Daily Randomness… Tuesday Style

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s that wonderful time of the week again!

… despite me FIRMLY believing it’s Thursday (ugh) it is in fact Tuesday… which means Triple Tangent Tuesday!

This works out perfectly since I feel like being my usual random self, and getting a few things out that aren’t worthy of a full post in entirety!

1: Checkin Feedback

I’m happy, Joe is happy.

nov29 009

Happy face?!

Regardless, he was happy with my loss, the pictures are improving and it’s starting to SHOW for real.

In regards to am I on track at 9 weeks out? Well…

The way things have been moving the last two weeks, yes.

BUT… there is always a but… we need to keep up the pace, not necessarily 2 lbs down a week, but a decent drop and proof in the pictures.

So as of right now we’re on track, making no changes this week and working for the greater good. He gave me a ballpark figure and I shot back with a “number” that I have had in my head since the beginning of prep.

I know I know, it’s JUST a number, but I do like having a solid goal in my head. Honestly with NO IDEA how I’m going to look on stage, I like having a number rather than an image of someone else’s show body in my head.


2. I’m NORMAL!

… well, yeah. You know.

The feedback from this morning’s blog about my clutter and plan to live a cheap and simple life made me feel a lot more normal. It seems I’m not the only one who does this.

I admit I have a shirt that I bought when I first came to Montreal to visit and see the school I was going to… 8 years ago. It’s called the “montreal shirt” and reminds me of those bar star days. It NEEDS to go as I haven’t worn it in years (despite it still being “cool”) but it’s like cutting off an arm.

So from here on out when I get my de-cluttering urges I’ll be photo-documenting it and putting my crazy (even more so) out there for you all to see!

april 4 002

Yes, cutting up old magazines and recycling the remains was a good start… but it was ONLY the beginning. (you can insert an evil laugh here if you want!)

Please be kind and gentle in all future judgment.

3. Saving Money

Part of my plan from this morning is saving money, being cheap, being frugal. However you put it, I want CASH IN THE BANK.

I’ve been making budgets, putting cash aside, planning, plotting, but from you I’d like to hear your BEST money saving tip.

Throw it out there, no matter how wacky, how crazy, how wild.

Just keep in mind I don’t eat out, don’t drink and never buy coffee anymore. 🙂

Thank you thank you!

april 19 007

Yes… I know the designer bags are not on the save money plan. Oops.

  1. allieksmith says:

    Wow I LOVE the picture of you! Beautiful as usual 🙂

    So glad Joe is happy with your progress and so are you!

  2. So what’s your goal for the next 9 weeks? Inches? Weight?

    How does this work exactly? You lose weight for competition, then put it back on after? Don’t you get stretch marks or anything with the yo yo’ing?

    What’s your weight loss plan?

    Curious minds want to know!

  3. I love the photo of you and I’m def glad he is happy with the loss!

  4. Your outfit is SO cute!!

    My biggest money-saver (other than the ones we’ve all heard a million times) is, instead of subscribing to magazines, I put ads on craigslist looking to buy people’s used fitness/oxygen/shape/self mags for like half the cover price =) I always get takers!

  5. marlopnwgirl says:

    I think miss piggy is a great idea.. To bad i never use cash.. But im with you.. i gotta stop that transferring from savings to checking crap!

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