. In fact it looks worse. To me.

The change was so drastic I attached the comparison photos to another email to Joe saying I take back that I’m happy with the pics despite little change in my weight and I’m “mildly” (aka REALLY) freaking out.

I know I shouldn’t, I know it’s partially hormonal, partially stomach issues, but it scares me. I’m now 11 weeks out (possibly ten, we’ll know more tomorrow) but UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

It’s just. Frustrating. Like, seriously.

I know prep isn’t perfect, but I feel like I’ve really hit a wall here, first my plateau, now the stomach issues. After the novel I sent Joe today (twice) I will hopefully have some answers and suggestions.

… and kind of more importantly some reassurance that I’m okay.

(and THIS is why I have no issues paying for Joe’s prep… it’s worth every single penny)

Until tomorrow morning when I get my response I’m going to focus on the positive, how I feel, the mirror and working on some new meals.

But most importantly I’m going to remember to BREATH and relax and realize how far I’ve come and that I still have PLENTY of time left to “fix” this.

I debated on whether or not to post the side by sides… mostly because it freaks me out, but this is my blog and my record. I want to show the good with the bad.

That way when I step on stage in July I will know, as well as all of you will know, that prep wasn’t all roses and sunshine, that there were hard times, but I did overcome them and succeed.

feb14-mar 26-april 23 side

So until tomorrow afternoon… I wait. And reassure myself that everything

  1. I can appreciate this post because it’s real and represents real emotions. I go through this a lot (well not for a fitness show) but trying to gauge progress in pictures and sometimes even when I feel like I’ve made progress, the photo shows otherwise. But so many factors can play, angle, a shaky camera (on self timer). You have plenty of time and you look great!

  2. I can see progress! Your tummy is a bit bloated compared to last time but your arms are CLEARLY leaner and more developed and so are your legs. Don’t let a bloated belly throw you off!

  3. i can relate on the tummy problems & it impeding on fitness goals. i got really discouraged when i had tummy problems arise like 6 months ago – it really negatively impacted my running. i sought out a nutritionist & am finally seeing some improvement.
    i really appreciate your openess!!!

  4. allieksmith says:

    Aww girl, this is true emotion. I can see your progress but I know that each individual is harder on themselves than anyone else.

  5. Well you look awesomesauce in your photos girl. You are amazing. I find that I need reassurance when I take rest days but that is just me personally. You look lovely and I hope you get first! 😉

  6. No need for panic, this will all get settled. Joe will figure it all out. You are doing and looking great.



  7. lifttorun says:

    Everything will be A-OH-KAY.

  8. Jessica says:

    Keep up the hard work. Our bodies are mysterious and with consistency and hard work it will come. You have done this before and you know that there are ups and downs. We learn from the challenge and struggle.

    When I get really frustrated, I remind me how thankful I am that I can pursue the competition. There are so many people that dream of being able to train… You have got this and Can do it.

  9. Lisa says:

    You KNOW you are the worst critic of yourself. I think you look great and you still have 11 weeks to go! That’s plenty of time to lean out. Your hammy’s and glutes look rounder and more pronounced. Like you said, take a deep breath, focus on the positive and remember things like bloating, what food you ate, what time of day it was, stress, all those things effect how you look. But again, I think you look great. Hang in there. Hold your head high because you are doing fantastic!

  10. […] And… Deep Breath, No Need to Panic […]

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