When It Rains

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

… it REALLY pours.

First my beloved phone…. now my digital camera.


I guess it was time, it’s at least 6 or 7 years old (yeah.. THAT old!!!!) and we had a lot of good memories. I was snapping photos all day yesterday and then went to snap one of my fantastic dinner and…

Nothing. Screen dead. It wont even upload.

I’m going to dig up the fancy smancy memory card transfer thing we have here in the office and hope I can at least scam the last few photos I took off it.

I think I MAY have a solution for my phone issues… thankfully tonight is my night off from the gym, and while I’ve got a lot of running around to to do, I’m REALLY hoping I can get it all done and be in bed at a relatively good hour.

… and maybe, just maybe something can start going my way SOON? I’m seriously not made of money.

And don’t forget all you Canadians reading today…


  1. Ah man, that blows 😦

  2. Oh no. That happened with me and my underwater camera. There are a lot of cheepish places you can get decent cameras though thank goodness.

  3. I’m sorry about your technology woes. Things can only get better(?)!

  4. Lisa says:

    No doubt when it rains it pours. I hate that. I know what it’s like to go without your phone (my at the time 2 year old threw my brand new iphone in the toilet. I’ve never wanted to punch a kid so much in my life =)) so I hope you get it figurd out!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed things will start looking up for you!!

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