Veggie Threshold

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been no big secret around here lately I’ve been having issues with my meal plan.

Basically your body can only digest so much vegetable fiber and well, I was apparently taking in way more than my body could handle.

feb 14 007

Who knew the former chubster would end up in rehab for a veggie addiction?

… certainly not my parents.

Regardless, with my new diet I am eating more carbs, which automatically made me want to eat those carbs in, you guessed it, veggie form.

After slapping my hand away from copying 6 more servings of green beans and zucchini into my macros chart I moved more towards whole grains and even a bit of fruit which generally works better for me.

The only problem is now finding what I have taken to calling my “Veggie Threshold”.

You know, the max amount of veggies I can consume, without my tummy issues consuming me again.

april 7 004

Not fun!

Tuesday I was able to rework my macros when I got my new diet plan to take it into effect immediately. This cut veggies out at two meals for me.


BUT Wednesday morning I woke up and the difference was night and day. I was still a bit blah, but I slept TEN times better than I had been, i didn’t feel gross and sick.

I actually felt like ME again.

So yesterday I started on my fully planned out diet and this included veggies before bed. One more serving than I had Tuesday.

While I slept through the night with only my one usual bathroom wake up, which was a huge change, I woke up feel a bit off.

I had reached my veggie threshold.

While it sucks I’m not feeling the greatest today, doing this trial and error helped me find out how much my body can handle and I can plan accordingly for today and the rest of the weeks meals.

jan 13 002

… because planning ROCKS my socks

I admit I’m a little bummed I do have to cut back on my new found love of veggies, but figuring out what was causing my stomach trouble at 11 weeks out sure beats suffering and not coming in where I want to be when it comes time to step on stage.

Plus, let’s be honest here, getting to chow down on banana oats every afternoon kind of sort of rocks my socks on so many levels I don’t think you can even understand.

april 13

Heaven. Pure heaven!

… I would clearly make a HORRIBLE vegetarian. (… and not just because I have proclaimed a bacon cheeseburger the love of my life on more than one occasion!)

jan 8 017

Have you ever had to cut back on a favorite food for health reasons?

… or am I the only freak here.

  1. Sugar, sometimes I suppose. But I haven’t had too very often.

  2. I used to love ravioli and maincotti but I was super lactose sensitive and I’d get horribly sick afterwards…that sucked!

    Luckily it rarely happens anymore 😉

  3. I would eat ice cream all the time it was it acceptable. I am actually prediabetic so I have had to cut a lot of sugars out. ick.

  4. lifttorun says:

    I have an addiction to veggies myself. Hahah.

  5. I love me some rich chocolate cake with butter cream icing. Need I see more 😀

  6. bakebooks says:

    This is interesting. I can’t sleep at night, my stomach is always bloated – and my stomach issues are horrible…I always feel like crap – but I eat SO many veggies. I know that they’re good for you – but I can eat full plates late at night with dinner…I know I need to cut back but I seriously think I have an addiction. It’s not good though because I wake up feeling like crap and never know what’s “right” to eat. Blah.

    Love your site 🙂

  7. chelsea says:

    I wonder if onions are causing you any issues?
    BTW….the banana oatmeal looks amazing!

  8. I had a vitamin C intolerance for 10+ years. It was a complete bummer when I found out what was making me sick because I ate oranges and tomato soup almost everyday. Looking back now that probably wasn’t the healthiest thing anyways…but I was 19, what did I care. I’ve slowly added vitamin C rich foods back into my diet but I only realized within the past couple of months that I can eat oranges again. YAY! 🙂

  9. I used to eat these sugar free jelly bellies. They were SO good but gave me the WORST gas and stomach pains because of the type of artificial sugar they use. I swear I’d keep eating them because they were so good. One day my husband took them out of my hand and threw them in the nasty trash can in the garage. (Normally I’d just get them back out. But not from that trash can.)

  10. Lisa says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with my belly. I need to start eliminating things and see if anything helps. =(

  11. It’s crazy all you have to consider when meal planning for prep and trying to figure out what works best for your body. It’s such a fine line with so many things I know. You are so in tune with it all, that’s for sure.

  12. I just found your blog through your guest post over at Hollie’s blog…and I definitely OD on veggies some days. In a bad way. With bad side effects.

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