Weight, Measurements and… Stretch Marks

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

In regards to yesterday’s post, I got some really good questions from Christine @ Merf in Progress

So good in face I felt like they deserved their own post becuase everything asked is well… pretty good to know.

The next 8 1/2 weeks are kind of an unknown for me, so I will be answering these questions as best as I can considering. As of now I am already leaner than I was last year for competing so while I know I’m not “there” I know I’m on my way to being happy with the package I bring to the stage.

Okay, Here we go.

So what’s your goal for the next 9 weeks? Inches? Weight?

Good frickin question.

Honestly, it’s not inches. I couldn’t tell you a single measurement on my body (except for my non-existent boobs.. but yeah, that’s another blog for another day) and haven’t broken out the tape measure in… years?

I used to obsess over the numbers and all of that, but honestly the size of my waist and biceps means sadly nothing to me.

ap 25-may 7 side

The proof is in the pictures for me!

Weight? Well, do I have a “number” in my head I’m aiming for? Yes. Is it the be all end all?


Since my coach isn’t located anywhere near me all of my progress is based on photos/weight/how I feel. This makes it hard not to think about the number, [;us it gives me something to work towards each week.

Joe knows I like to play games in my head with the numbers so he does often mention what he’d like to hit in the next week and I like pushing myself to achieve that, no matter how silly it sounds.

The number I currently have in my head (and Joe confirms MAY be the “ultimate goal”) is about seven pounds less than what I am right now. Will I hit that goal on stage? I don’t know.

Will that be where I’m “happy”? I also don’t know.

We shall see in the next 8 1/2 weeks.

How does this work exactly? You lose weight for competition, then put it back on after?

I back out of prep slowly, which for me helps to avoid the “rebound” effect of a strict diet.

After my last show of the year I will have a few treats, a nice meal or two out, but then go back on my diet, and each week slowly add back in a little bit of each macro (protein/carbs/fats) until I reach a maintenance level.

I also reduce the amount of cardio in my off season so I don’t have to do oodles of cardio my next prep to compensate.

Basically this is a time to rest/grow/gain.

cookies 001

Yes… off season me. Licking the baking spoon… but still fitting into my size zeros.

But with that being said, I don’t personally see the need to gain more than ten pounds in the offseason. Last year I was able to maintain about 5-10 pounds over my stage weight and it was perfect. I don’t feel comfortable, nor do I see the point in going crazy with food and indulging. It’s not for me.

While I DO choose to compete and be strict, this is also a lifestyle for me, so when I’m not dieting I do choose to eat the same foods, just in greater quantities (and with a weekly cheat meal)

nov15 007

Don’t you get stretch marks or anything with the yo yo’ing?

I do have stretch marks, but it’s from being overweight for so long and losing weight for good, not from competing. My weight has never been as stable as it has been since I committed myself to this lifestyle once and for all.

lala 011

… Yeah, that’s more likely the cause of my stretch marks.

I actually burned my stomach the other day on the oven door and only stopped myself from photographing it for the blog since it made a cross with my one big, ugly stretch mark that I hate.

.. honestly, no one needs to see that.

What’s your weight loss plan?

Just to keep trucking along. I’m not sure what number I’ll be at when I compete this year, but when it comes down to it, no one knows if you weigh 100 lbs or 150lbs on stage.

It’s only a number. 🙂


I hope that helps to clarify some things! If anyone else has any questions please don’t hesitate, I’m sure by now you realize I have ZERO issues about over sharing and talking about myself!

  1. Competiting is such an interesting thing. Great post (i already knew a lot of it bc well, you know why) but it was very informative! 🙂

    • ihearteggs says:

      thank you Lisa!!! It’s the little things like this post I never think to blog about, so when I got the questions I figured I shoudl answer them! ahah

  2. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! I’d love to read more about your discipline, since I have none.

    • ihearteggs says:

      disipline… eek. I know i Have it, but I don tknow how. I’ll see what I can do! Just becuase you asked! (and I LOVE that you are giving me blog topics! ahaha)

  3. Allie says:

    I love how open and honest you are!! It was really cool to hear more about prep for you. So excited to see what the next 8 1/2 weeks brings!

  4. I can gain 5-10lbs just looking at food 😉

  5. This is such an interesting and enlightening blog about your training. I love learning about your diet and such because it is seriously amazing!

  6. Alexandra says:

    I love that cat picture, I majorly LOL’d 😀
    I really admire you for your strength and commitment to this healthy lifestyle. Keep up the great work, you rock!

  7. I haven’t been able to blog or read blogs in a few days. I’m jonesing! I missed you 😀

  8. Lisa says:

    I’m with Shanna, I gain just looking at food. What the crap! I need to learn how to turn my mind onto the lifestyle way of life instead of just eating whatever.

  9. Fascinating glimpse into the world of competing … I love that lolcat, that’s totally Frank’s point of view on the whole thing.

  10. lifttorun says:

    I find all of this competition so interesting.

  11. […] Weight, Measurements and… Stretch Marks […]

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