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…. for a day at least!

So I woke up Sunday knowing one thing was happening and it got me moving fast. What was that you ask?


Nom nom nom.

After looking at my planned macros it just looked not right and not what I wanted, so I did a quick look through my fridge, some fast math and BAM. Breakfast was saved!

may 2 001

Ummm… Pretty plain and boring right. Well see that little red JAVAMOOSE (thanks to my mom on my bday!) cup to the side?

may 2 002

Yup, that one! That is where the secret ingredient lies.

I wanted french toast (like you can see) buttttt… I didn’t have anything to go ON it. But I did have 4 or 5 sad looking strawberries in the fridge.

I chopped the good parts up into a pot (I’m ghetto and have no microwave), added a tbsp of sugar free strawberry jam, a tiny splash of coffee cream and heated it up while mushing the berries a bit.

The result?

may 2 003


It was amazing. This felt like such a treat and I will most likely be doing this again next weekend! (… providing my high day doesn’t get the ax from Joe)

I made pretty fast work of it.

may 2 007

I had to resist licking the plate.

It was so good I even caught the attention of someone….

may 2 006

… or it could have been the amazing weather that allowed me to sit out in the sun on my balcony without FREEZING to eat!

After running some errands it was back home for more tastiness…

may 2 014

(this is also about the time my camera started to die… *tear*!)

Sweet potato with greek yogurt (and PB!)

I was a happy camper…. and again eating outside. WINNING!

Following this came my favorite banana oatmeal with egg whites, then post workout spicy tuna and rice cakes… shoveled down while sitting outside the gym in the sun.

Seriously the best decision everrrrrrrr.

I actually started walking home from the gym because it was so nice.

Sadly not my best choice. I got home late. Like 7pm late and still had two meals to eat. I stuffed a salad and egg whites and a slice of garlic toast into me while prepping meals. Camera was dead so I didn’t bother.

Then it was time for my 6$ spaghetti squash. Sadly it looked seriously not ripe, but I was craving it so it was worth a shot.

Ummm yeah, it was EPIC. It was so good and totally hit the spot. I took a photo not knowing if it would work. Sadly bland, but you still see it!

may 2 020

There was also some veggies on the side that I couldn’t finish. I was stuffed. Like uncomfortably and I just called it quits.

I really enjoyed the high carb day but REALLY need to rethink timing and planning for next week. Lesson leanred!

How was the weather for you this weekend?!

Did you have any delish carbs?!

  1. It was glorious here in Cali 😉 High 70’s. And I ate deep dish pizza and hush puppies so I’m well fed in the carb department!

  2. French toast holy nom. That sounds good right about now. Perhaps I will make some in the morning.

  3. allieksmith says:

    Oh. My. Yum.
    Lovin the carbs!

  4. Liz says:

    I’m kinda jealous right now. Yesterday was my first carb load day and all I got to eat (according to my plan) is oats and sweet potato in terms of carbs. Yours look yummier! And out weather here was fabulous!! Unfortunately I was stuck inside writing final papers, wahhhh!

  5. Tenecia says:

    It’s been in the 90’s here in AZ….and it’s not even summer yet!! Eeek!!!

    So, I’m love with my post-workout meal right now…so simple…but I seriously do the “This Is So Yummy” wiggle while I’m eating it!

    2 egg whites
    1/2 scoop of vanilla Dymatize
    1/4 cup of oats

    I blend it up in my Vitamix, pour into the waffle iron, and eat with 1/2 cup of strawberries. I’m actually drooling as I type 🙂


  6. marlopnwgirl says:

    Jammy berry moosh looks amazing!! Yummers!

  7. Love the strawberry mush, looks awesome!!!!

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