Please Allow Me

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

…. to be completely and utterly random this afternoon.

It’s Wednesday, you can at least give me that courtesy right?

Plus you know… my IPHONE is now firmly back in my hand (yes, death grip style) and I seriously swear I will NOT drop it in water… again.

Yes, that’s right. When I went to have my Frankenphone built, it was totally unnecessary, he just fixed the water damage on mine (from almost a YEAR ago) and that was that. Best 42$ I ever spent.

But seriously, did you KNOW You can fix water damage? I always thought that was a death sentence? Who knew!

And on that note… let the randomness begin.


I tried to take a photo of Fritz this morning as a “look at me, I got my phone back and can be random again!!!” sort of thing. Only it was 5:15am, he was having nothing to do with sitting still and being cute, I was having nothing to do with patience, so alas… this is the outcome.

may 4 002

Yes, my floor is a mess. Please go ahead and judge me. It’s been worse. I have no shame.


Tuesday night is my favorite evening of the week. Why you ask? Well, on my way home from the gym I swing through the lobby instead of taking my usual backstairs climb to my apartment. In the lobby I pick up the sales flyers for all the grocery and big box stores by me, then I go home and sit in bed and check them out, planning my shopping and meals in my head for the next week.

may 4 001

It’s pretty exciting if I do say so myself. I mean just look at the front page of the IGA flyer, strawberries and lobster. Um hello, perfect meal right there!


My oven is old and ghetto. Like seriously.

The door sticks really badly and often I don’t bother to push hard on it to get it to go all the way, half way is fine if you angle the cookie sheet I use to roast my veggies properly.

… until Sunday.

I was in a rush and hungry and jamming it in while admittedly completely distracted. The back of my hand hit the oven door (preheated to 450… ) and the heat shocked me, I jumped, lost half my green beans in the bottom of the oven and had a quickly forming blister on my knuckle.

Being smart I didn’t break the blister, butttttttttt… it’s on the knuckle.. and I’m always jamming my hand in my pockets.

may 4 004

So yes, I’m deathly pale/translucent and have that gross thing on my hand. I put polysporin and a band aid on it this morning but that is long gone. Ouch.

And yes, that’s my fancy blue nailpolish that ended up rolling off my balcony table Sunday. Oh well, at least it was the cheap stuff.


I’m a gum-a-holic lately.

may 4 003

There is admittedly two more kinds in my gym bag. I have serious add lately with gum. I used to strictly be a one flavor kind of girl but lately? no dice.

I blame Sarah for sending me Dessert gum from the states. After having that I want it again but can’t buy it here so i’m in a desperate search for something equally tasty?

Regardless, my mom is going to the states for the May long weekend and I have already told her I NEED boxes and boxes of dessert gum… and will be making a coffee order so she can ship it all at once.


And that concludes today’s TMI random post.

What is your favorite kind of gum?!

Are you a grocery flyer kind of shopper? how do you save money of FOODS?

  1. So you couldn’t go get your nailpolish that rolled off? hee! I like that blue. Save the blue!

    Hmm…I like 5 gum. Usually in the React flavor. When did flavor names get so complicated?

    Definitely NOT a flyer shopper but I am a 2 for 1 shopper. My grocery store has lots of those deals going on every week. 🙂

  2. I just found your blog – you are hilarious! I’m recently addicted to the Key Lime Pie gum. and Pure. YUM!

  3. OMG the dessert flavours are my favorite too! We are such twinnies. I have been a serious gumaholic lately.

  4. allieksmith says:

    I do couponing an it is super fun 🙂 I like the Orbit strawberry gum!

  5. I like the 5 gum too. ^^ I would be more than happy to mail you some gum from the states (I can go to the bulk store and buy it in big boxes so you’ll have gobs). 😛

    I do the bogo sales A LOT at Publix.

    I have a busted blister on my knuckle right now too, but it’s not from cooking…the bent bar on the cable machine did it. Stupid curls!! 😉

  6. Lisa says:

    MM, yea, totally addicted to the chocolate mint dessert gum =)

  7. Dawn says:

    Have you tried Trident orange swirl gum? So good!

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