The Return of the HIGH Carb Day

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

That’s right folks… Sunday marks my first real HIGH day in quite a few weeks. With my newly lowered protein/fat macros Joe has decided to give me a high carb day.

Honestly… It’s a little scary.

But with that being said, all I can think of is how EXCITED I am to have some of my favorite things!

While I’ve had a “high” day once a week since the beginning of prep it’s been cut back so that really, not a hugeeeeeee change. But now? It’s 100g more than what I have been eating on a daily basis so yeah. BIG CHANGE.

I’ve got a bit of a carb dream overload going on. There is admittedly a lot of plotting, planning, working macros and then reworking them again when another craving hits or someone mentions something to me.

(Um hello, banana and pb sandwich mentioned this morning by Sarah. Yum!)

So in honor of (and to give me some inspiration) here are some of my previous high day favorites and what I’m thinking of adding in on Sunday!

1. Fish tacos.

feb 7 013

This is looking pretttttttttty tasty right now. I’ve been craving some fish lately so maybe it’s time i picked up some tilapia and broccoli slaw and worked my magic in the kitchen?

2. Sweet Potato Chunks

feb 20 005

I love me some sweet potato… but LOATH teeny tiny serving sizes. I tried to switch my oats on Monday for sweet potato but the serving size was sad, pathetic and left me wanting more… so very much more.

3. Egg and Ezekiel bread breakfast sandwich

nov3 002

… This is looking like a pretty fine contender right here. I love breakfast food (…. thanks for stating the obvious) so this is pretty high on the list right now.

4. Pumpkin/Banana/Cinnamon/ANY KIND of oats

nov8 017

Guaranteed this will be consumed.

5. Spaghetti Squash

nov24 003

I have been craving this for weeks and I always dig through them at the store hoping for one ripe enough to justify spending THAT much money on. Sadly I have yet to find one, but maybe I’ll get lucky this week? I found an interesting “recipe” for this (two actually!) so I’m hoping!

6. Cookies?!

nov29 002

… a girl can dream right?!

I’ve got until Friday to finalize and work out my macros for my high day.. and have a very good suspicion that they will change, frequently, until then.

Have you got any favorite carb foods for my high day to suggest?!

…. I swear all I seem to talk about lately is CARBS. opps. I’m sorry!

Do you have a higher day/cheat meal or keep it all even (w/ treats here and there?)


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